Luxiom – Create Your Own Design Lamp

Luxiom – Create Your Own Design Lamp

There are many different sources of light and various kinds of lamps are available. But have you ever wanted to create something of your own? Something that will fit your preferences and you style? Luxiom is one that is sure to provide that opportunity for you to create your own design lamp.

Luxiom is modular lighting, that is sort of like a game. You can change the shape, size, colors of the different parts, and even the overall look. With the many different segments, it is very easy to built your own lamp. Each segment is made out of durable and high quality silicone material. With these segments, you can build just about anything that you have imagined.

For each component of the lamp, different colors are offered such as Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Red. You can create different shapes and designs, however it all depends on how many segments you have. However, there are ideas for any amount, that one can follow. Luxiom is a great item for people of all ages.

Children, adults and elders will all enjoy working with it. Luxiom has originally been proposed on the Kickstarter platform (image source). There are many different packages that one can purchase, depending on the amount of segments that they need. With Luxiom, one will never get bored or tired of their lamp, especially since they created it fully themselves. If you want to explore your creative side, or want to keep your children or elders busy, then this Luxiom project is for you.


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