Type-C + HDMI + USB 3.0 Extension USB HUB Power Adapter


Have you ever been in a situation, when you need to set up a desktop, yet you have small space available? It often happens when you try to set up working space for remote work outside your usual work desk. Well, surely, there must be an easy solution to help you connect all the necessary devices. And this solution is Type-C + USB 3.0 + HDMI Power [...]

Coupon Deals Xiaomi Mouse Best Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse


Coupon Deals Get Promo Direct 28% Discount + Extra 15% Discount by Coupon Code for Xiaomi Portable Mouse Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse (Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.4G Double Mode Connectivity Mini Mice). The coupon code promotion period can be prolonged after expire. Remember, the coupons can be used only for a limited number of times. First come first serve! [...]

Detachable Fidget Spinner Unique iPhone Back Cover


One of the most interesting traits of the mobile accessory market is how it adapts to trends. Once something becomes popular and fashionable, it reflects on the market and we get more accessories. For instance, many accessories are often styled to look old or, in other words, vintage. This retro trend isn’t the only example here. It doesn’t [...]

Laptop Ergonomic Cooling Pad for MacBook Aluminium Stand


As you know, in order to prevent a laptop from overheating, it’s recommended to use it on a flat, hard surface, preferably a table. Another tip is to use a stand – it lifts your laptop up contributing to better airflow and less damage. Thankfully, it’s easy to find a suitable accessory for this purpose. Today, we’re about to review one of [...]

Razer Introduced the Best Mouse for Gamers


The company Razer, a well-known company that makes high-end gaming devices, introduced a new product – a wireless mouse for laptops called Atheris. According to company’s representatives, the mouse has highest energy efficiency in the world and works without delays. The optical mouse sensor outputs 7200 DPI which is among the highest numbers [...]

Durable Women’s Wallet Phone Clutch


Wallets for phones are practical, because they keep your phone save and sound away from water, potential scratches and it’s easier to grab on it, if you carry it around in a big bag. What’s hard is to find the right phone wallet if you are a girl who likes pink things, but prefer to stay away from hello kitty kind of gadgets, to actually have [...]

LED Display USB Car Charger Bluetooth Car Charger


Are you one of those people who never know what to get your father or boyfriend of your sister for Christmas? Well, I think every second of us are. Well, note this one down: LED display USB car charger EDR bluetooth car charger. Read this review to be sure it is indeed the perfect gift for this year’s holidays. CAR G7 LED Display USB Car Charger [...]

Stylish Phone Holder for Car Smartphone Mount


Instead of buying GPS navigators, drivers often use smartphones and various mobile apps. And because holding a smartphone while driving is dangerous and actually illegal, it’s better to have special accessories in a car. Usually, these phone mount are attached to air vents or dashboards. And if you’d like something original, you’ll really [...]

Desktop Apple Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch


If you’re a big fan of Apple products, you’re most likely equipped with many products from Cupertino, like iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and others. As a result, your home must be filled with charging cables. In order to stop this cable madness, it’s better to have a few accessories, like desktop Apple devices charging dock. Today, we [...]

Tech News, Microsoft Keyboard for iPad


Recently, an interesting rumour appeared on the Internet – Microsoft may soon release a proprietary accessory for Apple iPad. A hint to this was spotted on the documentation download page related to lithium batteries. According to available data, a description of the mysterious device called iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719) appeared on the [...]

Foldable Smartphone Stand Multi-Angle Tablet Holder


We are often using our mobile devices and tablets to watch different movies and videos, to play games or just surf the internet. It can be uncomfortable to always hold it in your hand, or to place on a flat surface. For that reason, many people often try to find a convenient and comfortable stand. We have reviewed a Foldable Smartphone Stand [...]

Table Mat for Laptop Desktop Organizer Mouse Pad


Keeping our office or home computer desk organized is very important. Often we do not want to clutter the desk with various shelves, paper holders and so on. This double-layer multifunctional Table Mat for Laptop is also good Desktop Organizer Mouse Pad. To begin review, this mouse pad is very trendy and stylish looking. It is offered in a neutral [...]

Universal WiFi Extender Wireless Range Extender


Having great internet coverage is important to most of us. We install WiFi in our homes and offices, however it is not always that we receive the connection that we hope for. In this review, we have looked at universal WiFi Extender YINet AC750 Wireless Dual Band Range Extender. This WiFi extender is for receiving perfect coverage for one’s [...]

Rugged iPhone 6 Waterproof Case


Yes, we are aware that the iPhone 6 is not quite a new model and soon the iPhone 7S and iPhone 8 will be released, nevertheless the iPhone 6 still remains popular for many users, possibly also for the reason that the price is more affordable now. So, we decided to write about a great iPhone 6 cover. All of us want to protect our iPhones from [...]

Speaker Cover for iPhone 7 Battery Case


It’s hard to surprise mobile device users with sophisticated accessories now. For example, the market is getting filled with multi-purpose smartphone cases which have various additional features. For instance, a new fundraising campaign was just launched on Indiegogo. The novelty is called Duo Slim and it’s an iPhone case that doesn’t only [...]

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router – 4 Antennas WiFi Router


We are all big internet users. Having fast and reliable WiFi internet access in our homes, offices and businesses is very important. Here we have reviewed a popular router on the market. This Xiaomi Mi 4 Antennas WiFi 3 router provides fast internet. Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3 Router EU Plug Smart 4 Antennas 1167Mbps Dual Band View and Buy it Now The router [...]

Wireless Keyboard Cover for Phones Universal Keyboard Case


We often need to do work on our mobile devices, especially since often we cannot carry out laptop computers, and tablets along. It can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient to type on the mobile devices. And for this, we need a wireless keyboard to go along. In this review we looked at wireless keyboard cover for phones – Universal [...]

Smartphone Silicone Pad Car Charging Mount


Smartphones became very important devices for drivers, even replacing GPS navigators. But what would you do if the battery runs low? You can’t charge the phone and still use it as a navigator. Actually, you can thanks to a functional accessory from Remax. Here’s our review of stand for phones Remax Smartphone Silicone Pad Car Charging Mount. [...]

Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad


Many of us need to type and do various different work on our mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers, and often it has to be done on the go. It can be inconvenient to type on your mobile device, or often even on the built in laptop computers. We all want to find a durable, long lasting, trendy, and convenient wireless keyboard. For this [...]

Best Budget Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Are you an avid gamer who is looking for a keyboard that would fit your specific preferences? And what if you’d like to save some money with that? In these cases, you might want to look at our next review of best budget E-Blue K751 backlit mechanical gaming keyboard. E-Blue K751 104 Keys NKRO RGB Led Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Black [...]