Best Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for Gamers


People, who play video games, usually use either regular PCs or gaming consoles. The latter is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Such brands, as Sony PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox, are known to everybody in the gaming world. These consoles present users with great possibilities, and the gaming experience gets even more enjoyable. As a [...]

The Best Universal Tablet Case for iPad Pro


When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad to the world in 2010, everyone was swept of their feet. The idea of having a portable touchscreen device with the capabilities of a laptop was very attractive to people. iPad became a bestseller and it’s still popular now. What’s more, iPad gave a start to the new segment of mobile devices – tablets. [...]

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker and New Mobile Accessories


Xiaomi continues to expand its line-up with more interesting devices and they don’t include smartphones or tablets. Just recently, the company expanded its range with a set of new mobile accessories. There are three types of new Xiaomi accessories and here’s their quick overview: Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 – this is a functional gadget that allows [...]

Best Budget Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Keyboard is an essential element of any laptop or desktop computer. Usually, it’s used for typing text but keyboards are much more multi-functional. In fact, you can fully operate your computer using only key combinations without touching the mouse. Plus, if you’re a gamer, keyboard is even more important, so it has to be durable, fast and [...]

Vintage Leather Case For iPhone 7 Plus


If you ask a random person which two of their essentials they use the most often, the majority will definitely say a smartphone and a wallet. Smartphones are our personal assistants in everything and wallets contain another indispensable thing – money. But what if you could combine these two items into one? It becomes possible with a highly [...]

New Mechanical Gaming Mouse that Adapts to Any User


In our modernized society everyone heard about computer games. We often hear how addictive they are – parents always complain about their kids playing for hours without stopping. Yes, this problem exists but computer games aren’t only bad. Some of them are quite fascinating and even educational. What’s more, the gaming industry became [...]

Ergonomic Cooling Pad for Laptop With Adjustable Angle


For many people a typical day usually involves sitting at the table for some time to work on a PC or a laptop. But not always do people pay attention to one very important factor – the placement of the screen. This issue is particularly essential for laptops users. When sitting in front of a laptop, most people look down on the screen which can [...]

Wooden Charging Dock for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and IPhone 6S / 6S Plus


When you want to charge your smartphone, you usually plug the charger in and put it in on a table or somewhere else. But there is a better solution – charging stands. Apart from “feeding” a smartphone, these accessories also hold it in a vertical position. That way, it’s convenient to use the smartphone while it’s being charged. The [...]

Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector – How Does it Work


When people use smartphones or tablets, typing text seems easy – you just tap on necessary keys on the keyboard. However, that’s not always practical. For example, tablets are too big for typing text fast. That’s why people often buy keyboards for their devices turning them into mini-laptops. But even keyboards can be innovative. In this [...]

Practical DotStone HDMI Switch with PIP and 4 Ports


Earlier, we’ve reviewed several HDMI devices from the company DotStone. However, most of them usually work the same: there are 1 input and 2 or more outputs to transmit video and audio to multiple screens. But what if you have only one TV set at home but you want to connect several devices to it? In this case, you’re gonna need a more [...]

Smartphone Accessories – Revolution in Fast Charging, StoreDot Review


Earlier, we’ve written about the Israeli company StoreDot which specializes in fast charging. Just recently, they showed how their own technology FlashBattery can charge an electric car battery in just 5 minutes. But StoreDot can provide the same service for mobile device users. A couple of years ago, the company announced that their technology [...]

DotStone LED Strip Lights that Change Colour and Sync with Music


When you go to dance clubs, it’s usually pretty dark, there’s loud music playing and numerous flashing lights illuminate the dance floor in rhythm with the music. But why go to any clubs when you can have your own party house? Dim the lights, turn on some music and the party begins. But there is an interesting product that will transform a [...]

New iPhone Stand in Shape of Original Macintosh


The company Elago has already been spotted on the accessory market when a few months ago, it released a very interesting Apple Watch charging stand that looked like the original Macintosh computer. Now, Elago decided to add another accessory to the line-up with M4 iPhone stand. However, the main feature has changed a little bit. The stand still [...]

7 Amazing Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus


The presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is definitely the biggest event of the mobile device market in 2017 (so far, we’re waiting for iPhone 8). Both smartphones pack really impressive features, like 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch curved-edge, frameless displays, Snapdragon 835 processor, the Samsung’s own virtual assistant Bixby (which will [...]

Smartphone Case with Built-In Glucometer


Technologies changed every sphere of our life including medicine. Serious diseases require constant monitoring and various smart gadgets come in handy here. But what if you could combine a useful healthcare device with a smartphone accessory? Today, you can do that thanks to GluCase – the world’s first smartphone case with a glucometer. As you [...]

iPhone Case with Built-In Speaker


Usually, if you want to listen to music on your iPhone, you just open Apple Music or Spotify, choose a playlist and turn it on. But if you’re a real music fan and you understand something about sound quality, you would use a speaker for that. But what if you could combine iPhone with a speaker for the ultimate music experience? That may sound [...]

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8


Just a couple of weeks ago, Samsung released its new flagmans Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Since that, many people have already pre-ordered both devices, which isn’t surprising considering how beautiful they are. And of course, accessory makers are happy as well. So, if you want to protect your Galaxy S8 smartphone, you might need to buy a fashionable [...]

New Way to Protect a Smartphone


The company Eurosilicone, which belongs to Medicore, started the manufacturing of a new covering material for mobile devices. In fact, it may become revolutionary because it possesses the features of a bumper, anti-slip cover or a smartphone case. A new material is called Liquid Sand and it’s a special spray, based on silicone and sand, which a [...]

External Battery For Mobile Devices with Built-In Surge Protection


We all know how important power banks are. No matter where you are, you can always rely on them. That’s exactly what you need during long train journeys or flights. On the other hand, if you do come across a power outlet, who can guarantee that it is safe? Sometimes, even the slightest change of current or voltage can cause a terrible accident. [...]