Waterproof Zhiyun 3-axis Handheld Smart Gimbal Stabilizer


There are many of us out there that enjoy taking different photographs. Some do it for pleasure, while others already do it as a source of income. No matter what the reason behind it is, we all know that in order for a shot to be clear and sharp, a great stabilizer is needed for our DSLR camera. In this review, we are going to take a look at the [...]

KingDian P10 SSD 240GB Portable Solid State Drive


We often need to transfer data from one computer to another. Often it can be a hassle to do so, as people use different clouds and via Bluetooth. One great way to do so, if through a portable solid state drive. There are many varieties of what kind to choose, but in this review, we have observed one that is sure to be fast and smooth. KingDian P10 [...]

Nylon Fiber Anti-twisting Fast Charging USB-C to USB Cable


With so many different electronic and mobile devices we use every day it turns out that charging cables become as important as the devices themselves. There are so many different types of cables on the market, and sometimes it is not easy to make a choice. How to find a good charging cable? What qualities do we need to look for? It is obvious that [...]

iPhone X Battery Case with QI Wireless Charging


In terms of energy handling, mobile electronic devices can be easily transformed into “smart” ones by using smart chargers. Cell phones, for example, already have built-in battery and designed being capable of communicating with other devices, as well as performing algorithms, required for smart charging. Smart charging technologies have been [...]

Colorful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 7000MHz Graphic Card


A big part of the overall experience when playing games or watching movies on a computer, depends from the type of video card that we have installed. Video cards provide with great resolution, memory and smoothness of running. Some can be extremely costly on the market, while others, such as the Colorful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 7000MHz Graphic [...]

Best Multi-Port Functional Universal Smart Charger


Mobile devices have become a normal part of our everyday life. Many would even consider them a  necessity rather then convenience.  Just one person may use a number of devices, and  how many of them  would an average family have?  Cell phones, Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, portable flashlights etc. are all constantly need to be charged. If you [...]

Motospeed Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


Keyboards are much needed for connecting to our desktop computers. Some keyboard are more higher quality, with different features, others are quite less. The price also tends to vary, in this review, we have observed a quite reasonable priced keyboard with great features, the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 NKRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard [...]

Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 1070 Ti U Graphics Card


Gaming is a hobby of many people of absolutely all ages. As basically all games know, it is important to put together a powerful computer for all of your different needs. One of the most important parts, for a great experience is a graphics card. There are many gamers out there looking for a high quality one for a full on experience, and we have [...]

DeX Station Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy Devices


There are many different ways that people charge their phones. Some use regular cables, others connect power banks to them, others have wireless charging docks. In this review, we have observed the DeX Station Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy Devices. This DeX station is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, Samsung Note 8 and [...]

Original Xiaomi 4G Portable WiFi Router


Internet is used every day at all times by mostly everyone these days. People use the internet for work, school, and for pleasure, watching different movies, playing games and much more. As we all know, for good internet connection, routers are needed. Many different kinds are offered on the market, but we have reviewed the Original Xiaomi ZMI [...]

Universal Laptop Wooden Stand – Bamboo MacBook Desk


Are you one that often uses a laptop computer for work or for pleasure, or are you often one that has a tendency to right on your lap? If you answered yes, then most likely you have had thoughts about investing in a high quality rack that will serve as a stand for your computer and a hard surface for writing on. There are many different options on [...]

Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter


If you own a McBook you’ve probably bumped into the situation where there are too many electronic devices to charge or transfer data and too little slots on the laptop. So, in case you can relate yourself to this problem, it’s high time to purchase a Port Hub Adapter. In this review we would have a closer look to a Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port [...]

Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Hub Adapter Dongle


This review is another one devoted to the realm of MacBook accessories, particularly power adapters. Here I would share my first impression on Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Hub Adapter Dongle with Type-C Charging Port for MacBook. This extension adapter is designed for Apple MacBook series with Type-C interface, and works with any covers on the laptop. [...]

Universal Notebook Stand Wooden Holder for Laptop


Most of us are active users of laptop computers on the daily bases. We often bring them along to work, school or any other convenient and needed place. With that being said, often it is needed to place the laptop on a surface other than a flat desk top or on our laps. Different stands add comfort and are trendy these days! Samdi Universal [...]

High Speed Transmission USB-C to HDMI HUB for MacBook


Different extension adapters are convenient for MacBook users. Investing in one is a great idea, to easily connect multiple devices at the same time and to achieve fast data transmission rates. There are plenty of various types on the market, and some are more well known then others. All of them have completely different characteristics, in this [...]

Minix MacBook Multi Ports USB Type-C Adapter


There are many different extension adapters for MacBook computers on the market. All of them are of different size, in different price ranges and with different characteristics. Some are faster than others, while others have a better design, and it can be a real hassle finding the right one. In this review, Minix MacBook Multi Ports USB Type-C [...]

Verbatim Aluminum Type-C Dual Hub MacBook USB Adapter


MacBooks are some of the most bought and popular laptop computers on the market. People purchase them for school, work and for leisure, especially due to how durable they are. However, often users complain that there is not enough ports on the side of the laptop for plugging in different devices. We are lucky, that there are extension adapters [...]

Laptop Holder – Wooden Stand for MacBook


Laptop computers are used for different business projects, for school work and even for leisure. Often we even bring our laptop computers along with us, to work on the go. Often it can be uncomfortable to hold it on our lap, or to have it completely flat on the tablet top. There are many different stands for laptop computers on the market, to make [...]

Fast Charge Car Mount Qi Wireless Car Charger


We all understand and perfectly well know that we live in a world where we are constantly using our mobile devices and live a busy lifestyle. Mobile devices have a tendency to run out of battery quickly, especially smartphone devices. In order to plug it in and charge it in our car, it is a hassle trying to find the cord and plug. Wires tend to [...]

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – Razer Naga Trinity, Tartarus V2


Recently, Razer entered a new market with its first smartphone made specifically for gaming. At the same time, the company doesn’t forget about its specialty – gaming peripherals. In fact, Razer introduced a new gaming mouse Naga Trinity and a gaming keyboard Tartarus V2. Both devices are quite versatile and can be adjusted for any game genre, [...]