CHUWI LapBook CWI535 Laptop 12.3 inch Notebook

The design of the laptop is very reserved, silver coverage is qualitative and has no unnecessary decorum, and the build is quite strong, so that the top lid doesn’t yield inside. However, you can expand the storage and make your gadget faster. SSD slot is easily accessed, and the laptop has all all typical outer slots with enough voltage. The screen has a 3 by 2 side ratio – so the machine is a little more tall and narrow. By far, the best feature of this lapbook is its 12.3 inch IPS screen with 2736 x 1824 resolution. There is a little problem with brightness control, as the lowest is still too bright for night time use, and 100 % is no different from 75%.

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CHUWI LapBook 12.3 CWI535 is excellent, fast and effective for basic web-browsing. At Geekbench 4 it scores 1379 at single-core score and 3962 at multy-core check. It has pretty decent processor speed, but adding an SSD is highly advisable. The speakers are pretty loud, they emit sound at about 88 Db, yet with a little bit of distortion at maximum sound. Lighweigt, low-graphic games are playable on the laptop as well. No perfect, but especially online games go relatively smooth.
Front camera is only 0.3 mp, so an augmentation with a separate web-cam for Skype or other live chats would be non-negotiable.
As shown above, this laptop by CHUWI is a fitting choice for office or freelance workers, as well as for common family usage. You would be easily able to browse web, watch HD content, edit text and media files or play simple games. For the price, which is very competitive on the market, you also get a lightweight elegant portable gadget with a reliable core made from magnesium aluminum alloy. The letter means less breakage probability and longer work span.

CHUWI LapBook Laptop
12.3 inch Notebook Computer

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