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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light


If you are a fan of constantly listening to music with professional and high-quality sound, even in the rain, while taking a shower, at home or any other place, then you are most likely will enjoy a unique musical speaker. We will observe in this review one of these speakers, a Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light, BQ – 615 [...]

Smart Home Gadget Mycroft Mark II Open Voice Assistant


Voice technology has recently become popular. More and more new developments are emerging in this area. One of them is Mycroft Mark II Smart Home Open Voice Assistant Gadget, which is an improved version of Mycroft I. This Smart Home Gadget with friendly design and many handy functions. It will wake you up in the morning, play your favorite music, [...]

Great Shape Qi-Enabled HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are convenient to use at home, in college dorms, outdoors or in any other wanted place. There are plenty of different kinds and buyers have many options. We would like to introduce a wireless speaker with a really great shape that we are going to observe in this review, the Nillkin MC1 HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with [...]

Nillkin HiFi Lossless Music Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are used by people of all ages for blasting their favorite tunes and even listening to different audiobooks. There is a wide variety of different kinds on the market, and in this review we are going to take a look at the Nillkin MC2 HiFi Lossless Music Stereo Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is offered in a sleek, [...]

Nillkin Modern Design Lamp Bluetooth Speaker


You will be surprised that Bluetooth speakers are some of the most sought items. Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite tunes, audio books, and so on, in high quality and loudly. In this review, we are going to take a look at a very unique gadget, the NillkinMC4 Phantom II Modern Design Lamp Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker comes [...]

Sports Invisible Headset Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds


If you are an eager gym beaver, or an avid runner, you probably can relate to the problem of most earphones on the planet Earth – they suck. They tear off, wear down, stop working at the very worst moment, get split or come loose. Sometimes you just can’t wait for the time when humans are completely integrated with the web and can [...]

Red Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Wireless Headset


If you are a music lover and really enjoy spending time fully immersed into the sound, time comes when investing into a premium pair of headphones is a must. There are pretty much offers on the market from flagman manufacturers, and in today’s review we put our hands on a pair of headphones that are rather on a pricier side and are very [...]

The First 360 Degree Neckband Wearable Camera


There are a lot of cameras of different kind in the market. The most popular camera features are portability, image quality and mobility. What else is needed? May be hands free, wide view camera? The First 360 degree Neckband Wearable Camera FITT360 is a new innovative approach to share everyday experience, visited places, adventure, or traveling. [...]

Dynamic Earbuds Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones


Headphones are used for various reasons, but mostly by everyone. They are used for listening to music, hands free talking on the phone, different audio books and much more. For clear and loud sound, a great pair is needed that is made with quality. A pair that we have observed in this review is the KZ ZSR Dynamic Earbuds Hybrid HiFi In-ear [...]

Graphene Technology Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones


We are all big music listeners and enjoy speaking on our mobile devices while being hands free. However, regular headphones can become uncomfortable with the cord always tangling up or breaking. ERL Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones, that are offered on Indiegogo, are a pair that will become your next best friend. These headphones are made with [...]

I9 Business Bluetooth Headset


Hands free talking is something that many people do, especially since plenty of different countries have laws against talking on a mobile device while driving. In order to talk without using your hands, many people purchase headphones, however they can also be uncomfortable with the tangling cords. For full convenience, safety and pleasure, there [...]

Kotion Gaming Headset Over Ear Headpones


As most gamers know, it is a whole different experience with voice chats and all sounds loud and clear. In order to achieve that, high quality headphones are usually needed. Regular earphone usually do not do the job, but in this review, we have taken a look at the Kotion Each Gaming Headset Over Ear Headphones. This headset is offered in very [...]

Portable Functional Stereo Bluetooth Speakers


Different stereo systems and speakers have grown in popularity, especially in the young adult category. They are often used for various different parties, in cafes, outdoors and just for full pleasure and enjoyment at home. Some even use them not only for listening to music, but to watch movies on their computer, or to talk with hands free. MUSKY [...]

MEIZU Lifeme Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


When launching this MEIZU Lifeme BTS30 speaker, Meizu proclaimed it to sound like a 400 $ speaker while being sold for way less. Practically, that is what most people look for – just ordinary folks who like to enjoy the beat at the yard party, as well as trainers, animators and cafe owners who need speakers for work. And, overall, [...]

Noise Reduction Mobile Mini Karaoke Microphone


Karaoke is a popular and fun activity. Many people enjoy spending time with friends, singing their favorite songs, and you don’t even have to be a great vocalist to enjoy it! However, it brings positive and bright memories. For full enjoyment and a whole new experience, many people invest in microphones. Microphones set a whole different [...]

Apple Postponed the Sales of its HomePod Smart Speaker


Apple decided to postpone the planned launch of the HomePod Smart Speaker in December to the beginning of 2018. According to an Apple representative, the speaker isn’t yet completely ready for the customers. However, he didn’t specify what problems forced the company to postpone the device’s release to the market. This step can be called [...]

New Harman Kardon Cortana Invoke Smart Speaker


Smart speakers are getting more and more popular. So far, smart speakers supported three voice assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Now, there is another one – Harman Kardon released the first Cortana smart speaker called Invoke. Starting October 22, the speaker officially goes on sale. The speaker has a very elegant design and great [...]

Headphone With Mic Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones


Many people enjoy listening to music, audio books, or talking on the phone with their hands free, especially when using public transportation, doing various activities, or just in their free time. For full satisfaction, high quality headphones are needed. Some prefer over the head earphones, while others select those that fit tightly into the ear. [...]

Wireless Earphones Xiaomi Bluetooth Sport Earbuds


It is important that we have high quality earphones with great sound for full enjoyment of our audio. Listening to music, is especially nice when working out, or running errands. In this review we have observed the Wireless Earphones Xiaomi Bluetooth Sport Earbuds, that will provide with outstanding sound, and have many other features. These [...]

WT2 – Portable Earphone Translator


People who often travel to other countries have a common problem – language barrier. Of course, carrying a dictionary on you isn’t a solution, so it has to be something compact and effective. In fact, there is a new device that perfectly fits the description – WT2 Earphone. The device looks like a Bluetooth headset – you put it in your ear [...]