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Bluetooth Earbuds Similar to AirPods Cheap Alternative


Today, people are turning to wireless headphones as a more comfortable way to listen music. There’s no denying – they are quite convenient, don’t get tangled and provide the same sound quality. What’s more, because there are so many wireless headphones on the market, it’s not difficult to find an affordable suitable option. Today, we [...]

Stereo Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds


Different people prefer different kinds of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Some enjoy large, over-ear models, some – neckband headphones, and some – in-ear earbuds. The latter is actually getting more and more popular. The biggest name here is Apple AirPods – they are functional, reliable but expensive. Therefore, if you like the idea of [...]

Stereo In-ear Handsfree Bluetooth Headset


Bluetooth headsets are quite popular for their practicality. Basically, it’s a compact device that you can wear in one ear for the whole day in order to talk on the phone without taking it out of the pocket. Of course, Bluetooth headsets aren’t that popular as wireless headphones but there are still some interesting options on the market. The [...]

Wireless In-Ear Headphones for Sport Earbuds


People, who enjoy doing sports, often accompany their physical activities with music because it’s fun, energetic and motivational. That’s why we often see runners in their headphones. Now, there’s a more comfortable way to listen to music while working out – wireless headphones or earbuds. The latter is actually even more practical because [...]

Best Noise-Cancelling Stereo Earbuds With Microphone


Now, more and more people prefer wireless headphones – they are comfortable, sound well and don’t get tangled. One of the most popular types are in-ear earbuds, just like Apple AirPods. However, AirPods are quite expensive, so it’s better to look at more affordable options. One of the best devices is TWS Noise-Cancelling Stereo In-Ear [...]

Best Budget Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds


Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you can’t hold a smartphone to have a normal conversation? That happens often, especially when your hands are busy or you’re just focused on something else. For these times, there are Bluetooth headsets – small gadgets that you put in your ears to answer the calls. Today, we’re reviewing one [...]

Xiaomi News, About MIUI 9


During a special event in Beijing, Xiaomi demonstrated MIUI 9, Mi AI Speaker and other novelties. And here is brief review. MIUI 9 The new version of the Xiaomi user interface. The biggest improvement here is image search – photos can be found be key words. Another new thing is Smart app Launcher – the system opens the app according to the [...]

New Patent Apple Smart Audio


Not so long ago, Apple introduced its new smart speaker HomePod. However, judging by the latest patent applications, HomePod won’t be the only Apple smart audio device soon. And here is a brief review of this news. According to information available in the patent application, the new audio device will be an unusual docking station. It should [...]

Coming Soon Samsung Wireless Earbuds


Just recently, Samsung announced the release date of their new phablet Galaxy Note 8. The device will be presented in New York on August 23, and it will be a full-featured smartphone. Just like Galaxy S8, Note 8 will be integrated with the Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby. Apart from that, the assistant will be built in other devices, like a [...]

MEIZU BH01 Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset


The one who is always on the go, needs a bluetooth earphone to use while being hands free. This will provide convenience during the busy lifestyle. For this reason, we have reviewed a great bluetooth earphone. This MEIZU BH01 Wireless Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset is offered in two different color options: Black and White. With these neutral [...]

Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Speaker


Now, the question of portability for music devices isn’t essential anymore. Many people listen to music from their smartphones while others prefer wireless speakers for their sound quality. Wireless speakers are meant to be carried around, so they are really loved by active people and travellers. But if you’re going on a trip, you wouldn’t [...]

Bluetooth Earbuds for Running


Most of us live an active and busy lifestyle. With that being said, we are constantly listening to music to pass by the time or just for enjoyment. Often it can be a problem finding earphones that are trendy, durable and for a reasonable price. However, we have reviewed Bluetooth Earbuds for Running that you might like. These bluetooth in-ear [...]

HiFi Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphones


All of us want to stand out and be a little more unique even when it comes to earphones. If you are looking for a stylish pair, then we have reviewed HiFi Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphones. These Rock earphones are trendy, durable, and produce high quality sound. ROCK Zircon Wire Control HiFi Stereo Nylon Weaving Sports In-Ear Headphones View and [...]

Portable Multifunction Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


In the technology world that we live in, everyone is constantly using their mobile devices to listen to music, talk on the phone and much more. Often we need our hands to be free, but we do not want to stop listening to music and so on. For this reason, in this review we have looked at a item that will allow to do so. This Portable Multifunction [...]

Earbuds In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable


Finding a high quality, long-lasting, and trendy pair of earphones for a great price can be a problem. Although, we have reviewed one pair that will satisfy all of your criteria in earphones. These KZ ZS5 HiFi earbuds in-ear headphones with detachable cable are offered in two various colors: Metallic Grey and Blue. These neutral colors will work [...]

All Headphones Wireless with Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio


Although iPhone 7 received plenty of positive reviews, one complaint from users dominates others – there is no headphone jack. Obviously, users, who love wired headphones, were the most furious. The same problem occurred in the latest Xiaomi flagship smartphone Mi6. Thankfully, there are now many mobile accessories that can help. For example, [...]

Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds In-Ear Headphones


The technology in the 21st century is improving quickly and new items come out onto the market daily. Sometimes it can even be hard to find a high quality item. If you are looking for a pair of modern, long-lasting earphones, we have reviewed a pair that we would love to introduce. These noise cancelling Wireless Earbuds in-ear Headphones are [...]

Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Headphones


To fully enjoy the world of music, we need an outstanding pair of headphones. It can truly be hard to find a quality pair for a reasonably price. One pair that has been getting positive feedback from previous users, and that we have reviewed is the Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Bluedio T4 wireless headphones. To begin with, these headphones are [...]

Samsung Smart Speaker – Latest Tech News


Smart speakers are gradually taking over the smart home market. Everybody is familiar with such names as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Plus, just a month ago Apple introduced its own speaker HomePod. Now, the family of smart speakers is about to have another representative – Samsung is developing its own device. According to Wall Street Journal [...]

Best Design Portable Bluetooth Speaker


When choosing a wireless speaker, people usually go for portable devices that you can take on trips and turn on whenever you want. But if you’re looking for a speaker specifically for house use, you might want to look at other options. For example, there are a lot of multi-functional speakers which combine features of different household items. [...]