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Best Bass Bluetooth Headphones for Music Lovers


Music has always played a significant part in our lives! We listen to music when we are happy, and sad, busy or not! We just plug in a pair of headphones into our ears and become a part of another world! However, not all headphones provide maximum comfort and quality of our favorite tunes! One pair that we can easily recommend to you is PICUN [...]

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker and New Mobile Accessories


Xiaomi continues to expand its line-up with more interesting devices and they don’t include smartphones or tablets. Just recently, the company expanded its range with a set of new mobile accessories. There are three types of new Xiaomi accessories and here’s their quick overview: Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 – this is a functional gadget that allows [...]

Best Invisible Bluetooth Earbuds With a Charging Box


Today, more and more smartphone companies make their devices without a 3.5mm headphone jack. This trend may not be the most popular among users but it certainly affected one thing – we see much more wireless headphones now. It’s easy to find a perfect pair of headphones according to your preferences. What’s more, wireless headphones became [...]

Best Compact Speaker Dock for Smartphones


Most modern wireless speakers connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth. There are some that also support Wi-Fi but the first way is more widespread. Actually, there is another way and it’s more innovative – magnetic resonance. In this case, the working principle is quite complicated – it’s based on vibrations of different frequencies. There [...]

Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Turbine Hurricane


The world of headphones is very diverse. There are compact in-ear headphones, wireless in-ear headphones (like AirPods), over-ear headphones, Bluetooth headphones, and so on. Usually, if power and sound quality are deal-breakers for you, over-ear headphones are the best option. Although the choice here is very rich, there are devices that really [...]

Mpow M3 Bluetooth Headphones that Also Work with Wires


In most cases, the owners of wireless headphones are totally dependent on their battery time. Before going somewhere, you always have to check the charge level of charge so you wouldn’t be caught off guard when the battery runs low. However, wired headphones aren’t the best solution here because they often cling to something or get tangled. [...]

Apple Smart Speaker with Siri is Announced


Just as expected, during WWDC 2017 conference Apple presented several novelties but one really stood out – it’s a music smart speaker Apple HomePod. This is a completely new product for the company but it’s definitely a step to catch up with other popular brands in this area, such as Amazon or Google. Apple HomePod is positioned mostly as a [...]

Scientists Made Flexible Microphone and Speaker


A group of scientists from the University of Michigan created a flag, that can play audio files, and a flexible microphone that recognizes people by voice. An article on these developments was published in the journal Nature Communications. Both devices are based of the flexible composite material presented by researchers last year, which is [...]

The Era of MP3 Is Coming to the End


The music today is streamed in many different formats and each one has its particular feature. The most popular of all is MP3 but its time is over Fraunhofer Institute, which in fact licensed the MP3 encoder and decoder, reported that it had stopped supporting this music format. By the way, AAC was named as the successor. In April 2017, the patent [...]

Amazon New Smart Speaker is Announced


Several days ago, we heard the first rumours about Amazon’s intentions to present a new smart speaker fitted with a display. And yesterday, the rumours came true – Amazon unveiled its new creation and it’s called Echo Show. Just as expected, the device comes with a 7-inch display. This feature expands the functionality of a smart speaker [...]

Microsoft Announced Harman Kardon’s Cortana-Integrated Smart Speaker


Smart speakers seem to be quite an attraction for big companies. Amazon and Google already have their devices, Apple works on its own and just yesterday, Microsoft presented its product called Invoke. This smart speaker was made in cooperation with the famous audio electronics company Harman/Kardon, so it definitely has great sound. Other than [...]

iPod touch 6 – Music Player with iPhone Functionality


Music is a universal companion for anybody during any activity. Different genres can match your mood throughout the day and help you cheer up or relax. Although most people are using smartphones for listening to music, audio players are still popular. What’s more, there are all kinds of them on the market. But what if you’d like some sort of [...]

Innovative Sunglasses with Integrated Speakers


With the raising popularity of no-headphone-jack trend among smartphone makers, wireless headphones are growing in demand. And there’s a perfectly good reason for it – they are comfortable and don’t get tangled. What’s more, we see even more innovative music devices on the market and one of them is Zungle Panther. This is a perfect summer [...]

Apple Is Making a Smart Speaker


The most popular smart home device now is definitely a smart speaker. Such devices, as Amazon Echo or Google Home, became our home assistants capable of completing numerous tasks upon a voice command. Apparently, the success of smart speakers attracted the attention of another tech giant – Apple. Inspired by Google and Amazon speakers, Apple is [...]

Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker without Any Buttons


B&O Play, which is a sub-brand of the acoustics company Bang & Olufsen, presented a new wireless speaker called Beoplay P2. The device comes with a very unusual design – Beoplay P2 doesn’t have any control buttons on it. Instead, users will have to make certain motions. For example, if you double tap on the anodized aluminium grill, [...]

Sony Released Two New Walkman MP3-Players


Sony had a big success with its Walkman sports MP3 players which don’t only store and play music but also serve as wireless headphones. Recently, Sony added two new devices to the line-up and they are still amazing. The MP3-players called NW-WS623 and NW-WS625 are perfect companions for active people. Compared to previous models, these two [...]

Google Is Making Its Own Wireless Headphones


Last fall, Google introduced a wide range of new proprietary devices including smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. This year, we already expect the second generation of Pixel and more Google’s one products. Apparently, one of them will be a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. The device has been certified by the U.S. Federal Communications [...]

Samsung and Google Agreed on Google Play Music


Two tech giants Samsung and Google announced their new partnership which concerns the music streaming service Google Play Music. From now on, this service will be a standard music player on all Samsung smartphones and tablets around the world. The first ones were obviously Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. All new devices will come with a free 3-month [...]

Headphones with Synchronous Translation


Once smartphones had been fitted with translators, the language barrier between people of different nationalities started to disappear. Microsoft went even further and added the synchronous translation mode to Skype, so that people could talk with each other in different languages. But during the Global Sources Startup Launchpad fair in Hongkong, [...]

Razer Wireless Headphones for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


Since last year, smartphone makers started producing devices without a 3.5mm jack. Instead, the users were supposed to listen to music with wireless headphones. But companies that make them quickly adapted to the situation and came up with headphones that can be connected to Lightning or USB-C ports. One of many examples is Razer. The company, [...]