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Truly Wireless Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones


Listening to music, is something that we all love to do within the entire day. Some enjoy it in the car, others while taking a part in sports, and much more. No matter what your reason is, a great pair of high quality earphones is a must! In this review, we take a look at the specs and features of Macaw TX – 80 Truly Wireless Detachable [...]

Good Sound Quality Noise Cancelling Sports Stereo Headset


In order to entirely and accurately enjoy our favorite music, a great pair of earphones is needed. No matter what, the quality of them plays a big part on how we hear the sounds. In this review, we want to look at the distinctive specs and features of the Dacom GF7 Noise Cancelling Handsfree Talking Bluetooth Sports Stereo Headset, which provides [...]

Long Battery Life AELEC Bluetooth Earphones For Running


Diverse bluetooth earbuds are some of the most used items among people of all ages. They are used at home or in the office, with connection to a computer, to a mobile device, tablet, different Mp3 players and so on. Using them to get through the day, is something we all do. In order to fully enjoy our favorite tunes, audio books and even [...]

Dacom Stable In-ear Headset Sports Stereo Earbuds


Listening to music is something we all love doing. A big role in the general experience plays the type of headphones that we own, and the quality of them. It surely is important that we invest in a great pair. In this review, we want to take a look at the different specs and features of the Dacom GF8 TWS Stable In-ear Headset Sports Stereo [...]

Stable In-ear World’s Most Durable Earbuds 2018


With so many different options of wireless headphone and earphones to choose from you never know which ones will truly fit your need the most. Padmate, who has worked with various big brands such as Intel, Huawei, and Xiaomi, developed stable In-ear wireless Durable Earbuds called PaMu with the best combination of different features. The biggest [...]

Playback 8GB MP3 Lossless Sound Music Player


We all enjoy listening to different music and some of us even love audiobooks. Most of our mobile devices are packed with tunes, and we do not have adequate space for other content. For that reason, people often invest in different MP3 players. In this review, we have taken the Playback MP3 8GB memory Lossless Sound Music Player with 8GB memory [...]

Mini USB MP3 MP4 FM Radio 16GB Music Player


We all enjoy listening to different music to help us get through the day. However, not all of us want to fill up the memory on our mobile devices. For that reason, many invest in different MP3 players. In this review, we have observed the Mini USB MP3 MP4 FM Radio Music Player with 16GB memory capacity. This Mini MP3 MP4 Music Player is offered on [...]

Coupon Best Deals Original Apple AirPods Discount Code


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for Original Apple AirPods Apple Wireless Bluetooth AirPods. Main advantages: No any wires, sound is better than wired, sound more spacious, do not fall out, works as claimed 4-5 hours, excellent compatibility with Apple devices, convenient sensors, [...]

Top 5 Headphones Best Sellers Popular Earphones 2018


Listening to music is something that we all love to do throughout the entire day. In order to receive the greatest possible enjoyment, we need high quality earphones that will provide us with such sound. There is a large variety, but in this review, we want to introduce Top 5 Headphones Best Sellers most popular In-ear Earphones 2018, that are [...]

Detachable Neckband HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headphones


If you have ever struggled with your earphones wire splitting over your barbell while you are trying to master a snatch, your earbuds falling out from their place when you’ve almost caught runner’s high or your phone with that wire noodle messing up with yoga asanas, you definitely know – corded earphones suck. Therefore, in the [...]

BenQ World’s Best High-End Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker


BenQ company is well-known for its good quality projectors, monitors and TVs distinguished by good price-quality ratio. Being an innovative company BENQ decided to broaden their product line and released its first audio device: BenQ treVolo S World’s Best High-End Hi-Fi Portable Electorstatic Bluethooth Speaker. BenQ generously sent us the [...]

Waterproof In-Ear Earphones Touch Control Earbuds


We all enjoy listening to our favorite music at home or on the go. As well as that, talking on our mobile devices hands free is something that most of us tend to do. In order to do it all properly and with quality, a great pair of earphones is needed. In this review, we have taken such a pair to observe, the Touch Two TWS Waterproof Bluetooth [...]

GGMM Gold Plated Plug Stereo HiFi Music In-Ear Earphones


Today at our audio review we have GGMM 3.55mm Gold Plated Plug Earbuds Stereo HiFi Music In-Ear Earphones. GGMM is a leading company with a wide range of audio accessories, starting from expensive, skillfully designed metal earphones to more budget-friendly basic ones. In our analysis we find out, if it is wise to buy this peculiar model and if [...]

GGMM In-ear Dynamic HiFi Stereo Earphones


Traditional wire GGMM EJ101 Nightingale In-ear Dynamic HiFi Stereo Earphones are more than 2 years on the market, and still selling on equal terms with innovative Bluetooth headsets or wireless ear pods. Why so? GGMM is an award-winning company, famous for their elaborate design, qualitative sound and durable materials. They are targeting [...]

GGMM Full metal In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones


Even though ordinary wire earphones are becoming more and more rare, some of them are really masterpieces. For example, in today’s review we check out GGMM EJ302 Cuckoo Gold Plated Jack plug Full Metal In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones – a very elaborate audio kit. GGMM In-ear Dynamic Turbo Stereo Earphones come with a rectangular [...]

GGMM Smart Bluetooth Speaker + Airplay + Amazon Alexa


Separate loudspeakers become more and more necessary for different users – trainers, dancers, ordinary users and even school and kindergarten teachers. Simultaneously, the difference between price and quality are often huge, and the logic behind their ratio too complicated to conceive without experience. Hence, in this review we take a close [...]

Leather Handcrafted Retro Bluetooth HiFi Speaker


There are those who like to listen to music always and everywhere, and for that a great speaker is needed. In this review, we have observed an excellent portable GGMM WS Leather Handcrafted Retro Bluetooth HiFi Speaker that is attractive in design and high in quality. The design of the speaker immediately catches your eye and brings us to the [...]

MECOOL KIII PRO Media Player 4K Hybrid DVB TV Box


TV boxes became very popular as they provide lots of opportunities. In this review, we will highlight MECOOL KIII PRO Media Player 4K Satellite Receiver Hybrid DVB TV Box to provide more information about the amazing item. MECOOL KIII PRO TV Box features the latest processor, providing you with high processing speed. It is also equipped with the [...]

Huawei Active Noise Cancelling In-ear Earphones


We all enjoy listening to music throughout the day. Music helps us relax and time goes by faster. Most of us listen to different tunes in public transportation, while walking, exercising or in any other situation. For that reason, high quality earphones are needed. In this review, we are going to observe the Original Huawei AM185 Dual [...]

Stereo Surrounded Sound Xiaomi Smart Home Theater


Watching movies is always fun and relaxing. However, it can’t get better if you are watching it from a high-quality projector which ensures sharp image and stable performance. As we will outline in the review, the Original Mi Bluetooth Stereo Surrounded Sound Xiaomi Smart Home Theater will provide you with great user experience. Here is some [...]