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Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Speaker without Any Buttons


B&O Play, which is a sub-brand of the acoustics company Bang & Olufsen, presented a new wireless speaker called Beoplay P2. The device comes with a very unusual design – Beoplay P2 doesn’t have any control buttons on it. Instead, users will have to make certain motions. For example, if you double tap on the anodized aluminium grill, [...]

Sony Released Two New Walkman MP3-Players


Sony had a big success with its Walkman sports MP3 players which don’t only store and play music but also serve as wireless headphones. Recently, Sony added two new devices to the line-up and they are still amazing. The MP3-players called NW-WS623 and NW-WS625 are perfect companions for active people. Compared to previous models, these two [...]

Google Is Making Its Own Wireless Headphones


Last fall, Google introduced a wide range of new proprietary devices including smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. This year, we already expect the second generation of Pixel and more Google’s one products. Apparently, one of them will be a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. The device has been certified by the U.S. Federal Communications [...]

Samsung and Google Agreed on Google Play Music


Two tech giants Samsung and Google announced their new partnership which concerns the music streaming service Google Play Music. From now on, this service will be a standard music player on all Samsung smartphones and tablets around the world. The first ones were obviously Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. All new devices will come with a free 3-month [...]

Headphones with Synchronous Translation


Once smartphones had been fitted with translators, the language barrier between people of different nationalities started to disappear. Microsoft went even further and added the synchronous translation mode to Skype, so that people could talk with each other in different languages. But during the Global Sources Startup Launchpad fair in Hongkong, [...]

Razer Wireless Headphones for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


Since last year, smartphone makers started producing devices without a 3.5mm jack. Instead, the users were supposed to listen to music with wireless headphones. But companies that make them quickly adapted to the situation and came up with headphones that can be connected to Lightning or USB-C ports. One of many examples is Razer. The company, [...]

Bose Released New Bluetooth Speakers


Wireless speakers appeared on the market only a few years ago but they were ignored by most audiophiles who preferred wired devices because they had better sound quality. However, the situation is changing and many companies make wireless speakers now and they have amazing sound. One of these companies is Bose which just released 2 new speakers: [...]

Make Your Headphones Wireless with Plub


Although wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular, most people still use regular, wired ones. But if you like the idea of wireless headphones but can’t afford them, there is a cheap option and it’s called Plub. This unusual accessory transforms your wired headphones into wireless. Basically, this is kind of an adapter which is [...]

This Bang & Olufsen Acoustic System Goes Well with Your Interior


The audio acoustics brand Bang & Olufsen, which specialises in premium, expensive sound products, released a highly unusual acoustic system named BeoSound Shape. In fact, this creation of the Danish company looks more like a piece of art than a sound system. It consists of 11 different elements which are made in the shape of bee’s cells and [...]

Moshi Spatia – Wireless Sound System for Your House


After a hard workweek, there’s nothing better than spending your time at home to the accompaniment of your favourite music. Music relaxes us, motivates us and even reminds us of the past. That’s why audio electronics devices are always popular. Of course, you can blast the tunes from a smartphone or a laptop but speakers do this job better. [...]

Portable Xiaomi Mi Wireless Radio


Last year, Xiaomi released a small gadget called Mi Internet Radio with the possibility to listen to radio via the Internet. Now, the Chinese company presented an updated and improved version with an extended number of features. The first edition of Mi Internet Radio had one big problem – no built-in battery. The second, enhanced model solves [...]

New AirPods Will Measure Heart Rate


AirPods became available not so long ago but already Apple seems to be working on the second generation of their wireless headphones. And it will have a few innovative additions. A new patent from the Cupertino company describes the headphones fitted with several biometric sensors which will make AirPods smart. The patent mentions the headphones [...]

Alexa Is Coming to iPhone


The Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is featured on many different devices. But now, it’s coming to another huge platform – Alexa has been officially launched by Amazon on iPhone. Actually, Alexa has already been on a smartphone from third parties but this is the first time when the initiative comes from Amazon. Alexa will be accessible to all [...]

First 3D-Printed Wireless Speaker


The company V-Moda, famous for their premium headphones, introduced the world’s first 3D-printed wireless speaker. Also, this is the first device of its kind with a built-in amplifier for headphones. The speaker can be used with high-impedance headphones as the amplifier provides 83 mW through each channel. What’s more, the V-Moda Remix [...]

Mobile Accessory for Better Sound Performance


Despite the diversity on the headphones market, most of us use affordable devices with very poor sound quality. Of course, everyone would love to have a top-notch pair of headphones but they are quite expensive. And let’s be honest, some of your favourite songs deserve the best quality possible. However, even if you’re stuck with ordinary [...]

Sony Futuristic Wireless Headphones


The Sony’s research laboratory Future Lab unveiled the prototype of very interesting headphones at the conference SXSW 2017. This device is worn on a neck and it transmits targeted sound to the user’s ears. It means that you don’t have to put anything in your ears. The main idea of this concept was to create the music-listening device but [...]

Portable Electrohome Karaoke Machine


Music is something that brings us all a lot of joy. And sometimes, it’s nice to imagine that you were a celebrity and sing your favourite songs. That’s why karaoke is so popular nowadays. Due to various technologies, people don’t even have to go to karaoke bars, they can just hold a little concert at your house. We’ve already reviewed [...]

BeatsX Have Bigger Sales than AirPods


Apple was heavily relying on their new wireless headphones AirPods but they didn’t live up to all expectations. Besides, Apple released another product in the same category – BeatsX. And it looks like the latter is even more popular than the former. According to the CNET report, BeatsX became the biggest-selling headphones as for February, [...]

Wireless Microphone with Built-In Speaker


Karaoke is a great form of entertainment for everybody. Small kids often jump around singing something. The same applies to youngsters and even older people. Every one of us loves music and it’s quite tempting to imagine as if you were a celebrity and try to sing your favourite song. That’s karaoke bars are always full on weekends. However, [...]

Feature Rich Bluetooth Speaker for Travelling


When you go on a beach or have a picnic with your friends, it’s always nice to lighten up everybody’s mood with some great music. Of course, you can just pull out your smartphone and choose some songs from there but for proper audio quality you have to go with wireless speakers. These devices are very portable and they provide great audio. [...]