Smart Walking Stick Dring Smartcane for Elderly People

Smart Walking Stick Dring Smartcane for Elderly People

CES 2017, the main technology event of the year, has surprised us with many fantastic gadgets and devices. But while big companies, like Sony, Samsung or LG were busy with their TVs, smartphones or washing machines, there were quite a lot of innovative accessories that you could easily miss. One of them is the creation of the startup Nov’in – it is a smart walking stick, called Dring Smartcane.

The device is obviously oriented towards specific groups of people: the elderly or the disabled. Despite that, the accessory has a very teenage-like, fancy design, created by a legendary company Maison Fayet. Under the pretty exterior, though, hides great functionality. Dring Smartcane is fitted with am accelerometer and a gyroscope which track the person’s movements and activities.

The data, gathered by these sensors, is transmitted to a special server which analyses it and makes “diagnoses” and recommendations based on the user’s walking habits. For example, if the cane detects low mobility or tiredness, it may signal of a beginning disease. That way, the user is forewarned and forearmed.

Dring Smartcane provides another feature which is especially important if you have elderly relatives. The cane has an alarm button. By pressing it, the user activates the system which is connected with the GSM network. If anything urgent happens, the person can send an alert from his cane to his caregiver. The latter can actually answer with a response signal, so that the cane owner would be aware of the coming help.


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