Lenovo Presented New Water-Resistant Chromebook


As we’ve written before, the PC market had a relatively successful first quarter of 2017 when the shipment numbers finally went up. According to IDC, Chromebooks were the ones that contributed greatly to this tendency and even the biggest brands in this segment feel that there is a new and serious competitor on the market. The latest Chrome OS [...]

Laptop-Transformer with E-Ink Display


Laptops-transformers or 2-in-1s are popular among users who don’t want to two devices. Instead, they have one gadget that works in several modes simultaneously. This is convenient and cost-efficient. But even among “transformers” there are some unusual ones. For example, the company Onyx International introduced a prototype of an interesting [...]

Lenovo Future Plans: Gaming Laptops, Smart Speakers and AR


For the last 5 years, PC sales have been falling. In Q1 2017 there was a slight growth but it didn’t change the overall situation. The company Lenovo plans to bring the PC market “back to life”. Since Mike Abary became the vice-president of the company’s North America department, Lenovo has had a very successful period being the fastest [...]

8 Tips to increase the Lifetime of Your Laptop


Choosing a laptop is a big decision. Before buying one, you have to consider every big and small detail in order not to be disappointed with your purchase. So, you’ve finally picked the laptop, bought it and brought it home. Hooray! But this is only the beginning. If you want a laptop to serve you loyally for years to come, you have to treat [...]

New HP Laptops Are Coming Out in June


Without any big announcements or events, HP introduced a new line-up of Pavilion laptops. The company updated the regular models as well as the ones with 360-degree rotating screen. –  HP Pavilion 14 – this model had the most significant changes. Packed with an Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake chipset, 12GB RAM and 1TB storage, this laptop boasts [...]

The Truth about Battery Time in Laptops


When choosing a laptop, people often look at the battery time because it’s one of the most important characteristics for this type of device. To be able to use the laptop on the go, a big battery is indispensable. And the British website Which decided to conduct an interesting test – they picked 67 models of different laptops, released in 2016 [...]

Stylish Backlit Keyboard for Mac and PC


Whenever you buy a PC, there are several so-called peripheral devices which you have to buy as well. These are usually a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse, and so on. Usually, people go for regular devices but what if you want something fancier? Let’s take keyboards, for example. If you’re typing a lot, you’re gonna need a smooth, comfortable [...]

Pocket-Sized Laptop for Daily Use


In the beginning of the year GPD announced their pocket laptop called GPD Pocket which runs on Windows 10 and has a 7-inch display. Only few people believed that this project would be successful but the device had a triumphant fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Overall, the company managed to collect more than 2 million dollars. GPD Pocket does [...]

Apple Laptops Have Best Technical Support


Laptops can be estimated by various characteristics. One of them is the quality technical support which tells a lot about the company that makes the laptops. And now, we know the best brands in this category. The magazine “Laptop” put together the list of the best all laptop manufacturers in terms of the technical support quality. The results [...]

Perfect Laptop for Students


It’s fair to say that today almost every classroom in most universities is filled with students vigorously typing lectures on their laptops. That’s true, laptops have become an inherent part of education process all over the world, used by both teachers and students. And of course, there is a question – which one to choose? While people [...]

ASUS Chromebook Flip – Brief Review


You obviously noticed that we’ve been paying a lot of attention to Chromebooks recently. This is because this type of laptops is gaining a lot of popularity. People, who buy laptops, always want different things. In many cases, you don’t need the power of MacBook, you need simplicity and basic features. That’s when Chromebooks come into [...]

New Nokia Tablet


The comeback of the legendary brand Nokia on the smartphone market was successful. This, of course, means that we may see other products from this brand. For example, an interesting piece of information appeared on the GFXBench database. Apparently, the company Foxconn (branch office of FIH Mobile) is working on a tablet with a huge, 18.4-inch [...]

Super-Powerful MSI Titan Pro Laptop


Have you ever dreamt about laptops so powerful that they could replace regular desktop computers? To be honest, that’s not a very widespread thought because such laptops wouldn’t in a big demand. The only group of people, who would be interested in it, is gamers. However, this is one mighty group. Actually, many tech companies make products [...]

Acer Chromebooks – Fast Devices that Fit Every Taste


If you’re looking for a laptop just for Internet surfing or working with text or tables, you really should consider buying a Chromebook. These laptops may not be the most powerful or productive but they weren’t designed for that. Most Chromebooks boast portability and long battery time. Plus, ChromeOS not only gives you the support of the best [...]

NexDock Convertible Laptop


The company NexDock is going to release a laptop with the same name later in 2017. Manufacturers have already raised required $330K to start mass production. NexDock is a hybrid device – it has a detachable keyboard and can be used as both laptop and tablet. But the main thing is what on the inside. NexDock is a unique device in this matter. On [...]

Lightest 13-inch Laptop on the Market


Laptops are often compared with one another by different characteristics, like power, productivity or battery time. But laptops are portable devices, which means that weight must be taken into account as well. It’s hardly pleasant to carry around a heavy laptop on your shoulders. And for this review we have not just a simple laptop – the [...]

HP Chromebook 14 – Functionality + Speed


We all know about the age-old debate about two mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. The same goes for laptops where we have Windows and macOS as two most popular options. However, people forget about another OS – Chrome OS. It even gave its name to a group of laptops – Chromebooks. They are mostly used for surfing the Internet. The [...]

Versatile and Functional Tablet


People often choose tablets based on a number of factors, like their productivity, visuals or just ability to support games. Are you looking for a universal tablet which suits both working people and game-loving teenagers? Then, you might want to consider this excellent option – Teclast Tbook 16. The device has two distinctive features which [...]

Triple-Screen Razer Laptop


CES is always an opportunity to showcase most outrageous and innovative gadgets. For instance, the company Razer presented their creation that could potentially be a revolution for the gaming industry. It’s a concept of a new laptop, fitted not with one but three 17-inch displays. This project has a code-name Project Valerie. Although there’s [...]

Microsoft Announces New Surface Pro


Microsoft has a range selection of various mobile devices including even two-in-ones: laptop/tablets. The Surface Pro line-up has always been met with customers’ acclaim, especially the last model, Surface Pro 4. But now, once again Microsoft fans have something to be excited about. According to DigiTimes (with the reference to Economic Daily [...]