New Nokia Tablet


The comeback of the legendary brand Nokia on the smartphone market was successful. This, of course, means that we may see other products from this brand. For example, an [...]

NexDock Convertible Laptop


The company NexDock is going to release a laptop with the same name later in 2017. Manufacturers have already raised required $330K to start mass production. NexDock is a [...]

Triple-Screen Razer Laptop


CES is always an opportunity to showcase most outrageous and innovative gadgets. For instance, the company Razer presented their creation that could potentially be a [...]

Super-Thin Acer Laptop


Laptops can surprise you with many factors, like productivity, battery time or connectivity. However, sometimes, laptops packed with many features lack compactness – they [...]

ASUS Chromebook New Model


ASUS Chromebook has been quite popular among customers around the world. The latest model, Chromebook Flip was met with positive reviews and acclaim from users. But now, a [...]