ELECOM Zeroshock IV MacBook Sleeve Case

ELECOM Zeroshock IV MacBook Sleeve Case

ELECOM gained a lot of popularity in its home country making laptop cases or sleeves, especially the ZeroShock line-up. These accessories are available for purchase worldwide and they are very effective. That’s why in this review we’re gonna take a closer look at the latest product from the line-up – ZeroShock IV Advanced case for 13.3’’ laptops.

The case truly lives up to its name – it’s the most interesting accessory from ELECOM. First of all, ZeroShock IV looks very elegant and thin. It was designed in this way, so that people wouldn’t have any inconveniences while carrying the case. Due to its compact size, you can put it in your bag or backpack. That way, your laptop will have double-layered protection.

All materials, used in making ZeroShock IV, are high-quality. The exterior consists of two layers of EVA foam. This material possesses great protective capabilities – it’s totally water-resistant and shock absorbent. This Anti-Shock technology has proved effective after a series of harsh tests. The interior is also impressive. Made of light polyurethane foam, it adds protection to your laptop. Plus, the foam can take the shape of your laptop, so any device will perfectly in this case.

There are a couple more useful features about ZeroSchock IV: a sewed-in pocket for your smaller mobile accessories and a double zipper around three sides of the case, so you’ll be able to open the case in any situation and start working on your laptop. By the way, ZeroShock IV fits 13.3’’ laptops, so 13-inch MacBook users should be happy.

So, ZeroShock IV Advanced is really an excellent accessory for MacBooks and other laptops. It’s made of top-notch, highly protective materials, it’s convenient and it’s very stylish.


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