Stay Connected With Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio

Stay Connected With Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio

Spending time outdoors in the nature is way more fun and enjoyable with a great company of friends around. However, often our cellphones do not have service in the nature, but contact with our close ones is needed. For that reason, many people turn to the use of walkie talkies. In this review, we have taken a look at a great walkie talkie gadget, the Xiaomi Walkie Talkie model MJDJJ01FY.

This Mi walkie talkie offered in two colors, deep gray and white. They have a simple design, and are quite compact and lightweight. The size is approximately 5.45 x 2.40 x 20.00 cm, and the weight is 0.2000 kg. The screen has a 160 x 100 resolution and is black and white.

These Xiaomi walkie talkie have many outstanding features for full convenience. First of all, product comes with a built in battery that is 2600 mAh. It charges fully in 3 hours, and after that will last for about 8 days in standby mode, and 17 hours of usage. The walkie talkies can easily be charged through a micro USB cord. The auto detection function while it is charging will help prevent the walkie talkie from overcharging, over discharge, over voltage and any other issues that many come up.

Once gadget fully charged, other members of your team can easily and quickly join. The walkie talkies have a call distance of up to 10 KM in sea level environment, and up to 6 KM in urban areas. Another great feature is the location share, that allows other members to check on the location of their friends that are in the call range. They can use the screen of the walkie talkie to see the location, or use the app on their mobile device, which does not require a cellphone signal. The digital filtration offers clear talking experience even if you are out in the wild. One can even send their voice without having to hold the button. When your voice reaches a certain level, you can free your hands. As well as all that, one can use the walkie talkie as a FM radio, to catch the radio signal and listen to their favorite tunes while camping, hiking, or any other adventure.

To conclude with, these Xiaomi walkie talkie gadget is a great way to stay connected with your adventurous team. They are high quality, durable, and have many nice features!


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