A9 Mini GPS Tracker Waterproof GPS Tracking Gadget

A9 Mini GPS Tracker Waterproof GPS Tracking Gadget

Have you ever ended up in a situation when it was too late and you couldn’t find your kids or a pet? Seriously, there’s nothing worse than that. In order to avoid these nerve-racking experiences, you could use some help from a simple gadget – GPS tracker. In fact, today, we’re about a review a functional and one of the best stylish gadget – KKmoon Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker.

Just like most other GPS trackers, this one is small and compact. It means that you can put it anywhere you want, like a bag, a purse or even a car. If you’d like to keep an eye on your dog, you can hang the tracker on the collar. What’s more, it has a very elegant and beautiful design with champagne gold colour, so your kids will like it too. They can even wear it like a necklace or simple put it in one of their pockets.

The KKmoon GPS tracker begins its watch instantly. Using the smartphone app or the website, you can see the location in real time. The device uses highly accurate GPS + AGPS + LBS positioning, so you can always count on its precision. With the quad-band GSM connectivity, the tracker works anywhere in the world. Once the tracked object is out of the range, an immediate notification will be sent to your smartphone. There are 3 working modes for this gadget: quick tracking, standard tracking or power-saving tracking.

There’s an even more effective function – emergency calling. By pressing the SOS button, you can call the phone number that you set up in advance. Thanks to built-in microphone and speaker, you can have real-time conversations. And the tracker even has a slot for a mini SIM-card, so it’s like a mini mobile phone. By the way, the KKmoon tracker is powered by a rechargeable 450mAh battery with 5-day battery time in the standby mode.


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