8848 Titanium Mobile Phone Luxury Smartphone

8848 Titanium Mobile Phone Luxury Smartphone

The company 8848 Phones announced their new smartphone which will certainly appeal to people looking for something luxurious. It’s called Titanium Mobile and it has staggering characteristics.

The exterior of the smartphone was created by designer Lawrence Hsu. The back cover is made of calfskin leather. It comes in four colours: black, gray, pink and yellow. Plus, around the camera there’s a plate with a relief of a dragon. If you’re not surprised yet, the plate is covered with 18-carat gold.

Cameras in this smartphone, by the way, are its main highlights. They are extremely powerful. The rear one, with a dragon surrounding it, has 21 MP. But even more comes from the frontal camera – 30 MP. Oher characteristics include a 5-inch Full HD display, a Qualcomm processor (unknown model), 4GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

8848 Titanium Mobiles is hitting stores around holidays for a huge price: $2880. It’s not very affordable for regular people, as the smartphone is obviously aimed at a narrow audience. For people with style and money, this should be a great choice.


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