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Powerful and Extremely Functional Smart Watch


This Smart Watch is a powerful and extremely functional design for daily use. It combines the features of waterproof watch, heart rate monitor, activity recorder, alarm, sleep monitor and camera. It will help to monitor basic bodily indicators like sleep quality that you’re able to know your body condition better. The device is equipped with [...]

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Specs Big Discount Deals


Samsung Galaxy Watch is a high-end device that will provide you with great experience. The gadget will effectively track your activities. For instance, it will show your sleep quality, calories as well as provide you with breathing exercises for stress management. The watch is created for busy people who care about their health. This smart [...]

Best Selling Smartband With Built-in 1080P Camera


If you’re on the lookout for an activity tracker smartband with the built-in camera, then the Alfawise Wearable 1080P Camera Bracelet is the winner. That means you can replace fitness tracker with a bright band. Alfawise MC50C seems to have fallen right out of James Bond movie. It is a wristband with 1080P HD recording and 1920 x 1080 [...]

Long lasting Battery Color Screen Waterproof Smart Watch


The very best thing about the watch is you could go for quite a few days without charging the smartwatch. There are a lot of sports watches. A general sports watch is excellent for ordinary use and distinct kinds of training. Alfawise Y7 Smart Watch is a perfect gift for anyone involved in any kid of sport activities. It is an ultimate real-time [...]

HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smartband Unboxing


Catchy and fashionable gadgets are very popular nowadays. However, the primary function of any device is to make our lives easier. This has, for sure, become possible with HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smart Band. This gadget will not only deliver unique user experience but would also look good and feel good on you. First and foremost, the smartwatch [...]

Simple and Elegant OLED Display Waterproof Sports Smartband


There are a number of important characteristics to look at when deciding on a sensible watch with android. The smart band Xanes H8S is an elegant and powerful device to keep track of time and health. The smart band is equipped with various monitors, which allow you to get the data regarding the calories burnt, hourly heart rate, steps made and [...]

Full Function Big Round Display Men’s Smartwatch Phone


Xanes Y1 Plus is a smart watch with all the functions you could ever dream of. With Bluetooth 4.0 system it is fully compatible with IOS and Android, which means that it is a very good alternative for those expensive and IOS-only Apple watches. The smart band is equipped with real-time heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sedentary and [...]

Exquisite Craftsmanship Square Design Smartwatch Best Deals


NO.1 G12 Smartwatch would become you perfect companion in sports and daily life. The affordable Smart Bracelet fitness gadget features a very stylish and modern design, therefore, it would fit you anytime. Furthermore, the producer offers diverse styles, thus, you can choose the one you like the most. Moreover, with the built-in heart rate [...]

Full Functions Stylish Round Smart Watch Phone With Camera


So should you need a great smartwatch with an attractive and stylish look, then the LEMFO LEM 8 4G Smartwatch Phone to suit you well. This smartwatch is ideal for those seeking a smart wearable gadget that could work both in connection with your smartphone in addition to autonomously due to its SIM card slot with support for 4G networks. The [...]

Simple and Conservative Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch


Watches ought to be practical. If buying a men’s watch, there are numerous things to look at. While it might not be in a position to compete with outdoor watches that feature GPS functionality, it may be the ideal purchase for hikers seeking a reliable, accurate model to undertake the trail. If you’re searching for a single watch, I [...]

Polar M400 GPS Watch Reliable Sports Smartwatch $99.99


There are lots of wonderful exercise trackers available on the market at this time, every one of which cater to various users with diverse needs. Integrated GPS and heart rate sensor usually means the bright watch needs that 500mAh battery to be able to power through constantly. Polar fitness trackers are one of the best fitness gadgets on the [...]

Best Selling Premium Ultralight Smart Fitness Tracking Ring


Tired of traditional fitness bands that do not make you original anymore? Do you want to try out something completely new and unusual? Then we would recommend the Motiv Smart Fitness Ring which features all the functionalities of the wrist band but is more compact and elegant. The ring has a sleep and Heart Rate Tracker, so you would be able to [...]

Smartwatch With Big Round Display That Shows All Activity


FS08 Smart Watch is an affordable gadget that will be able to make your life easier because it is highly functional. First of all, the device is equipped with a 1.26 inch large round display where you can check notifications, and important data easily. The synchronization with your phone happens automatically after you download a special app. [...]

Uwatch Color Display Smartwatch With Very Elegant Bracelet


Smartwatches are electronic bracelets that could run advanced applications and act as a more customary watch at the same time, also a cozy extension for your smartphone. If you want to be able to track the most important health and daily activity data, check notifications and be fashionable at the same time, the UMIDIGI Uwatch Smartwatch will help [...]

Best Selling Android iOS 42mm Ultra Light Smooth Smartwatch


The Ticwatch 2 is an intriguing add-on to the smartwatch industry. Let’s take a better look at a number of the Ticwatch 2’s features. The smartwatch has its own operating system known as the Ticwear OS and brings in quite several interesting characteristics to the table. Ticwatch 2 Active Ultra Light Smartwatch will quickly turn into [...]

Waterproof Multiple Sports Mode Stylish Smartwatch for Woman


H8 Women Smart Bracelet is an elegant and extremely functional device for everyday use. It has a 0.96 Inch screen with 160*80 resolution, which not only projects vivid image but is also easy to use as screen is full touch-screen. This stylish gadget will not only respond to all your needs – it will also monitor your health, to be more [...]

Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus Smartwatch Phone With Camera Specs Deals


Zeblaze Thor Smart Watch Phone could be your private trainer that helps to accomplish your sports goals easily. It is among the most fashionable smartwatches in the market these days with good quality and inexpensive price. The Zeblaze THOR 4 Plus Smartwatch Phone rightfully focuses on a few of the absolute most in demand in addition to important [...]

Analog Display Cool Classic Watch With Calfskin Leather Band


A wrist watch is a huge accessory which can be both aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional. Usually people wear watches to be conscious of the moment. The best thing about the watches is they’re not very highly priced. Watches are simply an excellent way to reveal their personal personality and fashion, while also enjoying all the [...]

Stylish Kids GPS Smart Watch


For different kids the entertainment functions might be more important. Otherwise, the gadget is unchanged. Q750 Kids GPS Intelligent Smart Watch – the title speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The GPS device will track the location. These watches are equipped with lots of functions which are targeted at keeping your child safe and smart. The [...]

GARMIN Forerunner 630 50M Waterproof Running GPS Smartwatch


GARMIN Forerunner 630 Running Watch GPS Smartwatch is a perfect gadget if you want to keep track of all your activities and use your smartphone hands free. Whatever you are doing, the smart watch will provide you with extensive data regarding your activity. It has an HRM monitor to check your heart rate, ground contact time as well as vertical [...]

Really Stylish Watch With Very Rare Design and Functions


If you are looking for a rare, one of a type wristwatch or hourglass for this matter, check out Ikepod Watches. It’s created out of sapphire that’s scratch resistant. Each one comes with an assortment of different watch dials to pick from to adhere to any style preferences you’ve got, that range from black, silver, blue and white [...]

Simple Smart Digital Pedometer Instead of Smartwatch


Since that time, fitness trackers are adopted by a myriad of people and are intended to be worn all day in place of just once you work out, so they will need to appear like any other accessory. Consider everywhere that you would like to wear the fitness tracker before making your purchase (particularly if you intend on wearing it all day every [...]

Comfortable Smartwatch Compatible with iOS and Android


Whether you’re purchasing a smartwatch for the very first time or merely hoping to conserve money, you can’t fail with the Ticwatch E. If you are searching for a very first or a new smartwatch, Ticwatch E is a good to begin the journey. You’re not likely to discover a comparable smartwatch that costs the exact same or less. In [...]

Stylish Long Standby Stainless Steel Mesh Band Smartwatch


Newwear has launch Q8 smartwatch personal wellness tracker which is ideal for health-conscious folks. The smartwatch has a normal traditional design smartwatch readily available in black and silver. This smartwatch is waterproof and offers a display in various languages, includes an android app which can help you to save and sync the data to [...]

NO.1 G6 Power-Saving Big Capacity Battery Smartwatch


A smartwatch isn’t some cheap electronic and it would be a big heart ache if it might be wrecked with a little bit of water. The ideal smartwatch may not exist. Therefore a smartwatch has to be hardier than a sensible phone. Smart watches provide us with amazing hands-free functions that allow to operate you gadgets easily even when they [...]

Great Waterproof Smartwatch for Doing Sports – KingWear GV68


When smartwatches are mentioned, KingWear is really a huge name. If you would like to buy smartwatch that will provide you with the option to enjoy with amazing features and great build quality, this is the one which you ought to choose. You don’t need to fret anymore because we chose to present you the very best affordable smartwatch in the [...]

TicWatch Pro – The Best Smartwatch Designed For Men


The Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch continues the firm’s tradition of earning well-rounded wearables for affordable rates. If you’re trying to get a Wear OS watch at the moment, TicWatch Pro might be perfect for you. Again, regardless of the name the Pro isn’t here in order to replace your Garmin. The TicWatch Pro also packs a couple of [...]

Built-in NFC New Xiaomi Band 3 Smart Wristband


The newest launched Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet with NFC Function will ensure you enjoy doing sports or leading a healthier lifestyle. 0.78 inch high resolution display shows the most important information regarding your activities as well as the latest messages. Due to the NFC function, it is extremely easy to connect the gadget to your [...]

Best Selling GPS Heart Rate Monitor Men’s Smart Watch Phone


Kingwear smart watch KW88 is one of the best selling Heart Rate Monitor Men’s Smartwatch phones with SIM Card and GPS. The wearable gadget will provide you with unique user experience as it has a lot of functions you will never expect from a watch. It works on Android 5.1 but is compatible with a lot of gadgets via Bluetooth. 1.39inch [...]

Fashionable Business Smartwatch Lenovo Hybrid Watch X Plus


The Lenovo watch X Plus has a fashionable performance. It comes with built-in Bluetooth which makes the sharing feature easier. The watch comes with a 600mAh battery capacity and it might run for 45 days. Also, it has a braided Zinc Alloy strap. Actually, you’d be forgiven to just think it turned out to be a fashionable watch rather than a [...]

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Multi-Sport Smartwatch


GARMIN Fenix 5X Smartwatch is perfect for you whether you’re an adventurer who likes to wander around nature or for city life. Using Bluetooth you can join the watch to your smartphone for a substantial host of further characteristics and functions. The watch provides a number of the ideal location and distance tracking services same as on a [...]

Makibes 16G ROM 4G Smartwatch Phone With HD Camera


For users with active life style or even heart problems that are searching for an HR monitor gadget which can help them exercise within a secure HR range, I would suggest the Makibes MK02 4G Smartwatch Phone. Heart Rate Monitoring can assist you in analyzing the heart rate during various pursuits. Additionally, it has a heart-rate monitor and [...]

New English Version Amazfit Stratos 2 Smartwatch Specs Deals


The Amazfit Stratos is loaded with integrated apps and everything a fitness buff would have to keep an eye on every facet of their active moment. The Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos smartwatch has plenty of improvements over the very first version with respect to sports and health tracking. The smart watch does not disappoint when it concerns the quality [...]

Xiaomi 50 Meters Water Resistance Sports Smart Watch


Xiaomi WeLoop Hey 3S 50 Meters Water Resistance Sports Smartwatch is offered with a wide selection of colorful silicone straps. The price is actually attractive and you will receive a nice and fashionable smartwatch, which in appearance is far better than the more expensive Android Wear in 2018. The device was made with a substantial emphasis on [...]

LEMFO LEM X Sports and Business Smartwatch Phone


Watches ought to be practical. There are lots of sports watches. A general sports watch is very good for ordinary use and distinct varieties of training. Lemfo LEM X Smartwatch is a mix of sports and company. The LEM X combines a great deal of technology, the should locate their place in the housing. The Watch phone includes a 900mAh battery. [...]

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT 3 AMOLED Screen Smartwatch


While buying a smartwatch, there are a number of things to look at. Furthermore, the Xiaomo Huami AMAZFIT 3 has a fairly cool design, with all the most recent features like AMOLED display, water resistant and a whole lot more. You would like something which is still elegant as a dress watch at the same time you want the wise functionalities of a [...]

Lenovo Round Smart Watch With Stainless Steel Case


Well nowadays, a smart wristwatch isn’t just a timepiece that’s worn by an individual. Trust to receive all the intelligent data you need from a dependable smartwatch. Sports watches are perfect for casual and rough wear. They should be practical and should not hamper your performance during play. In this review we will observe hybrid [...]

Best Selling Xiaomi Stainless Steel Case Quartz Smartwatch


Your personal monitoring professional, keep track of the day-to-day activity, track your steps for premium quality sports. 3 ATM Special security level, which means you could use it also in the rainfall, hand washing, don’t fret of it. The dimension of theXiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch is 40mm. It adopts the traditional little three-needle as [...]

Zeblaze Crystal Waterproof Color Screen Smart Bracelet


It is hard to find a person who would not like to have a smartwatch or smart bracelet. These gadgets are usually very convenient to use but also, they allow to operate your smartphones remotely. These are the two main reasons modern people choose them. In this review, we will outline the main features of one of the best selling budget smartwatch [...]

No.1 Outdoor Sports Smartwatch New F18 Model


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Discount by Coupon Code for NO.1 Outdoor Sports Smartwatch F18 with 1.3 Inch TFT Touch Screen. No.1 F18 have a strong and sporty design. Compared with the previous generation F7, we see that we no longer have shock-resistant, smart clocks. However, this is not bad, since the new [...]

HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smart Bracelet Specs, Best Deals


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Discount by Coupon Code for HUAWEI Honor Band 4 Smart Bracelet 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch Large Color Screen 5ATM Water resistance, Heart Rate Monitor, Swimming Posture Recognition. Ultra-long standby time as much as 2 weeks in the regular situation to save the frequent charging [...]

Top Quality Display Smartwatch to Begin The journey


Smartwatches are getting more autonomous. If you’re like to get the best smartwatch, then you better implement a top quality display. It is easy to locate a smartwatch that suits in your everyday life. There are plenty of smartwatches available on the market with variant designs and if you are searching for a very first or a new smartwatch, [...]

Big Memory Sapphire Crystal Glass Screen Smartwatch Phone


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Discount by Coupon Code for ALLCALL W1 3G Smartwatch Phone with 16GB ROM big memory and Sapphire Crystal Glass Screen. ALLCALL W1 has big memory space, 16G ROM + 2GB RAM for you to use; 400mAh battery is likewise convenient for your daily active life. The display got a 1.39 [...]

Most Functional iOS Android Smartwatch with “OK GOOGLE”


The Ticwatch continues the provider’s tradition of creating well-rounded wearables for affordable rates. The Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch is one of the most functional with Google Assistant + iOS and Android compatible wearable gadgets in the marketplace. It’s possible to switch to Wear OS at any moment, and it will occur in a moment. [...]

Heart Monitor Fitness Smartband to Improve Your Sleep


Using wearable tech for fitness purposes can offer a good way to track your own fitness and discover methods to improve. Locate a workout you like and will do consistently. With an integrated heart monitoring tracker, exercise keep your wellbeing in check with each movement or activity that you earn. To start with, no one really cares to admit [...]

Fossil Q Premium Round Smartwatch With Leather Band


In an effort to get the business back on course, Fossil is turning to connected devices. From the start, Fossil was in a great place to explore wearable technology. It is continuing to make a push into the smartwatch and fitness tracker market. It is, first and foremost, a fashion brand. It is one of the first watchmakers to release a stylish [...]

Curved Large Screen 16GB Big Memory 4G Smartwatch Phone


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for new 2018 large curved 9H screen 16GB ROM big memory Finow 4G Smartwatch Phone. The FINOW DM2018 Smart watch Phone runs on Android 6.0 OS and may appeal to fans of large display smartwatches. The Watch Phone is equipped with a color 1.45-inch [...]

Best Men’s Outdoor Smartwatch Casio Waterproof Smart Watch


Some smartwatches are more advanced than others, some are very simple, but they all have one thing in common, their current popularity on the market. In this review, we will observe all of the specs and features of the Casio Men’s Pro Trek Waterproof Smart Watch Quartz Resin Outdoor Smartwatch. This smartwatch has a round dial, that has a [...]

Sporty and Trendy 4G Smart Watch Phone With Camera


Smartwatches in the recent years, have become particularly trendy. Everyone has their own purpose for using them, but overall, they are all exceptionally convenient. Some smartwatches are much more advanced than others, and we want to look at such an item. In this review, we will observe specs of the LEMFO LEM7 4G Smartwatch Phone with 2.0MP [...]

Best Selling Steel Band Waterproof Round Dial Smart Watch


Always know the time, receive all of your smartphone notifications, and be introduced to a variety of other features, with a stylish smart watch. Different popular brands such as Apple, and many others have introduced their devices, but if you are one that wants something a bit more affordable but as high of quality, then bring your attention to [...]

Best Selling 2018 Smart Watch NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch


Different types of watches are gaining popularity, as not only being convenient, but serving as a fashion statement piece. What is even better than a regular watch? That is right, a smartwatch! In this review, we will take a look at the specs and features of one of the best selling 2018 Smart Watch devices NO.1 F6 Sports Smartwatch Heart Rate [...]

Classic Retro Style Waterproof Smartwatch Phone


There is an extensive variety of diverse devices on the market, that we could only dream of due to their high prices and rare find. Many smartwatches are stereotyped to be unaffordable, but some have as great of features, but for an inexpensive price. In this review, we want to look at the specs and features of KY003 Classic Retro Style Waterproof [...]

Best Selling Sports Smartband Heart Rate Smart Wristband


What is a great way to track our health, receive different notifications, take photos and much more? Of course, that is with a smartband. Variety of different kinds are offered on the market, but in this review, we want to take a look at the specs and features of the Best Selling Sports Smartband Cubot S1 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Smart [...]

Best Selling Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone


Smartwatches come in all sorts of designs these days. They are awfully popular on the market, amongst people of all ages. They are handy to use, and deliver with exquisite features. In this review, we would like to bring out one of the best selling Smart Watches S958 Men’s Sports Smartwatch Phone with Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer and other [...]

Waterproof Round Smartwatch Alfawise S2 Smart Watch


Smart watches all have many different features to offer to their users, and for that reason they are extremely popular. There are many different kinds on the market with all different specifications. In this review, we have taken the Waterproof Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitoring Round Smartwatch Alfawise S2 Smart Watch, to observe and share more [...]

Global Version Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Smartwatch


We all want to upgrade our gadgets to more modern and high-quality ones. Smartwatches are some of the most popular items, and are evolving in their many different features. In this review, we have taken the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip Lite Global International Version Smartwatch, that is trendy and high in quality. This smartwatch is attractive in [...]

Elegant Women Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Smartband


A few years ago we’ve been introduced to fitness trackers and since then those have become significant parts of both man and women life. In larger part they are minimalist or sport-like designed, with monochrome dark colors and simple futuristic lines. However, a new trend of jewelry-like smart watches has recently arisen in Asian countries. [...]

Y18 Women Sports Smart Bracelet Waterproof Smartband


In the following review you are going to meet an unusual fitness trekker that allows a lady to maintain a classic look while sneakily checking how many calories she had burnt at her training. Y18 Women Sports Smart Bracelet Dynamic Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitoring Waterproof Smartband is a new way of embodying a fitness trekker. Y18 Sports [...]

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2


We are all used to using our mobile devices on the daily basis for many different reasons. However, not always do we want to have our hands busy with it. For that purpose, and many other, people turn to purchasing smartwatches. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 English Version. This Xiaomi [...]

Waterproof Smartwatch Huawei Honor Zero Smart Watch


All those who are engaged in an active lifestyle, just need an assistant who would monitor their motion and will tell when you need a little bit rest. A multi-functional gadget has been observed in this review, the Original Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch IP68 Waterproof Dustproof Smartwatch. Original Huawei Honor Zero Smart Watch is offered in [...]

Huawei Honor Smart Bracelet Health Monitor Smartband


Many of us try to stay lively throughout the day, but it is hard to track our activity status. In this review, we will take a look at a gadget called a smart bracelet with many different functions that will help you to live an energetic and healthy lifestyle, regulate certain things, and also help motivate you and your friends in achieving goals. [...]

HUAWEI B3 Smart Bracelet Earphone Design Smartband


Smartbands are extremely convenient for those who live an active lifestyle, or want to improve in that. They help track different parameters and activities, for accurate data, improvement and motivation. In this review, we are going to observe the HUAWEI B3 Smart Bracelet Functional Earphone Design Smartband. This smartband is offered in two [...]

Blood Oxygen Sleep Heart Rate Monitoring Smartwatch


Everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle, watches his figure, monitors the work of his heart and wants to improve qualitatively and quantitatively his life activities, sooner or later, needs additional gadgets that would help more accurately and carefully monitor everything that we listed above and even more. In this review, we have observed such an [...]

Creative Half Circle Display Mesh Strap Men Hand Watch


Some people might argue that watches are in the past. However, while they might not be used for their primary function any more due to extensive smartphone usage, they definitely hold their position as a stylish and creative accessory. For this review, we have studied a Creative Half Circle Display Mesh Strap Men Hand Watch to provide more [...]

ZTE W01 Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch


Convenience is what everybody is expecting from electronic devices nowadays. ZTE W01 Smartwatch Professional Heart Rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch is one of such items that would provide you with an easy way to control you phone, answer calls, listen to music, track your sport activities and so much more. In this review, we would provide more [...]

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Sports Smart Watch


Smartwatches are gaining popularity, due to their convenient and nice features, and appearance. There sure is a variety of all types, and in this review, we are going to take a look at the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Sports Smart Watch. Xiaomi Huami Amazafit 2 Smartwatch Sports Smart Watch is offered in the stylish and bold black color. [...]

Lenovo Cardio Plus Smart Band Health Monitor Wristband


If you like to play sports, live an active healthy lifestyle and love to monitor your health, you definitely need a device to help you do so. In this review, we are going to observe the Lenovo Cardio Plus Waterproof Smartband Heart Rate Sleep Health Monitor Smart Wristband. This device will allow you to be in constant control over your health, [...]

NO.1 S9 Heart Rate Health Monitor Outdoor Smart Watch


In this review let’s take a look at the budget outdoor smartwatch – NO.1 S9 Heart Rate and Health Monitoring Smart Watch. Speaking of the main features, this waterproof Smartwatch gadget is much alike other brand’s watches with a round display and two buttons on the side. On the left side there’s a little USB port (unlike a [...]

NO.1 F6 Smartwatch Heart Rate monitor Sports Watch


Smart fitness personal tackers help gain more control over your NEAT (non exercise activity time), sleep and heart rate. NO.1 F6 Waterproof Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Sports Smart Watch is one of that type gizmos, yet in a rather unusual form of a watch, unlike the all-over-known bands. Well, in today’s review we’ll look over, how [...]

NO.1 F5 Smartwatch Health Monitoring Outdoor Sports Watch


Smart sports watches are kinda of elder – and bigger – brothers of fitness tracking bands. In the following review we explore an example of those, the NO.1 F5 Smartwatch Health Monitoring Android and iOS Compatible Outdoor Sports Watch. If you are an avid outdoor entrepreneur or a fan of No.1 brand, then definitely check out this new [...]

Best Budget Watch – Tevise Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch


Unusual watches have come back into trend not only for telling time, but as an accessory. Men and women of all ages search for watches depending on their preference and liking. In this review, we have taken a close look at a Automatic Mechanical Watch for men, the Tevise 8378 – best seller budget watch. This mechanical watch is extremely [...]

Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band


Living an active lifestyle and tracking our health has become more and more popular. There are many different devices that can help do so, but one of the greatest and in trend is a fitness smartband. Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band is one that we have taken a look at for this review. Cf007 smartband is stylish and [...]

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Smartwatch Phone


Technology is advancing with new gadgets and accessories. ASUS has developed the ZenWatch 2 smartwatch, that is high quality and stylish smart watch Phone. The price of it is affordable and we have reviewed this smartwatch for readers. The Asus ZenWatch 2 has a unique design, that looks great and trendy on any wrist. First of all, it is offered in [...]

Sunroad Outdoor Functional Digital Watch


Watches are used by many simply as an accessory to an outfit. What is even better, when the watch also has many other specifications and features to offer. For this review, we have taken a close look at the Sunroad Outdoor Functional Digital Watch. This digital watch provides with a wide option of different colors. It is offered in Blue, Golden, [...]

iOS Compatible TenFifteen Sports Smartwatch Phone


Smartwatches are growing in popularity by the day. People want to invest in a high quality pair for themselves and their close one, in order to enjoy all of the great features that it has to offer. Some smartwatches can be on the higher end in pricing, while others that are lower tend to fall in quality. For this review, we have observed a high [...]

Powerful and Durable Watch Phone – Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone


More and more people are purchasing smartwatches for themselves and as gifts for their loved ones. There is a wide variety of different watches, in all shapes and sizes, colors and price ranges. In this review, we have chosen to take a look at the Powerful and Durable Watch Phone – Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone. This smartwatch has a typical [...]

Perfect Personal Health Tracker Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet


Following different trends is something that we all want to do, especially if they are also very convenient. Smart bands have become an item that everyone wants to purchase, due to the great characteristics and features that they have to offer. Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet for iOS and Android Phones is a perfect personal health tracker, and affordable [...]