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ZTE W01 Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch


Convenience is what everybody is expecting from electronic devices nowadays. ZTE W01 Smartwatch Professional Heart Rate Health Monitoring Smart Watch is one of such items that would provide you with an easy way to control you phone, answer calls, listen to music, track your sport activities and so much more. In this review, we would provide more [...]

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Sports Smart Watch


Smartwatches are gaining popularity, due to their convenient and nice features, and appearance. There sure is a variety of all types, and in this review, we are going to take a look at the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch 2 Sports Smart Watch. Xiaomi Huami Amazafit 2 Smartwatch Sports Smart Watch is offered in the stylish and bold black color. [...]

Lenovo Cardio Plus Smart Band Health Monitor Wristband


If you like to play sports, live an active healthy lifestyle and love to monitor your health, you definitely need a device to help you do so. In this review, we are going to observe the Lenovo Cardio Plus Waterproof Smartband Heart Rate Sleep Health Monitor Smart Wristband. This device will allow you to be in constant control over your health, [...]

NO.1 S9 Heart Rate Health Monitor Outdoor Smart Watch


In this review let’s take a look at the budget outdoor smartwatch – NO.1 S9 Heart Rate and Health Monitoring Smart Watch. Speaking of the main features, this waterproof Smartwatch gadget is much alike other brand’s watches with a round display and two buttons on the side. On the left side there’s a little USB port (unlike a [...]

NO.1 F6 Smartwatch Heart Rate monitor Sports Watch


Smart fitness personal tackers help gain more control over your NEAT (non exercise activity time), sleep and heart rate. NO.1 F6 Waterproof Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Sports Smart Watch is one of that type gizmos, yet in a rather unusual form of a watch, unlike the all-over-known bands. Well, in today’s review we’ll look over, how [...]

NO.1 F5 Smartwatch Health Monitoring Outdoor Sports Watch


Smart sports watches are kinda of elder – and bigger – brothers of fitness tracking bands. In the following review we explore an example of those, the NO.1 F5 Smartwatch Health Monitoring Android and iOS Compatible Outdoor Sports Watch. If you are an avid outdoor entrepreneur or a fan of No.1 brand, then definitely check out this new [...]

Best Budget Watch – Tevise Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch


Unusual watches have come back into trend not only for telling time, but as an accessory. Men and women of all ages search for watches depending on their preference and liking. In this review, we have taken a close look at a Automatic Mechanical Watch for men, the Tevise 8378 – best seller budget watch. This mechanical watch is extremely [...]

Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band


Living an active lifestyle and tracking our health has become more and more popular. There are many different devices that can help do so, but one of the greatest and in trend is a fitness smartband. Cf007 Smart Fitness Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band is one that we have taken a look at for this review. Cf007 smartband is stylish and [...]

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Smartwatch Phone


Technology is advancing with new gadgets and accessories. ASUS has developed the ZenWatch 2 smartwatch, that is high quality and stylish smart watch Phone. The price of it is affordable and we have reviewed this smartwatch for readers. The Asus ZenWatch 2 has a unique design, that looks great and trendy on any wrist. First of all, it is offered in [...]

Sunroad Outdoor Functional Digital Watch


Watches are used by many simply as an accessory to an outfit. What is even better, when the watch also has many other specifications and features to offer. For this review, we have taken a close look at the Sunroad Outdoor Functional Digital Watch. This digital watch provides with a wide option of different colors. It is offered in Blue, Golden, [...]

iOS Compatible TenFifteen Sports Smartwatch Phone


Smartwatches are growing in popularity by the day. People want to invest in a high quality pair for themselves and their close one, in order to enjoy all of the great features that it has to offer. Some smartwatches can be on the higher end in pricing, while others that are lower tend to fall in quality. For this review, we have observed a high [...]

Powerful and Durable Watch Phone – Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone


More and more people are purchasing smartwatches for themselves and as gifts for their loved ones. There is a wide variety of different watches, in all shapes and sizes, colors and price ranges. In this review, we have chosen to take a look at the Powerful and Durable Watch Phone – Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone. This smartwatch has a typical [...]

Perfect Personal Health Tracker Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet


Following different trends is something that we all want to do, especially if they are also very convenient. Smart bands have become an item that everyone wants to purchase, due to the great characteristics and features that they have to offer. Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet for iOS and Android Phones is a perfect personal health tracker, and affordable [...]

Most Trendy Smartwatch Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch Phone


Watches of all kinds have come back into trend. People of all ages used them not only to tell time, but also as a fashion statement. However, there are also many different smart watches on the market, that provide with some of the most convenient and outstanding features. Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch is one of the most trendy smartwatch devices, we [...]

HUAWEI Honor Band 3 Smartband Heart Rate Monitor


In the vicious cycle of today’s life you’re constantly stuck to he chair in front of laptop, lacking good sleep and undergoing huge stress. You start feeling miserable, sometimes not even understanding what the culprit is and how to track it. Well, that are shortness of physical activity, bad sleep and poor control of cardiovascular [...]

Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Steel Smart Watch


There are many different trendy gadgets, and one of the most popular these days are smart watches. Smart watches have many different features that attract people of all ages into becoming owners of them. We have observed the CF006 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Steel Smart Watch in 2 versions (Black leather band and Silver Steel band), and many other [...]

Perfect Health Tracker NO.1 F4 Heart Rate Smartband


Smart bands have grown tremendously in popularity these past couple of years. Mostly due to their very convenient and fun features. There are many different price ranges of Health Tracker Smart Bands , and in this review, we have looked at a very affordable one, NO.1 F4 Heart Rate Smartband. We would like to start off with the fact that this band [...]

AllCall W1 Heart Rate Monitor 3G Smartwatch Phone


Smart watches are attaining popularity and are growing on the market by the day. Many different companies and brands have come out with their own smart watch, however, for this review, we will take a close look at the AllCall W1 Heart Rate Monitor 3G Smartwatch Phone. This smart watch is offered in a silver or gray color, and in our opinion, is [...]

Functional Multi-Use Sports Watch For Outdoor


Many men of all ages enjoy spending their free time camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and much more in the nature. When out in the wild, many of us prefer not to bring along our mobile devices, especially since often there is no service. However, we need a device that will allow us to tell time, and other information as well. With that being said, [...]

Best Kids Smartwatch i9 Anti-Lost Smart Watch Phone


Smart watches have become a big trend these days. They are stylish and very convenient for everyday use. They have many wonderful features, besides the time telling. We have reviewed a great Smart Watch Phone for kids, the i9 Anti-Lost Smartwatch phone, that we would like to let readers know more about one of the best gadgets. To begin with, this [...]