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Best Blood Pressure Heart Rate Smart Watch


Health is something that we would not be able to live without! It is important to live a healthy and active lifestyle to function properly every single day! Monitoring your health is an important step, and one item that we could recommend to you is CF006 Smart Wristband. CF006 OLED Blood Pressure Waterproof Heart Rate Smart Watch Buy it Now This [...]

Best Fitness Tracker for Heart Rate and Blood Pressure


Sometimes, a person leading an active lifestyle likes to keep track of his (or her) activities. Thankfully, we have wearables – functional gadgets that collect various data and transmit it to a smartphone. If you’re into sports, you have a vast choice: there are multi-purpose smartwatches for bigger prices or simple fitness trackers with basic [...]

Huawei Honor Band 3 Fitness Tracker and Smart Home Devices


Recently we’ve written about Honor 9 – the smartphone that has just been announced by Huawei. Along with the smartphone, Huawei introduced a few other interesting devices at its recent presentation. Here is a short review of all of them. Honor Band 3 – the third instalment of the company’s fitness tracker. The new version features a [...]

Stylish Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band in Classic Design


If you’re a bit familiar with Apple Watch, you know that these devices don’t really have a classic design. These smartwatches look very modern and sporty which suits active people very well. Plus, Apple makes a lot of different bands for its smartwatches. The Cupertino company offers numerous options but most of them are made of either plastic [...]

Samsung Health Device S-Patch Will Launch Soon


Although Samsung is already a big name on the wearable market with its Gear line-up, the company has a few more aces up its sleeves. During CES 2016, Samsung demonstrated the prototype of a very interesting health wearable device called S-Patch. The gadget has already gone through the certification process, which tells us that its mass production [...]

Wearables for Health are Not That Good Measuring Calories


Wearable gadgets are supposed to work well health trackers. For example, one of their “specialties”, apart from monitoring heart rate, counting steps and tracking sleep, is the ability to measure burned calories. Not everybody really uses that feature and manufacturers have never claimed absolute accuracy of such measurements. But now, there [...]

Water Resistant Smartwatch that Withstands Any Weather


Exercising outdoors always requires smart devices with better protection. Of course, a drizzle won’t make you stay at home but even the slightest amount of moisture can be a hardship for a smartwatch. That’s why the company No.1 unveiled a new smartwatch called G9 which is suitable for both outside activities and training in water. The watch [...]

Apple Will Fit Its Smartwatches with Sleep Tracking


Apple Watch is obviously good for keeping track of physical activities and trainings. Unfortunately, this device has a bit of a flaw – it can’t track your activity around the clock. The watch needs to be charged very often and it’s not programmed to track sleep. However, there are solutions for Apple from third-party developers. In fact, the [...]

Garmin Quatix 5 – Smartwatch for Marine Fans


Most smartwatches and other wearables are designed for use on land. Some models are protected by the IP68 standard but they wouldn’t survive marine adventures. Garmin decided to fix this and created a smartwatch for those who don’t imagine their life without water. The device is called Quatix 5 and it supports various types of marine [...]

Apple Is a New Leader on Wearable Market


Although Apple is very secretive about Apple Watch sales, it’s still possible to make an approximate picture of what is happening thanks to many analysts. Recently, Strategy Analytics shared a fresh piece of information which says that Apple sold 3.5 million smart watches in Q1 2017. Consequently, the Cupertino company returned a leading [...]

Acer Presented Its First Smartwatch and VR-camera


During the conference Acer@Next, Acer unveiled a lot of brand-new devices and some of them weren’t laptops. In fact, the company presented its first smartwatch and a VR-camera. The smartwatch got the name Leap Ware and it’s positioned as a fitness gadget. That’s why, aside from step counting and sleep tracking, it can measure more [...]

Fake Apple Watch Produced in China


There are millions of different devices on the market but not all of them are made “with honesty”. In fact, 2.5% of all ICT products are counterfeit, so it’s quite possible to come across a fake mobile phone, for example. Still, there are segments that are relatively unexplored by “fakers” and one of them is wearable. This market has [...]

Papr Watch – First Wearable Made of Tyvek


In case regular or smart watches aren’t in your taste, the German company Paprcuts Gang came up with an interesting alternative – it released a relatively cheap but definitely unusual device called Papr Watch. Basically, it’s a wearable but it’s made of Tyvek – the durable, high-density, synthetic polyethylene fibre produced by DuPont. [...]

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch – Functional Smart Watch


AMAZFIT Xiaomi SmartWatch, IP 67 Waterproof and Heart Rate Sensor Buy it Now Although smartwatches are gradually becoming fashion accessories, many people buy them for their functionality. Some people enjoy seamless integration with a smartphone while others use smartwatches because of their activity tracking abilities. Fitness enthusiasts love [...]

Fitness Tracker with Minimalistic Design and Great Functionality


Activity trackers by Misfit are known for their simple design. But despite being quite modest in terms of looks, these devices pack impressive functionality. Just a few days, Misfit launched the latest device called Misfit Flare. This tracker “inherits” the same minimalistic design as its predecessors. Still, Flare has everything to become [...]

Garmin Introduced Vivosmart 3


A famous wearable maker Garmin released its new fitness tracker Vivosmart 3. The device has all features from two previous generations: compact size and the display come from the original Vivosmart, while a heart rate sensor is taken from Vivosmart HR. Besides, the third edition has its own distinctive features, for example, the data tracking [...]

Android Wear 2.0 Release Is Delayed


The presentation of the latest smartwatch operating system from Google took place almost a year ago. This February, Google finally announced that Android Wear 2.0 comes out for sure. Two months later, we see that only a few smartwatch models were able to get the update. Google didn’t provide any comments on the situation. It turns out that the [...]

NOWA Shaper – the World’s Thinnest Smartwatch


The smartwatch market offers a wide selection of devices for customers with various preferences. If you’re concerned about fashion, there are smartwatches from such brands as Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger; if you’re looking for a sports smartwatch, you might want to check out Garmin and you want functionality, there’s no better choice than [...]

This Smartwatch Can Charge Up Other Mobile Devices


Battery time isn’t the strongest suit of most modern smartphones. Plus, if it’s connected to a smartwatch and constantly exchanges data with it, battery time decreases even more. But this problem can be solved with the smartwatch Uvolt. This smartwatch can hardly even be called smart: it doesn’t sync with a smartphone, show notifications or [...]

Zeblaze Thor Smartwatch Is as Powerful as Smartphone


Most smartwatches can’t boast powerful software inside them. Usually, there’s enough for displaying notifications and other simple tasks. However, there are a few models that can be even compared with smartphones. One of them is Thor by Zeblaze which just came out. The watch is really equipped like a budget smartphone. First of all, it runs on [...]