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Heart Rate Monitor Watch Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker


The market for wearable tech continues to explode and find new niches. The consumer wearables market includes smart watches, fitness and health trackers, glasses, smart jewelry and more. And all of these gadgets are making a tsunami of data, the implications of which we’re only starting to understand. Below is the review of a rather [...]

Stylish Smart Band for Sports Functional Smart Wristband


Did you know that in 2015 just under 50 million wearable devices were shipped from Asia all over the world, yet by 2019 this number will be over 125 million units? We are all different, hence producers constantly need to innovate with new options to satisfy the growing and spoiled needs. Stylish Smart Band for Sports Trasense I8 Functional Smart [...]

Leader of the Wearable Market – Xiaomi Smart Watches


Here is brief review of the wearable market. A couple of days ago, Apple reported its revenues in Q2 2017. From the report we learned that the Cupertino company sold thirty million Apple Watches in these period of time. The number may seem quite massive but it wasn’t enough to become the leader of the wearable market. This information came from [...]

Best Heart Rate Monitor Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker


Having already reviewed multiple fitness trackers, we learned that it’s not very hard to find an affordable but functional device on the market. However, there is a gadget that can be truly named the ultimate fitness tracker – Xiaomi MiBand. The first version is still quite popular but for this review, we have the second generation of the [...]

Fitness Smart Watch for Android Long Standby Wristband


Most smartwatches hardly surprise us now. Of course, there are expensive models from world-famous brands but many other smartwatches have a pretty standard set of characteristics. But still, what if you’ve just started your active lifestyle and looking for something simple and stylish that you won’t have to charge every other day? In this [...]

About Samsung Gear Fit 3


Apart from many other top-notch devices, Samsung has quite functional wearables. The Gear smartwatches and Gear Fit fitness trackers are pricy, but they offer excellent features for all active people. Now, a new member Gear Fit 3 is coming to the Samsung family. And here is a brief review. According to PhoneArena, Samsung is really working on a [...]

Best Outdoor Smartwatch Multifunctional Smart Watch


Usually, smartwatches are used for basic fitness tasks, like counting steps, calories or distance. But if you’re serious about your sporting habits, you need a more functional device. In fact, there are quite affordable outdoor smartwatches with great versatility, and one of the best is North Edge Range multifunctional Smart Watch. Here’s our [...]

Fashionable Fitness Tracker Sport Smart Wristband


When we start doing some physical activities, like running, yoga or fitness, we like to see the progress and results. Thankfully, modern wearables can help with that. There are a lot of devices with fitness tracking features. Plus, some of them are quite cheap and popular, for example L38i Sport Smart Wristband. Today, we’re reviewing this [...]

First FitBit Smartwatch


If we talk about the most popular wearable brands, FitBit instantly springs to mind. The company is famous for its functional fitness trackers. However, FitBit never actually made a full-fledged smartwatch. There were a lot of rumours about this device but it never came to the release. Nevertheless, according to the latest information, FitBit will [...]

GPS Kids Smartwatch Safety Tracking Wristband


Have you ever been in a situation when your children aren’t home, when it’s already too late, and they don’t have any phones? In order to avoid panicking in these situations, the children should wear GPS trackers – compact wearables that look like watches. Now, we’re about to review GPS kids smartwatch for safety – Q50 Smart Anti-Lost [...]

Anti-Lost Smartwatch for Kids GPS Tracker


As parents, we always care about the safety of our children. That’s why if they don’t come back home in the evening, we start to worry. Thankfully, modern gadgets can solve this problem. One of the simplest ways to ensure safety of your kids is a GPS tracker. Today, we’re reviewing Anti-Lost Smartwatch for kids. Anti-Lost Smartwatch GPS [...]

Driver Safety Gadget


Every year, more than 300,000 accidents occur on the roads, the main cause of which is the fatigue of drivers behind the wheel. Approximately in 25% of cases the driver simply falls asleep, which leads to very tragic consequences. That’s why the Latvian company Creative Mode decided to create the STEER bracelet having launched it on [...]

Smart Health Bracelet Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband


Technologies take an important place in our lives because they are multifunctional and make our routine easier. So no wonder that smart bracelets are becoming more popular. That’s because people want to know not only information about the devices but about their own health and condition as well. Study the review of this smart health bracelet P1 [...]

Smart Sport Wristband P1 Fitness Tracker


Choosing a fitness tracker can be a bit difficult considering how many of them there are on the market. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, there are great devices from Garmin, FitBit or Withings. As for affordable options, we’re about to review one now – Smart Sport Wristband P1 Fitness Tracker. This tracker seems like a pretty standard [...]

Smart Fitness Watch Health Monitor Smartwatch


Many of us search for a classy looking smartwatch that can fill out many functions and be a health tracker as well. For this reason, in this review we have looked at an item that will do all that and more. This smart fitness watch LW03 Health Monitor Smartwatch comes in three classic and at the same time neutral colors: Silver, Gold, and Black. [...]

Apple Watch 3: Release Date, Specs


Right now, Apple still retains the top spot on the smartwatch market thanks to its Apple Watches. However, most fans are eagerly waiting for new releases. After all, Apple Watch Series 2 was more popular than the first edition, and people expect even more from the next device. Thankfully, it seems like the anticipation will be over soon. According [...]

Smart Health Watch Android Wear SmartWatch


Smart watches are also progressing and their are plenty of them on the market already. However, not all of them are of high quality and are worth the money. In this review we have looked at a smartwatch that is receiving positive feedbacks from other users. This smart health watch Z01 Android Wear Smartwatch is offered in two neutral and well [...]

Hiking Wrist Watch Functional Outdoor Watch


When we are camping, hiking, traveling, and spending time outdoors it is important to have convenient items with us. We have reviewed an Hiking Wrist Watch Functional Outdoor Watch, that is that and more. This FOX8 outdoor sports watch is a stylish item for all nature lovers. It is offered to buyers in three different color options: Black, Orange, [...]

Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch Sports SmartWatch


There are many different types of smartwatches on the market today. It can be hard to find the right pair, and one that will fit our criteria. However, we have reviewed a Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch that is receiving positive feedbacks. This U10 Sports SmartWatch is offered to buyers in several color options: Black, White and Silver. [...]

Waterproof Fitness Tracker Round Sports SmartWatch


It is very important to track our activity and live an active lifestyle. This will help keep our health up. For more convenience, we have reviewed an item that will help in all that. The E07 waterproof smart Fitness Tracker round Sports Smartwatch has many wonderful features. First of all it’s compatible with Android and IOS system. This [...]