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Acer Presented Its First Smartwatch and VR-camera


During the conference Acer@Next, Acer unveiled a lot of brand-new devices and some of them weren’t laptops. In fact, the company presented its first smartwatch and a VR-camera. The smartwatch got the name Leap Ware and it’s positioned as a fitness gadget. That’s why, aside from step counting and sleep tracking, it can measure more [...]

Papr Watch – First Wearable Made of Tyvek


In case regular or smart watches aren’t in your taste, the German company Paprcuts Gang came up with an interesting alternative – it released a relatively cheap but definitely unusual device called Papr Watch. Basically, it’s a wearable but it’s made of Tyvek – the durable, high-density, synthetic polyethylene fibre produced by DuPont. [...]

Affordable and Functional Smartwatch for Runners


Although smartwatches are gradually becoming fashion accessories, many people buy them for their functionality. Some people enjoy seamless integration with a smartphone while others use smartwatches because of their activity tracking abilities. Fitness enthusiasts love such devices and the feeling is mutual. That’s why we see many smartwatches [...]

Fitness Tracker with Minimalistic Design and Great Functionality


Activity trackers by Misfit are known for their simple design. But despite being quite modest in terms of looks, these devices pack impressive functionality. Just a few days, Misfit launched the latest device called Misfit Flare. This tracker “inherits” the same minimalistic design as its predecessors. Still, Flare has everything to become [...]

Garmin Introduced Vivosmart 3


A famous wearable maker Garmin released its new fitness tracker Vivosmart 3. The device has all features from two previous generations: compact size and the display come from the original Vivosmart, while a heart rate sensor is taken from Vivosmart HR. Besides, the third edition has its own distinctive features, for example, the data tracking [...]

Android Wear 2.0 Release Is Delayed


The presentation of the latest smartwatch operating system from Google took place almost a year ago. This February, Google finally announced that Android Wear 2.0 comes out for sure. Two months later, we see that only a few smartwatch models were able to get the update. Google didn’t provide any comments on the situation. It turns out that the [...]

NOWA Shaper – the World’s Thinnest Smartwatch


The smartwatch market offers a wide selection of devices for customers with various preferences. If you’re concerned about fashion, there are smartwatches from such brands as Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger; if you’re looking for a sports smartwatch, you might want to check out Garmin and you want functionality, there’s no better choice than [...]

This Smartwatch Can Charge Up Other Mobile Devices


Battery time isn’t the strongest suit of most modern smartphones. Plus, if it’s connected to a smartwatch and constantly exchanges data with it, battery time decreases even more. But this problem can be solved with the smartwatch Uvolt. This smartwatch can hardly even be called smart: it doesn’t sync with a smartphone, show notifications or [...]

Zeblaze Thor Smartwatch Is as Powerful as Smartphone


Most smartwatches can’t boast powerful software inside them. Usually, there’s enough for displaying notifications and other simple tasks. However, there are a few models that can be even compared with smartphones. One of them is Thor by Zeblaze which just came out. The watch is really equipped like a budget smartphone. First of all, it runs on [...]

Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, Smartwatches from Top Fashion Brands


The wearable market is a promising field not only for tech companies but also for fashion brands. Just like regular watches, smartwatches became trendy accessories and they must match the style of the person. That’s why we’ve been recently witnessing an interesting trend when big fashion names are presenting their own wearables, whereas tech [...]

Adapter to restore Apple Watch


If you have some problems with software on iPhone or iPad, it’s possible to connect them to a computer and restore everything. Unfortunately, it can’t be done with Apple Watch. They are updated via wireless networks and you’ll have to bring them to a service centre in case something wrong happens. But MFC found another solution. It’s [...]

Montblanc Premium Smartwatch Came Out


A few days ago TAG Heuer released their new smartwatch Modular Connected 45 with impressive characteristics and equally impressive price of $1650. Smartwatches have already become fashion accessories, which makes companies with different specialisations turn to technology. As a result, Modular Connected 45 has now a serious contender on the market [...]

Tag Heuer Modular Smartwatch Officially Introduced


Tag Heuer presented one of the most interesting smartwatches on the market – Connected Modular 45. Just like the previous original version, this one was designed in cooperation with Intel. It is powered by the Intel Atom Z34XX processor. Plus, the smartwatch runs on the latest Android Wear 2.0. The main feature of this smartwatch is its modular [...]

Apple Watch – Recipe for Success


Apple is still quite reluctant about sharing sales numbers of Apple Watch. The best that company told us was the fact that Q4 2016 was the most successful quarter for Apple Watch on the wearable market. But what are the reasons? While Apple doesn’t reveal anything, we can address to analysts from IDC. According to their estimations, Apple was [...]

Smartwatches Take Serious Positions on the Market


Smartwatches – are they really turning into mass-scale devices? This question has been vital since they appeared on the market for the first time. Initially, smartwatches only had fitness tracking abilities and limited app functionality. That’s why most people failed to see any use in them. Plus, they could hardly be called stylish [...]

Huawei Watch 2 Coming to MWC 2017


In early February, Huawei hinted that the company will be focused not only on smartphones during MWC 2017. Apart from P10 and P10 Plus smartphones, they were preparing the second generation of Huawei Watch. According to the latest information, the device is currently ready to be released. However, Huawei anticipated the launch of Android Wear 2.0 [...]

Apple Watch 3 – Rumours


The second generation of Apple Watches was released in 2016 but Apple is already thinking about the next edition. And of course, the Internet is already full of rumours. According to DigiTimes, Apple Watch 3 will feature completely new displays. The current generation of these smartwatches have a screen based on the Touch-On-Lens technology. [...]

Android Wear 2.0 Officially Presented


All smartwatch fans have something to be truly excited about – Google officially introduced a new version of their operating system – Android Wear 2.0. This is the biggest update of this OS since 2014 when the first Android Wear came out. Second edition of Android Wear has many novelties: Clock faces can be scrolled just like home screens on a [...]

Smartwatches, New Technologies


Most modern smartwatches are fitted with touchscreen displays, so people operate them with their fingers. However, scientists from Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA came up with a whole set of alternatives that could be used in future smartwatches. The group of researchers was experimenting on LG and Sony devices using various methods, [...]

Kronaby Smartwatch with Super-Long Battery Time


Battery time is one of the main problems with modern smartwatches. No matter if it’s an AppleWatch or an Android Wear device, most of them work for only a couple of days. Plus, all these smartwatches are often used as fitness trackers, which also reduces the battery time. That’s why the search for a long-lasting smartwatch continues. [...]