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Perfect Personal Health Tracker Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet


Following different trends is something that we all want to do, especially if they are also very convenient. Smart bands have become an item that everyone wants to purchase, due to the great characteristics and features that they have to offer. Huawei B3 Smart Bracelet for iOS and Android Phones is a perfect personal health tracker, and affordable [...]

Most Trendy Smartwatch Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch Phone


Watches of all kinds have come back into trend. People of all ages used them not only to tell time, but also as a fashion statement. However, there are also many different smart watches on the market, that provide with some of the most convenient and outstanding features. Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch is one of the most trendy smartwatch devices, we [...]

HUAWEI Honor Band 3 Smartband Heart Rate Monitor


In the vicious cycle of today’s life you’re constantly stuck to he chair in front of laptop, lacking good sleep and undergoing huge stress. You start feeling miserable, sometimes not even understanding what the culprit is and how to track it. Well, that are shortness of physical activity, bad sleep and poor control of cardiovascular [...]

Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Steel Smart Watch


There are many different trendy gadgets, and one of the most popular these days are smart watches. Smart watches have many different features that attract people of all ages into becoming owners of them. We have observed the CF006 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Steel Smart Watch in 2 versions (Black leather band and Silver Steel band), and many other [...]

Perfect Health Tracker NO.1 F4 Heart Rate Smartband


Smart bands have grown tremendously in popularity these past couple of years. Mostly due to their very convenient and fun features. There are many different price ranges of Health Tracker Smart Bands , and in this review, we have looked at a very affordable one, NO.1 F4 Heart Rate Smartband. We would like to start off with the fact that this band [...]

AllCall W1 Heart Rate Monitor 3G Smartwatch Phone


Smart watches are attaining popularity and are growing on the market by the day. Many different companies and brands have come out with their own smart watch, however, for this review, we will take a close look at the AllCall W1 Heart Rate Monitor 3G Smartwatch Phone. This smart watch is offered in a silver or gray color, and in our opinion, is [...]

Functional Multi-Use Sports Watch For Outdoor


Many men of all ages enjoy spending their free time camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and much more in the nature. When out in the wild, many of us prefer not to bring along our mobile devices, especially since often there is no service. However, we need a device that will allow us to tell time, and other information as well. With that being said, [...]

Best Kids Smartwatch i9 Anti-Lost Smart Watch Phone


Smart watches have become a big trend these days. They are stylish and very convenient for everyday use. They have many wonderful features, besides the time telling. We have reviewed a great Smart Watch Phone for kids, the i9 Anti-Lost Smartwatch phone, that we would like to let readers know more about one of the best gadgets. To begin with, this [...]

Best Multifunction Outdoor Digital Mountaineering Watch


Watches is an item that has gained back its popularity, and more and more people of all ages are starting to purchase them for many different reasons. Many people that spend time outdoors, have started buying mountaineering watches that have many convenient features. We too wanted to share with our readers, one of the best watches for travel that [...]

New Xiaomi Amazfit Heart Rate Smart Band


In order to have the best health possible, it is important that we have a way to track it. As well all know, our health is one of the most vital things in our life. In order to help you keep it up, and control it at all times, we have taken a look at the new Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Band MI Fitness Tracker Health Smartband. Here’s review. To [...]

Lemfo LEM5 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Phone


Smart watches have become at the top of the list of trends these past couple of seasons. They have many convenient features, that combine a watch accessory with the world of technology. We too have overviewed a smart watch, the Lemfo LEM5 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Phone that we have enjoyed, and would like to share review. To begin with, this [...]

LG K7i Smartphone – First Phone that Scares Away Mosquitoes


LG introduced an unusual smartphone LG K7i with a very practical distinctive feature – the phone supports the technology Mosquito Away which repels mosquitoes. This technology is also used in some other LG products, like TVs or air conditioners. The smartphone, released specifically for the Indian market, uses ultrasound which comes from special [...]

Lunar – First Smartwatch Powered by Light


The biggest problem of most modern smartwatches is battery time – it’s too small. Their performance pales to utter insignificance compared to regular, classic watches. But everything can change with a new gadget just launched on Kickstarter. It’s called Lunar and it is world’s first smartwatch powered by light. Although there are some [...]

Skagen – Smallest Hybrid Smartwatch for Women


Normally, wearables have pretty common sizes without taking much space on your wrist and not looking too big on it. Still, it’s possible to find interesting devices which stand out of the whole wearable market. There is a great example now – the Danish brand Skagen introduced a new smartwatch called Signatur T-Bar Hybrid Smartwatch. The device [...]

Coupon Deals Best Budget Fitness Tracker Promo Discount Code


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for best budget Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor ID107 PLUS HR Smart Bluetooth Watch, Call Reminder Pedometer Remote Camera Sedentary Alert Sleep Tracker Anti-lost. The coupon code promo and Flash Sale Direct Discount period can be prolonged [...]

Mi Band 2 Updated Version Xiaomi Mi Band 2 HRX Edition


Follow the Blog to be informed first when Xiaomi Mi Band 2 HRX Edition will be available for purchase online. As you may know, Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers are hugely popular all over the world. The original Mi Band became a best-seller while the second edition only solidified Xiaomi positions on the market. There were a lot of rumours about Mi [...]

Coupon Deals NO.1 F4 Smartband Promo Discount Code


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for NO.1 F4 Heart Rate Smartband IP68 Waterproof Sedentary Reminder Remote Camera Fitness Tracker. Get discount using Coupon Code: GBCE For the product on Flash Sale can’t apply coupon, but it will depend on promotion deal conditions (apply coupon [...]

Best Fitness Tracker Xiaomi Amazfit Midong Health Smart Band


Usually, people buy fitness trackers in order to lead a more active lifestyle and get fitter. Apart from that, these devices can be quite helpful as your personal health assistants keeping track of various processes in your organism. What’s even better is that you don’t have to buy a super-expensive gadget to collect all this information [...]

Wearable Market 2017


Wearable devices are a rare market segment that was continuously growing since its appearance. The market is usually divided into two parts: simple wearables (fitness trackers) and smartwatches. Normally, both parts are more or less successful. But all good things come to an end – according to the recent report from IDC, the sales of simple [...]

Fitness Tracker Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart Wristband


Among numerous fitness devices on the market, fitness trackers have the biggest demand. It’s not surprising – they are compact, functional and easy to use. Plus, it’s not hard to find a suitable device for an affordable price. And that’s what we did – we picked a Fitness Tracker for all active people – Lenovo HW02 Heart Rate Smart [...]