World’s First Smart Pedestrian Crossing

World’s First Smart Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossings are a common thing in all world cities – they indicate where it’s allowed to cross the street. But in our modern time, even roads are getting smarter. As a result, we see a lot of innovation on streets. One of them was recently introduced by the British insurance company Direct Line, it created world’s first smart pedestrian crossings – Smart Zebra.

The innovation, developed by Direct Line engineers, could be extremely helpful for people and their safety. The smart crossing is basically a bunch of sensors capable of detecting a pedestrian on it and warning a driver about it. Apart from that, it works in reverse too – pedestrians can also be alerted of any approaching vehicles.

The crossing consists of many LEDs which work in different modes. If there’s nobody on the street, the zebra glows green but if a car approaches, it turns red. The color also changes if a pedestrian crosses the road incorrectly. Another safety feature is illumination at night, so that all pedestrians could be visible to drivers when it’s dark.

The system is still not finished but it’s entering the test phase – the first Direct Line smart pedestrian crossing was unveiled in London. Once the system proves to be effective, this innovation could appear in all modern cities.


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