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Stay Connected – Xiaomi Walkie Talkie


Spending time outdoors in the nature is way more fun and enjoyable with a great company of friends around. However, often our cellphones do not have service in the nature, but contact with our close ones is needed. For that reason, many people turn to the use of walkie talkies. In this review, we have taken a look at a great walkie talkie gadget, [...]

Million Dollars on a Small Gadget


As children, most of us liked making paper airplanes and watch them fly. Today, when we’re surrounded by technologies, even a regular paper airplane can become a bit more advanced. One American designer, named Shai Goitein, has the same idea – he created the world’s first smartphone-controlled paper airplane, which already raised a million [...]

Best Desktop Office Gadget – Floating Globe Gadget


We all want to decorate our office or home with unique gadgets. There are many different interior decorations on the market, however there are many similar in style. We have observed in this review a very interesting gadget for office or home, that we are sure will astound you and all of your close ones, the C Shape Magnetic Floating Globe World [...]

Touchscreen on Any Surface with Sony Xperia 23″ Projector


Have you ever dreamed about having a huge touchscreen tablet? Well, you can’t really find an actual tablet in this size but there are some devices which could be a great alternative, like the Sony’s new projector called Xperia Touch. This functional gadget is a mix between a projector and a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. Whenever [...]

Oculus Unveiled a New VR Headset – Oculus Go


Oculus, which belongs to the social networking company Facebook, officially introduced a new virtual reality headset, called Oculus Go. The message about the release was published in the company’s blog. The headset is described as “the simplest way to immerse in virtual reality”. Oculus representatives also mention that the [...]

DJI Introduced a Special Camera for Drones – DJI Zenmuse X7


DJI presented a camera Zenmuse X7 which was designed specifically for drones. The company assures that this is the first digital camera of its kind supporting the format Super-35. It allows using interchangeable lenses and supports the DJI Cinema Color system for making more creative shots. Because the camera is attached to a drone (in particular [...]

Best Bike Xiaomi QiCYCLE EF1 Smart Bicycle


We all enjoy a good bike ride, which helps us relax and enjoy the outdoors. Many love to take bike rides with their friends in the nature, while others even use bikes as a way of transportation in the city. It is a fast and convenient way to get to work, school or any other place, when the weather is good. Today’s review is about best bike [...]

Xiaomi Mijia Camera 4K Mini Action Camera


How nice would it be to have the opportunity to capture all of your memories from various trips and activities? However, often it is uncomfortable to carry around a digital camera. In this review we have observed the Xiaomi Mijia Camera 4K Mini Action Camera, that will allow one to capture all of life’s greatest memories. This action camera is a [...]

HP Backpack Computer for VR – Omen X Compact


In April, we wrote about an extremely peculiar device – HP Omen X, a portable computer-backpack which is also an accessory for virtual reality. The release was expected in June but HP couldn’t keep up to the schedule. Finally, the VR computer-backpack is here – HP officially opened the sales for Omen X Compact. The device works like this: [...]

New Self-Adjusting Band for Apple Watches


All fans of “Back to the Future” franchise must remember shoes and clothes that could adjust themselves to any size. Now, Nike already made such shoes but only in limited edition. Still we may seem a similar technology in another field – Apple just filed a new patent which describes self-adjusting bands for Apple Watches and other wearable [...]

Best Mute Smart Sweeping Robot ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner


We all want a clean living space, without dust, dirt and stains. However, it can be very time consuming to keep it dirt free, and to tidy it all up. To be of help to us, we all search for different vacuum cleaner and mops, and the market is full of them. To narrow down your search, we have reviewed one of the best Smart home cleaner – Super [...]

Best Portable Mini Dehumidifier Xrow 800A Air Dryer for Home


There are many parts of the world with hot and humid climate. If the climate is humid, mold and mildew can grow for the moisture that builds up inside the home. Various different bacteria, can also multiply in this type of atmosphere. In order, to make the home more dry, a dehumidifier is needed. We have reviewed the Best Portable Mini [...]

Sony Smart Home Robot 2018


The smart home market is definitely important for big companies. Some brands have entire smart home networks while others are just entering the market. For example, Sony plans to resume the production of its smart home robots. The robots won’t be ordinary – they will serve as house assistant and look like dogs. Making a robotized pet will be [...]

Home Robot Cleaner ILIFE A6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


You are probably thinking that it would be great to have a helper in the house, especially during those busy days. Keeping the house clean, can be extra hard when we are busy with our jobs, school, or close ones. In this review we have looked at the Home Robot Cleaner ILIFE A6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, that will be of great help to everyone. [...]

Samsung HMD Reality – New Samsung Mixed Reality Headset


More companies are exploring mixed reality and augmented reality. The recent example is Samsung – the Korean company introduced its first MR headset called HMD Odyssey. The device was made specifically for the Microsoft’s platform Windows Mixed Reality. The headset is equipped with two 3.5-inch displays with high definition (1600×1400) [...]

Portable Bluetooth Earbuds with Charger Box Power Bank


In order to enjoy many of our daily chores and activities, we need music. As well as that, we also need to have our hands free when talking on the phone. In order to achieve that, we all need a great pair of headphones. We have reviewed the S2 Bluetooth Earbuds that come with a portable Charger Box Power Bank, and want to share with our readers. [...]

Smart Home Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Homes and offices tend to build up plenty of dust and dirt, especially with kids, or pets around. Keeping them clean at all times, can be a hard task, especially when you are trying to fit all of that into a busy schedule. For convenience, many people prefer turning to robot vacuum cleaners for assistance. We have observed in this review a Smart [...]

New Best 360-Degree Camera GoPro Hero 6 Black Action Camera


American company GoPro just officially presented a new action camera called Hero 6 Black. Compared to the previous model, this action camera received a few improvements. The main differences are quite simple – improved photo and video quality. For example, the camera is able to shoot video in 4K with 60fps frequency and has great capabilities in [...]

Self-Flying Drone for Home Security


When setting up a home security system, people use all kinds of gadgets. But what about a personal flying guardian for your house? This will become possible with Aire – a new drone and a perfect assistant for your life. Aire combines all features of a functional security system: a surveillance camera, motion detection and noise sensors. The [...]

Latest Amazon Smart Alarm Clock


Amazon continues to expand its line-up of smart-home devices. Along with smart speakers Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show, the company has a new device now – a smart alarm clock Echo Spot. According to The Verge, the alarm clock, equipped with a small 2.5-inch display and a built-in camera, is a kind of hybrid between Echo Dot and Echo Show speakers. [...]