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8 Gadgets for Office


Today, if you ask 10 people where they work, more than a half of them will say that they have an office job. Of course, it sounds quite boring, and it often is but you can make even the most tedious job a bit more fun with gadgets. After all, people spend most of their day in the office, so it has to be equipped well to optimize your working [...]

5 Helpful Gadgets for Better Sleep


A human being spends one third of life sleeping. Although the number seems quite big, there’s nothing you can do about it because your brain stops working right without proper sleep. If you get irritated easily, you feel over-fatigued during the day and your blood pressure becomes higher, the quality of your sleep might not be that good. But [...]

Arion Smart Insoles for Runners


During Virgin Money London Marathon Expo, dedicated to various sports accessories, we saw a lot of interesting products. One of them was a pair of smart insoles Arion. This gadget can tell its owner more than personal trainer. The device is fitted with 8 different sensors for monitoring pressure and it fits any type of footwear. These smart [...]

5 Smart Gadgets for Cycling


Once the winter is gone and the weather becomes sunny again, thousands of cyclists appear on the streets. Indeed, cycling is so popular that in many cities people don’t drive cars as often as bikes. Whether you like calm rides in a park or you’re into more active biking adventures, there’s always a set of equipment that any biker must have. [...]

Codeybot – Smart Robot that Teaches Kids to Code


Our world has become digital and programmers are in demand everywhere. In the future, everything will even more technological, so our kids will live, surrounded by innovations. But what if your own kid could make a contribution into this hi-tech future? Of course, you can’t force your kids into anything but making them interested is another [...]

Dyson Announced New Smart Air Purifier


Dyson, a famous company that makes advanced household appliances like vacuums and fans, unveiled the second edition of their smart air purifier called Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier. According to Dyson’s representatives, this smart home device is an even more effective way to make air inside your house clean. The model hosts an improved [...]

Light L16 Camera with 16 Lenses Comes out This Summer


In 2015, a company Light introduced the concept of its new camera Light L16 with mind-blowing characteristics. The device was fitted with 16 different photo sensors and all of them were installed straight into its compact body. And this week, Petapixel published the photos of the final design of this camera. The images clearly show a unique design [...]

6 Functional Gadgets for Health


Every one of us is trying to live healthy but not everyone knows how to do it right. Daily physical activity, regular exercises and drinking water – these simple rules are neglected be many people. Thankfully, we have numerous gadgets today which make health monitoring much easier. Plus, they are smartphone-connected, which makes them your [...]

Smart Action Camera with Full Video Stabilization


When we talk about action cameras, one brand name comes to mind instantly – GoPro. These devices have everything for a travelling video enthusiast. Whether you’re surfing, paragliding or climbing on top of the mountain, your action camera will capture the best moments in the best quality. However, aside from GoPro, what other options do we [...]

HP VR Backpack PC Comes Out in June


Although VR industry is quite developed these days, there’s still a problem – these devices don’t provide enough mobility to users. The headsets have limited battery time and need to be connected to computers which are often plugged into power outlets. That’s why almost a year ago HP showed its solution – a VR computer-backpack called [...]

5 Innovative and Useful Gadgets for Kitchen


Today, technologies are an essential part of our everyday routine and it’s hard to surprise with new gadgets. Still, some brands bring out innovative devices which can definitely make our life easier. Let’s take the kitchen, for example. We already have appliances which can wash dishes and cook food themselves but there are even smarter [...]

This Retro Keyboard Looks like a Typewriter


Retro style is definitely making a comeback now. We see this trend in numerous devices and accessories. For example, Elretron launched a new product called Penna. This is a mechanical wireless keyboard with vintage aesthetics which would remind you of old typewriters. Retro keyboard Penna has two versions: a more standard keyboard with square keys [...]

5 Useful Gadgets for Your Garage


Garage is an important place for any driver. Obviously, it’s home for your beloved car but it can also be a workshop, where you keep your tools, or just a closet for stacking your other belongings. That’s why proper organization and safety are vital for a garage and there are numerous gadgets that can help you with that. Here is our short list [...]

10 Gadgets for Travelling With Comfort


When you’re travelling, you often sacrifice comfort for new impressions and emotions. Of course, you can’t take your favourite armchair with you but right things can help you maintain comfort during long-term trips. Thankfully, we live in the time when gadgets can save us in difficult situations. That’s why for this article we picked 10 cool [...]

Personal Air Monitor for iPhone


It’s no secret that air quality is essential for everybody in the world. Poor air quality causes asthma attacks and serious heart issues. Statistics say that more than 2 million people die prematurely because of poor air quality. Therefore, digital gadgets, like air monitors, may be life savers. For example, two scientists from Silicon Valley [...]

Xiaomi Super-Compact Smart Thermometer


The latest Xiaomi device that was launched on a crowdfunding platform is a very interesting one. This is an electric smart thermometer in the shape of a button. The gadget has a tiny diameter of 17mm and water protection according to the IPX6 standard. The sensor inside this thermometer is made of food stainless steel which guaranteed safe [...]

Hospitals Begin Using Drones for Sample Transportation


Today, drones are used everywhere for various tasks. For example, they are a very practical way of transportation. Earlier, we’ve written about product deliveries executed by drones. Such companies as Amazon or Google are already using drones in the consumer segment. However, drones can play a bigger role in other fields, like medicine. This [...]

This Gadget Tracks Sleep of Two Users At Once


  Taking care of health is much easier now because we have numerous gadgets. We don’t even have to consult doctors if the issue doesn’t seem serious. Using various trackers, we can monitor heart rate, count burned calories and control sleep quality. The latter is probably the most important one of them latteszr because good sleep is the [...]

Garmin Tracker for Runners


Garmin is a famous brand on the wearable market, known for their fitness gadgets. Now, the company presented another wearable but it’s a little bit different. It’s called Running Dynamics Pod and its main purpose is obviously tracking the dynamics of user’s running. Unlike most other wearables, this one is attached to person’s waist. [...]

Voice-Activated Mobile Gadget for Your Car


Many drivers use different technologies in cars whether it is a smartphone as a navigator or a built-in system that supports Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto. But the company German Autolabs created a universal solution – a digital smartphone-integrated gadget named Chris. This compact device is attached in front of the driver on the [...]