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The Best Drone


Drones are gradually becoming a very popular way of video surveillance. These quick, mobile devices can fly high in the air and record footage with wider angle. Right now, the market offers a lot of drones or quadcopters for various purposes. Of course, you can go for a cheap product but there’s no guarantee that it will serve you for a long [...]

Nokia Introduced New Smart Health Gadgets


Today, the release of smartphones under the Nokia brand is being handled by the Finnish company HMD Global. However, Nokia itself also doesn’t rest. The company works in telecommunications and VR. Also, after the acquisition of Withings, Nokia took up the new segment – health device. This week, Nokia introduced a whole series of devices for [...]

Cubot Fitness Tracker


The company Cubot announced the release of its new fitness tracker S1. Since users of these devices are often active, Cubot S1 has a six-axis accelerometer for more accurate measurements of physical activities. In fact, the tracker can recognize itself what kind of activity the user is doing. Also, Cubot S1 monitors the heartbeat around the clock, [...]

VR and AR Devices Sales Will Explode by 2021


In the recent news about the mixed reality room in France, we mentioned the growing popularity of VR and AR devices. In 2016, they were the main technology trend and it didn’t change this year. In fact, there is a confirmation that these devices will have a serious growth in the future. According to the well-known analytics agency IDC, the sales [...]

Best Budget Drone


Today, drones are becoming more and more widespread. Equipped with photo and video cameras, drones can be used for surveillance or video recording from distance. Also, drones are valuable for transportation – some companies even started executing deliveries using drones. Obviously, having a personal video companion sounds like a great idea but [...]

Solar-Powered Drone Made a Successful Flight


The Chinese drone Caihong (CH), powered by solar batteries, made a successful flight at 20km altitude, reports China Daily. The publisher also notes that CH is the first Chinese solar drone capable of flying at such heights. Its wingspan reaches almost 45 meters. According to the drone developers from the China Aerospace Science and Technology [...]

Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console is Powerful and Fastest


On June 11, at the annual E3 gaming conference, Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One X gaming console, previously known by the code name Project Scorpio. The console is based on a new highly integrated 16nm system-on-a-chip which should make it not only much more powerful than previous versions of Xbox, but also the fastest-running gaming [...]

Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Mouse Pad


Logitech is famous for making peripheral devices and mobile accessories. In fact, the company makes quite innovative products. For example, it developed a mouse pad with a charging function. Thanks to this feature, a wireless mouse will no longer be dependent on batteries. Instead, the mouse will be powered by the pad itself. The pad, called [...]

Samsung Health Device S-Patch Will Launch Soon


Although Samsung is already a big name on the wearable market with its Gear line-up, the company has a few more aces up its sleeves. During CES 2016, Samsung demonstrated the prototype of a very interesting health wearable device called S-Patch. The gadget has already gone through the certification process, which tells us that its mass production [...]

Xiaomi MiBand 3 Fitness Tracker Is Ready to Launch


Xiaomi MiBand 3 Fitness Tracker, ORDER NOW Buy it Now In the next few days, Xiaomi will introduce a new version of its popular fitness tracker. A hint to that appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo. This will be the 86th product by Xiaomi, launched through the proprietary crowd-hosting platform MIJIA. The most interesting thing is that it [...]

New Samsung VR-Display with High Resolution


Virtual reality gadgets are becoming more and more advanced and life-like. A recently held conference Display Week 2017 featured a number of interesting innovations. Among them was the Samsung’ VR display with incredibly high resolution. The pixel density in this display (858ppi) is approximately twice as high compared to existing 3.5-inch [...]

Wearable for Star Wars Fans – Amazing Gadget for Kids


It’s safe to say that almost everybody in the world heard about “Star Wars”. When the first movie came out in 1977, it was a revolution in cinematography. Over time, the Star Wars franchise has become a cultural phenomenon with millions of fans all over the world. But why do we write about “Star Wars” all of a sudden? Because these [...]

Sana Sleep Mask- Functional Gadget that Fights Insomnia


Many people suffer from the lack of sleep or insomnia. Usually, it’s caused by everyday stress or different diseases. In these moments, it would be nice to actually have something that could help fall asleep in just a few minutes. Most people use special night lights or listen to music but there’s a more efficient way. You may be surprised but [...]

5 Functional Gadgets for Your Car


Cars are just as important for people as mobile devices now. Every day, millions of people around the world drive somewhere. But a car can be much more than a means of transportation. With a few devices, you can turn even an old car into an advanced and more comfortable place. Here are 5 gadgets that will definitely help any driver. Phone mount. [...]

DJI Compact Drone With Face Recognition


DJI Dron Mavic Pro OcuSync Transmission FPV With 3Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance, RC Quadcopter Buy it Now Chinese company DJI presented the cheapest and most compact drone in its line-up. A new device, called Spark, is smaller than a can of soda, weighs only 270g, but has fantastic functionality. Most importantly, it supports gesture [...]

Turn Any Goods into Drone


The Japanese company Prodrone demonstrated a modular platform PD-ANY which can transform multiple items into drones for transportation purposes. The technology description was published on the company’s website. PD-ANY platform is a set of separate modules with a rotor and control electronics. Each module is attached to the load separately [...]

Smart Home Gadget that Reads Data Around the House


Gerad Laput, a researcher from the Carnegie Mellon University, introduced a universal device capable of tracking various events in a room and turning an ordinary house into a smart one without fitting any sensors to existing devices. The device, called the Synthetic Sensor, is a small board in a transparent case. On the board, there are a [...]

Google Presented New VR Platform


At the Google I/O 2017 conference for developers, which takes place in Mountain View, California, from May 17 to 19, Google introduced the next generation of its virtual reality platform, Daydream 2.0, code-named Euphrates. According to the developers, Daydream Euphrates takes entertainment possibilities of virtual reality to another level. Plus, [...]

GPS Gadget for Hiking – Bushnell BackTrack G2


One of the biggest threats for cyclists, campers or hikers is being lost. When you can’t find a way back to civilization and you’re stuck in the wilderness, most people start panicking. That’s when you need to pull yourself together and start thinking. There are some ways to find the right direction based on certain landmarks but instead of [...]

Microsoft Expands Its Mixed Reality Initiative with 2 New Headsets


Mixed reality (or augmented reality) is a relatively unexplored tech field but it has a bright future. Therefore, many top brands are trying their best to come up with something innovative in this area. One of the most recognized names in AR is Microsoft. The company is already known for its Hololens headset but it’s only the beginning. Right [...]