Xiaomi Customized Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Xiaomi Customized Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Why use regular water filters, and additional tea kettles for warming up water, when you could use one item for it all. Water dispensers are convenient, and best of all take up little space in the kitchen. Just one click of a button, will get you a cup full of water. In this review, we observed the Xiaomi VIOMI 4L Smart Instant Customized Temperature Hot Water Dispenser, and think our readers would love to read about it.

We would like to bring your attention first of all to the size of this dispenser, it is 30.00 x 35.00 x 15.00 cm with a weight of 2.5000 kg making it compact and easy to place in your kitchen, office or any other wanted place. After it is installed, this water dispenser is very easy to use. One just needs to add purified water to the water tank that is 4 liters large. After that is done, one needs to press down on the unlock button for 3 seconds, then choose the desired temperature and press the outlet button to start dispensing.

The water temperature is adjustable in this dispenser. The normal mode is not hot water, the warm mode is customized by the app for the wanted degrees, and the hot mode boiling water up to 100 degrees in Celsius. Built in, it has a smart water quality sensor. This sensor reminds you when you need to change the water and also reminds you when to clean the inner tube. When the water is low, it also reminds you to fill it up. The dispenser is also very energy saving. It boils just the needed amount of water, and does it very quickly. The safety latch protection on the hot water button is great to protect from children and keep them safe, when they might press it and get burned.

Xiaomi VIOMI smart instant water dispenser is very convenient and helpful in any home or office. Water of any temperature can be quickly dispensed, and one can forget about having bottled water or kettles. It is offered for a decent price and we recommend our readers to bring their attention to it.


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