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Outdoor Safety Tips for Travellers


Today, people travel more and more often. When choosing a trip, you can pick from many different options. Someone wants to see European capitals and world-famous museums, someone – hike and admire beautiful sceneries, and others – to dive or snorkel. But there’s one thing that no one wants to do – get hurt. That’s why safety is the [...]

Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven for All Pizza Lovers!


Napoli multi-fueled Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven is offered on the kickstarter platform, and is a very interesting item! It is very movable, inexpensive and high quality, easy to set up and take out to just about anywhere outdoors, whether it is your own backyard or a park. Since it is multi-fueled, this oven can be used with wood, gas, [...]

Intelligent Dental Xiaomi Oclean One Smart Sonic Toothbrush


Taking care of your teeth and their health is just as important as anything else. In order for nice, clean and healthy teeth and smile, a high quality toothbrush is needed. Intelligent Dental Xiaomi Oclean One Rechargeable Sonic Electrical Smart Toothbrush is one that we closely observed for this review, and would like to share more about it. This [...]

Best Bluetooth Body Scale Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale


In this review I would briefly share my impression about smart body scales by a well-known brand – Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Weight Scale. This is an Intelligent APP controlled body mass index and data analysis weighing tool. What it is basically designed for is not only to estimate your weight, but to measure the fat, bone and muscle [...]

Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers with Intelligent Chip


A great pair of active wear sneakers are vital for those who go jogging, hiking or any other activity. It is important that we keep our feet and legs healthy, and sneakers play a big role in that. Arch support is needed, and it is important that they are light but tight on the foot. Xiaomi has a really great pair, the Xiaomi Light Weight Smart [...]

Large Battery Powerful Xiaomi EUNI Folding Electric Scooter


Scooters have come back and have become a trend again. People of all ages are using scooters for a quick way of getting around the city, or for pleasure riding. Xiaomi has also come out with a scooter, that is also electric, and we would like to share our observations in this review about the Xiaomi EUNI ES808 Large Battery 8-inch Tire Powerful [...]

Best 3-in-1 Bicycle Gadget Super Bright LED Bike Light


Safety is one of the main things that we should all be thinking about especially when riding or doing any sorts of activities in the darker parts of the day. Often the safety of many people is lowered due to the reason that they do not have sufficient lighting. For that exact reason, it is a smart reason to invest in a pair of bike lights. [...]

Smart Folding Electric Bike 12-inch Safe Bicycle


YT S1 12 inch Tire Smart Folding Electric Bike is a Safe biking Moped Bicycle that we want to share more about in this review. Electric bicycles are gaining popularity, especially within those who live in the city. They are a quick way of transportation and since they are foldable, make it easy for bringing inside with you. Returning back to the [...]

Double Disk Brake Bike Mini Folding Electric Bicycle


Electric bicycles are an item of the present! They are a popular, fun, and quick way of transportation. Many people think they can only be used in great weather conditions, but with the updates these days, electric bikes can even be used in wet circumstances. There are many different kinds on the market, and we have observed the YT-S1 Double Disk [...]

F1 20-inch Bike 7 Speed Folding Bicycle


Bicycles are a popular form of transportation in many countries and within many different age groups. They are especially convenient and popular among those who live in a busy city. Regular bicycles can be hard to park or leave anywhere, so for that reason many people have a preference of foldable bicycles. In this review, we have taken a look at [...]

Energy Recovery Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter


Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter is a good device for walking around the area or downtown when the road is good. Here’s the review. Smart APP can track your riding speed and battery. The speed, the dynamics of acceleration are encouraging. If the charge is below 40% – the dynamics will fall (18km/h – energy-saving mode ). [...]

TiBag Daily Bag – Best Organizer For Laptop and Accessories


Laptop computers are some of the most used items on the daily bases. People of all ages turn to them for school, work and pleasure. For many different reasons, laptops often need to be carried with us. It can be a difficulty to fit them in a regular bag, and at the same time it is very uncomfortable. Laptops can be heavy and can cause extra burden [...]

SafeShoot – Gadget for Safe Hunting Is Available to Buy


It’s not a secret that every activity that involves firearms is risky. The question of gun control is controversial for many countries, especially when it comes to civilians. But even in specialized fields, guns have to be used with proper caution. One of the biggest threats here is friendly fire. In all these situations, whether it’s a [...]

Onebot T2 Folding Electric Bike 14-inch Tire Bicycle


Everyone always tries to find a quicker and more convenient way of transportation to work, school, or for any other reason. If one lives in a city, then most likely investing in an electric bicycle has come to mind. There are plenty of various kinds on the market, and it can become a real problem trying to find the proper one depending on your [...]

F-wheel FL-i1 Icarbot Smart Self Balancing Scooter


Today, if you take a walk in the park, you’ll see how many different modes of transportation there are. People ride all kinds of devices, from regular bikes to skateboards, gyroscooters, and so on. Electric devices are getting especially popular, so we picked one for this review – it’s F-wheel FL-i1 Icarbot Smart Self Balancing Scooter 4 [...]

F-Wheel DYU Bicycle Folding Smart Electric Bike


Bike is certainly an enjoyable and useful way of transportation. However, when it comes to carrying a bike around, it gets a bit difficult. Bikes can be heavy and they aren’t exactly compact. In this case, a foldable bike seems like a good solution. But what if it’s also powered by electricity? Yes, we’re talking about F-Wheel DYU Bicycle [...]

Daily Bicycle Xiaomi QiCycle XC650 Smart Mountain Bike


Bicycles are very popular, and are used for many different purposes. Some use them as a form of transportation around the city, others for pleasure and mount biking. For this review, we have taken a look at the Daily Bicycle Xiaomi QiCycle XC650 Smart Mountain Bike, that has many outstanding features for full pleasure and convenience. This bike is [...]

Smart Bicycle F-Wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike


Many invest in different mopeds and other quick ways of transportation around the city. However, there are more convenient options, such as foldable electric bicycles. For our review, we have observed the Smart Bicycle F-Wheel DYU D2 Folding Electric Bike, and want to share more about it with those who are interested. This bicycle is made out of [...]

Xiaomi Bike QiCYCLE – EF1 Folding Smart Bicycle


Bicycles are an easy and fun form of transportation around the city or even for pleasure. There are many different sorts of bikes on the market, and some prefer sport types, others enjoy mountain models. We on the other hand, observed and reviewed the foldable bike Original White Xiaomi QiCYCLE – EF1 Folding Design Smart Bicycle and would [...]

Daily and Travel Accessory for Women – UVLED LED Light lamp


Most women want to have beautiful, stylish and well taken care of nails. Going to a salon to get your nails done, can add up and be quite pricy. With that, many women have started purchasing personal LED lamps, to do their own Gel manicures at home. We have reviewed daily and travel accessory for Women the UVLED SUN9S LED Light lamp, that we think [...]