Nylon Outdoor Bag for Travel Crossbody Riding Waist Bag


For men who travel lightly, as well as live an active outdoor life it must be important to have a handy small bag that could fit the items which are otherwise stuffed in the pockets of the pants. In this case, why not try using a waist bag? And we are not talking about the uncool one from the 90s, but rather about an awesome Men’s Nylon [...]

Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike New Xiaomi Smart Bicycle


Apart from many other devices, Xiaomi makes smart bicycles. Now, the company added another new product to the line-up. It’s called Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike packing many different smart functions. Here is brief review. Built-in GPS allows tracking the location of the bike. Besides, the bicycle is connected to a smartphone with a proprietary app [...]

DeLorean Unique Vehicle – New Flying Car


If you saw the Back to the future trilogy, you might remember that the car, featured in the movies, was DeLorean. Apart from travelling through time, it could fly. Now, of course, the idea of time travelling is still far from true, a flying DeLorean is closer than you think. In fact, the company shared the details about its upcoming flying vehicle [...]

Stroller and Bike Adjustable Umbrella Holder


Yes, it is not a high-tech product but very necessary for Bikes, Strollers and wheelchairs. Normally, when its starts raining, we pull out an umbrella, open it and continue walking while holding it in a hand. But what if you’re riding on a bike or walking with a baby in a stroller? In these cases, both hands are usually busy and something else [...]

Future of Flying – Pilotless Airplanes


More and more companies are developing autonomous transportation vehicles. In a few cities around the world, there are driver-less subway trains, some engineers are making plans about cars without drivers. It seems like it might be the future of transportation. But is this statement valid for airplanes? Here’s our review. Apparently, the idea of [...]

Speed Travel Vacuum Train


Elon Musk, CEO of the company Tesla, is truly a revolutionary in the hi-tech world. One of many different projects, suggested or presented by him, was Hyperloop – a train that travels in special vacuum tubes. Because there’s no air in these tubes, a train can potentially travel faster than airplanes and other high-speed trains. Right now, the [...]

Best Deals Xiaomi 90 Sneakers Smart Running Shoes


We’ve all heard about smart wearables and fitness devices that track our daily activities. But what about smart shoes? Yes, Xiaomi managed to turn this innovative idea into reality. Here’s our review of Xiaomi 90 Sneakers Smart Running Shoes, plus Best Deals. On the outside, they look like a regular pair of sneakers. In a reality, it’s [...]

Best Smart Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet


Cyclists are often living an a active lifestyle and are constantly on the go. Often they ride their cyclists in the darker part of the days as well. We hope our next review will help you to choose right gadget to be safe on the roads. This smart device is one of the best cycling helmets that will be very handy – the LIVALL Bluetooth Smart [...]

Wireless Smart Motorcycle Helmet


When riding motorcycles it is very important to always remember about our safety. Many motorcyclist forget about it and because of that accidents happen. The darker part of the day is always more dangerous. We have reviewed a wonderful and convenient smart helmet. This Wireless Smart Motorcycle Helmet with LED lights increases the safety quite a [...]

Outdoor Nylon Rucksack Large Camping Backpack


Many of us search for the one ideal backpack that we can use for hiking, camping, or just traveling. Finding one that we would like and for a reasonable price can be a problem. However, one backpack that we have reviewed and would recommend Outdoor Nylon Rucksack Large 40L Camping Backpack. Outdoor Nylon Rucksack 40L Large Camping Backpack View [...]

Compact Urban Nylon Bag Casual School Backpack


Backpacks have always been popular but now when people prefer to have qualitative and comfortable things, backpacks can be at the first place for different reasons. This compact urban nylon Bag Tigernu T-B3032 Casual School Backpack 15.6 17 Inch is not an exception. Study the review of this rucksack and read arguments why it is the best choice [...]

Compact Outdoor Canvas Bag Casual School Backpack


Normally, people buy backpacks for carrying their personal belongings. That’s why organization and suitable amount of compartments is the main priority. However, you shouldn’t forget that you carry a backpack all the time, so it basically becomes a fashion accessory. Therefore, it has to be stylish. Recently, the retro or vintage trend became [...]

Durable Nylon Bag Large Camping Backpack


Often the most favorite activity to do in our leisure time is hiking or spending time outdoors. With that be said, many items need to be taken on the trip. However, it can be a hassle to find a backpack that is durable, stylish and if offered for a reasonable price. For this reason we looked at the MRTWO Nylon Bag Large Camping Backpack. Large [...]

Waterproof Outdoor Camera Bag Nylon Travel Backpack


If you are one that enjoys picture taking and using a DSLR camera, then you probably know what a hassle it can be to carry it and protect it. Often it can even be uncomfortable to carry the usual camera bag. For that reason, we have reviewed this Outdoor Nylon Travel Backpack that comes with an additional attachable camera bag. This backpack is [...]

Stylish Nylon Backpack Large Camping Rucksack


Camping and hiking are two very popular activities for nature lovers. However, when spending plenty of time outdoors we often need to bring different items with us. It’s not so easy to find the perfect backpack. Some backpacks are too small, other too big, some are not durable enough, some are too expensive and so on. To help narrow down the [...]

Outdoor Nylon Rucksack Large Travel Backpack


When traveling or spending time outdoors we are in need of a a heavy duty backpack to carry all of our necessities. Often it can be a problem to find the perfect one for us. We have reviewed a outdoor nylon rucksack Large Travel Backpack that we are sure many people will like. The IBEG backpack is made out of high quality nylon material and is [...]

Camping Rucksack Outdoor Nylon Waterproof Backpack


In everyday life we prefer to have a small designed bag or a compact case, but are they good for travelling and extreme trips? Definitely no. That’s why you are offered to study the review of this camping rucksack Outdoor Nylon Waterproof Backpack to see that travelling with one comfortable bag is real.  Besides backpacks really shows our [...]

Front Frame Tube Case Bicycle Waterproof Bag


There are plenty of people who enjoy riding their bicycles to work, school and for leisure. When doing so, we often do not know where to place our mobile phones and other small needed items such as keys, a snack, credit card and so on. To reduce bicyclists of this hassle, we have reviewed bicycle front frame tube case that will be very handy. [...]

Bicycle Seat Pack Saddle Bag


Many of us life an active lifestyle. We often ride a bike to work, school or just for pleasure. Often we do not know where to place our smaller items, especially since we need our hands free and do not want to risk having anything fall out of our pockets. To prevent this from happening, we have reviewed Bicycle Seat Pack Saddle Bag that will be [...]