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Men’s Sports Wind Large Capacity Solid Backpack


Do you like hiking, climbing, travelling? Then, you would definitely understand the backpack problem: they tend to be either too expensive or too small. New Men’S Sports Wind Large Capacity Solid Color Backpack is a great solution to the problem as the backpack is both large and appealingly priced. For this review, we have studied this item [...]

Waterproof Powerful 1800 Lm Long Beam Range Flashlight


Camping, outdoor activities, fishing, biking, hiking – all of these activities require a flashlight to keep safe and stay comfortable. However, choosing a good-quality light is sometimes a challenging task. For this review, we have observed a NITECORE Outdoor Waterproof Powerful 1800 Lm Long Beam Range Flashlight and will provide you with the [...]

Waterproof Outdoor Powerful UV LED Flashlight


The UV flashlight has several uses, such as examination of crime scene, treasure and mineral searching, ink and glue curing, gas leaks inspection, fluorescent reflection of certain materials, etc. Clearly, TANK007 UV – 31 365nm 5W Waterproof Outdoor Powerful UV LED Flashlight is a very handy item to have at home, in car or your working [...]

JUNSUN Ultra HD Video Car Dash Cam Mini DVR


If you are constantly or often behind the steering wheel, then of course you need a device that monitors your movement and has the ability to record for your safety. One such device is the JUNSUN T518 Ultra HD Video Car Dash Cam Mini DVR that we will observe in this review. The JUNSUN T518 uses wide and dynamic WDR technology. Videos from this [...]

Long Beam Range 2400Lm Diving LED Flashlight


There are plenty of people who enjoy scuba diving for work or pleasure. Those who often take part in such activities know that it can be quite dark underwater. For that reason, diving flashlights have been invented. Orcatorch High Power Torch Light Long Beam Range 2400Lm Diving LED Flashlight is one that we have taken a look at in this review. [...]

100 Meters Beam Long Distance LED Diving Flashlight


There are many different people who enjoy deep water diving, or boating. For those reasons, a high-quality flashlight is needed, as it gets dark underwater. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Brinyte DIV10V 3000 lumens LED Diving Flashlight with 100 meters beam long distance. This diving flashlight comes in a black color on the [...]

High Power Torch Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight


Flashlights are much needed for those who are often in out in the nature, camping, hiking, or just need one for their safety kit. In this review, we are going to observe a professional Nitecore TM26GT Waterproof High Power Torch Powerful Outdoor LED Flashlight. This great outdoor LED flashlight is a multifunctional device with powerful and modern [...]

Car Dash Cam Ultra HD Video Resolution Mini DVR


It is important to record the rode when we are driving. It Is vital for our safety and in case any accidents occur. If you are one that is an owner of a car and spends plenty of time behind the wheel, then most likely you have already taken a look at several dash cams. Junsun T518 Car Dash Cam Ultra HD Video Resolution Mini DVR is one that we will [...]

Aluminum Body Smart Charging Powerful LED Flashlight


We are all used to using flashlights in different emergency situations and not only. Starting from just the school age, we have been taught that flashlights are an important item in each kit. Technology is evolving and different powerful flashlights are being offered on the market. In this review, we are going to observe the Nitecore TM26 High [...]

Smart Power Management Powerful LED Flashlight


Flashlights are much needed items to have around the house. They can be used for all different purposes. There is a wide variety of different flashlights, beginning from simple ones and ending in more powerful one. In this review, we will take a look at the Jetbeam Durable Waterproof 400m Beam Long Distance Smart Power Management Powerful LED [...]

Quelima 1080P Full HD Camera WiFi Car Mini DVR


If you need to observe and record your driving on the road, then most likely you have taken a look at the goods in the CAR DVR category. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Quelima R3 1080P Full HD Camera WiFi Car Mini DVR. First of all, it has very compact dimensions and an ergonomic design. You can take this camera with you to any [...]

Super Bright 700M Far Beam Powerful LED Flashlight


Flashlights is something that one uses quite often, and has in their home for different emergencies and not only. We are all used to the basic flashlight, but with the modern advances, new ones have come out. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Imalent Super Bright 16000 Lm 700M far beam distance Waterproof Double Mode Powerful LED [...]

Long Beam Distance 32000Lm Powerful LED Flashlight


People often go on different hiking trips and spend time in the nature. Often for that reason a flashlight is needed. Many also include one in their emergency pack. In this review, we are going to take a look at a very high-quality flashlight, the Imalent DX80 Long Beam Distance 32000Lm Waterproof Powerful LED Flashlight. This outdoor powerful [...]

WiFi Full HD Dash Cam Car DVR with Gravity Sensor


Most of us are automobile owners and drivers. In that case, we all know what a great idea it is to install a DVR camera in our car. In this review, we are going to take a look at a multifunction Dash Cam, the W38 WiFi 1080P Full HD Car DVR with gravity sensor. This camera has a very wide viewing angle of 170-degrees. Resolution of images and [...]

Large Capacity Smart Portable Car Refrigerator


We often take different trips, and often they are in the car. When driving long hours behind the wheel to a certain destination, we usually bring along food and beverages. In order to keep the food fresh and drinks cold, many install car refrigerators. In this review, we are going to look at the 20P Large Capacity 55L Smart Portable Car [...]

Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle


Were you ever curious on how much water you drink each day? Do you drink enough water? Or you feel like you don’t drink enough but are too busy or stressed and forget to drink water? H2Opal Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle would be the answer to those questions. H2OPal has a built in hydration tracker which helps you see how much water [...]

Best Heads Up Display GPS on the Market


GPS technology has exponentially increased in the past few years. Our smartphones are equipped with apps that can pinpoint our location and give accurate directions with great precision. However, it is still cumbersome, and sometimes not safe, to continue to check our phone when navigating or getting a phone call. The Navdy Head-up Display GPS [...]

Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer + Night Riding Light


If you are fond of sports, and in particular cycling, then you are sure to be in need of a device that will help track your results and achievements. We did a review of such a device, this is the SHANREN SR-BLC10-B Waterproof Wireless Smart Bike Computer with Night Riding Light for bicycle. In this device you can find almost everything you need. [...]

Wireless Smart Bike GPS Computer with Recording Function


There are many active people who enjoy all forms of exercise. One very popular form is bicycling. Those who often ride their bikes, usually invest in different monitors to track all sorts of data. In this review, we have observed the iGPSPORT Luminous Wireless Smart Bike GPS Computer with recording function for bicycle. This bicycle computer is [...]

GARMIN Edge 20 GPS Waterproof Smart Bicycle Computer


Most of us have ridden bicycles in our childhood and have enjoyed it to the max. Many of us have later started to enjoy it in an older age. Adults often use bicycles as not only a way of staying active, but also as a form of transportation. People often buy bicycle computers, when they use bikes a lot, and in this review we are going to look at [...]