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New 2018 Best Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter


Some prefer riding a Segway, others turn to hoverboard. However, there are self-balancing electric scooters that are in between. In this review, we want to take a look at the specs and features of Ninebot miniPRO New 2018 model, one of the best Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter. This Self Balancing Scooter has a basic design, that is [...]

Mountaineer Large Rucksack Waterproof Outdoor Backpack


There are small, regular backpacks that are used on the daily basis for different tasks. On the other hand, there are particularly large and for some massive backpacks, that are used for outdoor adventures. In this review, we will look at special features that provides the Flamehorse Mountaineer 80L Large Rucksack Waterproof Outdoor Backpack. [...]

Stainless Steel Outdoor Sports Water Bottle


There are many different occasions in our life where a kettle will come extremely in hand. People can use them during sports, camping, hiking, long work days, and much more. In this review, we want to look at various features of the Stainless Steel Outdoor Vacuum Sports Water Bottle with Large 3L Capacity. This sports kettle is made out of [...]

Handheld Functional GPS Tracker with Compass


No matter what we do in life, it is important to first of all think about our safety. Often when we are camping, going on different outdoor activities, and just in emergency situations, we need a GPS. Cellphone service or using our mobile ones, is often not available. So, in this review, we want to take a look at all of the various specs and [...]

Mountaineering Outdoor Camping Large Backpack


Most likely you have seen hikers, campers and other open-air lovers with strong and first-class backpacks, that fit all of their necessary items. Since most of the backpacks are fairly large in size, it is essential that they are comfortable. In this review, we will take a look at the features of the Professional Mountaineering Outdoor 80L Large [...]

Smart LED Light Backpack Brings Safety on the Road


Backpacks are universal items that are used by people of all ages for travelling with, for school, business and much more. These days, backpacks are more thought through with their designs and comfortability. For this review, we took the Smart Wireless Waterproof LED Light Backpack which brings safety on the road, to allow you to be more [...]

Outdoor Camping or Hiking Large Travel Backpack


Hiking and spending time outdoors has become more popular and a favorite activity of many. Some climb mountains, others go camping, and no matter what the reason is, bringing some of your personal belongings is a must. In order to fit it all in, a durable and spacious bag is needed. In this review, we took the Flamehorse Outdoor Camping or Hiking [...]

Car or Outdoor 3.0-inch HD Screen MP5 Player


Listening to music helps us get through the day better and with more pleasure. Often, we take up plenty of space on our mobile devices with different audio files. In order to reduce that, people purchase various individual MP3 players for their content. In this review, we want to observe the Car or Outdoor 3.0 inch HD Screen MP5 Player with 8GB [...]

Motorcycle and Car Multi-Language GPS Navigation


No matter how well we think we know a city, most of us still turn to GPS navigation devices to help us out. Some use mobile devices to do so, others have navigation systems already built into their cars, and plenty invest in one. In this review, we have observed the 4.3-inch Motorcycle Car Multi-Language GPS Navigation system to share about. This [...]

Portable Sports Smart Thermal Vacuum Water Bottle


Smart bottles and cups may seem a little niche or useless, though during past few years we’ve seen a whole wave of different elaborate bottles – with Bluetooth, cameras, pedometers, and this only displays how digitized we become. Without further ado, let’s check out another Intelligent Water bottle in this review – Portable [...]

2-Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Handle


A China-based electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has paired up with a segway manufacturer and launched a Ninebot mini PRO 10.5 inches 2-wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooter with Handle. So, in today’s review we observe this 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter. First, Ninebot miniPRO 10.5 inch 2-wheel Self Balancing Scooter operates really [...]

Moped Electric Bicycle Compact Folding Bike


There are many people who live an active lifestyle in the city and often need a quick, easy and convenient way of transportation. Many of course use regular buses and other forms, but some turn to bicycles. Why bother with the usual bicycles, when the market offers plenty of electric ones? In this review, we are going to observe the DoubleHunter [...]

Mini 5 Cubic Meter Zone PM2.5 Smart Car Air Purifier


All sorts of methods are available these days that help us have clean air. Clean air plays a big part on your well-being and overall state. There are many different gadgets, and we have taken a look at one. In this review, we are going to observe the portable Smart Flying Saucer Scavenging Formaldehyde PM2.5 Mini Smart Car Air Purifier with 5 [...]

Dual Filtration Smell Remover Car Air Purifier


Automobiles are the most used form of transportation. We all spend plenty of our time in them. As we all know, vehicles tend to pollute the air the most, and it is not a surprise that we breath it all in. Different dangerous particles ruin our overall health. It is vital that we breath fresh and uncontaminated air at all times. In this review, we [...]

Smart Sensors Carbon Absorption Car Air Purifier


In order to feel good and have great health, you need purified air and oxygen without signs of harmful impurities. In our time of industrialization, air in many places is awfully polluted, and we are forced to breathe it in, regardless of whether we want it or not. Harmful particles, getting into our body, can cause a number of problems and [...]

Haier Car Air Purifier HEPA filtering Air Freshener


The company Haier produces devices that help clean the air of harmful impurities. One of the most important aspects is the driver’s well-being. If a person feels well, the trip will be comfortable and safe. If a person is in a state of indisposition or weakness, this at times worsens the situation and increases the risk of accidents. That is [...]

Travel Laundry Mesh Bags to Protect Your Clothes


We live in a time where most of us have a lot of clothes and outerwear. Often, we need to store the clothing items that are not right for the current season. Many of us also travel, where garments need to be compactly placed into our luggage. No matter what your reason is, durable and convenient storage bags are needed for all of your items. In [...]

Negative Ion and Smoke Removal Smart Car Air Purifier


It is important to breathe fresh and clean air wherever we are. We often take care of that in our homes, by cleaning it with different special gadgets, but forget about our cars, where we also spend plenty of time within the day. In this review, we have taken a close look at the Intelligent vehicle USB Negative Ion and Smoke Removal Air Cleaner [...]

Negative Ion Smart Car Air Freshener Anion Purifier


Air that we breath is actually very polluted and contaminated and often we don’t even know it. It is important to filter it, and breath in only the cleanest and freshest. We all spend plenty of time throughout the day in our cars, and in this review, we have observed the YKT – 018 Negative Ion Cleaner Smart Car Air Freshener Anion Ultra [...]

Car Air Cleaner Anion Bactericidal Air Purifier


We all think we know of many ways to clean the air that we breathe. Some open windows, for a fresh breeze, while others just leave it the way it is. Fresh breeze from windows is actually not the greatest way, as more harmful particles fly in. One of the best ways to do so, is with a quality air purifier. In this review, we have taken the Car Air [...]