Google Announced Yi Halo VR Camera


Almost two years ago, Google presented Jump – a VR platform for making 3D content. After a while, the first Jump-based camera was announced. It was the result of cooperation between Google and GoPro, so the camera got the name GoPro Odyssey. It was fitted with 16 smaller cameras and could record panoramic 8K video at 30fps speed. But now, Google [...]

Bartaile C12 – Stylish Convertible Bag for Laptop


Although there are many different laptop bags on the market, most of them don’t really suit women. They usually like something stylish but practical. Plus, carrying a bag can get exhausting, so it would be great to be able to hang on the shoulder. Unfortunately, not every laptop bag fits this description. But there’s no need to get upset [...]

GoPro Fusion for 360-Degree Video Is Announced


Virtual reality is one of the biggest technology trends now in many areas and most companies are trying to somehow contribute to the development of VR. For example, GoPro which is probably the most influential brand on the action camera market. During CES 2017, CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman mentioned that the company was working on a 360-degree [...]

Advanced Instant Hybrid Camera by Fujifilm


At the time, when digital cameras hadn’t been invented yet, people used film cameras. Another interesting example was an instant camera – when you press the button to make a photo and you get it immediately. Actually, now these devices are coming back and there’s a lot of them on the market. For example, Fujifilm decided to combine digital [...]

Smart Action Camera with Full Video Stabilization


When we talk about action cameras, one brand name comes to mind instantly – GoPro. These devices have everything for a travelling video enthusiast. Whether you’re surfing, paragliding or climbing on top of the mountain, your action camera will capture the best moments in the best quality. However, aside from GoPro, what other options do we [...]

Functional Anti-Theft ClickPack Pro Backpack


Many users, who always carry numerous mobile devices with themselves, don’t like simple backpacks because they don’t provide enough protection from external influence or water. What’s even worse is when a backpack with all your gadgets is stolen. The company Korin Design attempts to solve all these problems with its new product called [...]

10 Fantastic Gadgets for Hiking


During weekends or holidays, many people love to leave the city and get closer to the nature whether it’s a simple visit to the countryside, a hill climb or a hike. Obviously, such activities require some preparation. Without necessary equipment, a hike might turn out to be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Of course, lack of comfort is a part of [...]

Smart Backpack with Wireless Charging


When choosing a backpack, people are usually concerned with protection and organization. Obviously, you wouldn’t pick a light, see-through backpack over the one made of water-resistant material. And of course, the more pockets it has, the better. A good, modern backpack should have enough space for all your mobile devices, including a laptop, a [...]

7 Tips for Road Trip Beginners


Being on the road isn’t just a rite of passage, but something that can really change your life. Pushing the pedal to the metal and conquering the land around you is quite special, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. Being on the road means you have to be prepared for all kinds of problems. Here are seven tips for road trip beginners who want to [...]

10 Gadgets for Travelling With Comfort


When you’re travelling, you often sacrifice comfort for new impressions and emotions. Of course, you can’t take your favourite armchair with you but right things can help you maintain comfort during long-term trips. Thankfully, we live in the time when gadgets can save us in difficult situations. That’s why for this article we picked 10 cool [...]

Smart Bike with Integrated GPS


Mission Bicycle Company launched a new smart bike called Lyra. Unlike other similar devices, like LeEco’s Android-powered bike, this is basically a regular bicycle with a few additional smart features. Lyra isn’t fitted with any electric gear. The only thing that powers this bike is its owner riding it. Still, we wouldn’t call it smart for [...]

Incase Kaskade Suitcase for Pro-Travelers


The first thing you think about when you’re planning a trip is where you’ll put all your stuff. That’s why every traveler needs is a spacious suitcase. Fortunately, there is no lack of them on the market. Unfortunately, such abundant choice may confuse beginners. But why not rely on famous and tried-and-true brands? Let’s take Incase, for [...]

Stylish and Spacious Arcus Backpack by Moshi


There is no more comfortable accessory than a backpack. Its weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders, which keeps you back straight. Plus, backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of organization. There are different options for students, workers or travelers with enough space for all items. But what if you’re looking for a versatile [...]

How to Prepare Your Car for Road Trip Like a Pro?


There is no feeling that comes as natural as wanderlust. Leaving your comfort zone and heading out into the great unknown with nothing but the clear sky above you and an open road ahead does sound poetic. Even though this is true, the flight companies, trains and busses have robbed the act of traveling of its most valuable trait – [...]

Smart Bag that Cleans Itself


Every day, we see new gadgets appear on the market and our daily household items are becoming smart. For example, there is a new product on Kickstarter – a smart bag called Paqsule. Its main feature is the ability to clean itself and everything that the user puts into it. Paqsule uses ultra-violet light and ozone in order to kill bacteria and [...]

Relief Repellent Bracelet to Protect You While Travelling


Of course, in our modern, highly developed society we depend on technologies very much. Smartphones, laptops and other gadgets are everywhere and we can’t imagine our life without them. Still, the most important problems between people remained the same. They meet, fall in love, fight, get married and worry about each other, their relatives or [...]

Water-Proof Car Seat Cover for Comfortable Travelling


When you buy a car, it becomes sort of a new member of the family – you take care of it, “feed” it with petrol and try to keep everything under control. However, it’s hard to do when you’ve got your real family. When everyone is in the car, it’s impossible to look after everything. People sometimes eat and drink there on the go, kids [...]

Top 5 Metal Detectors for Travelers


If you’re a keen traveler and you like sneaking around unexplored places, you might also like treasure hunting. It is a bit like fishing, only instead of catching fish, you “catch” different objects dug up in the ground which may have some considerable value. Treasure hunters are like little brothers of archaeologists because they can also [...]

Top 5 Compact Point-and-Shoot Cameras


Although camera phones have taken a huge leap in the past few years, there’s nothing better for good photography than regular cameras. Plus, they have developed a lot as well. Nowadays, photo cameras are packed with so many features that we couldn’t even imagine before. As a result, they can be used for many different purposes. If you seek for [...]

Best Hydration Pack for Runners and Travelers


When you’re jogging, you don’t really need many things with you, except for your headphones, smartphone or fitness trackers. But if you’re a fan of long and enduring cross-country or mountain running, you have to be prepared better. You must have an accessory for carrying your gear and water that is also comfortable and lightweight. It means [...]