Best Canvas Backpack for Hiking and Camping


Some very popular activities and hobbies for men are camping, hunting, and spending leisure time out in the nature! When going on your favorite trips, you need to be sure that all of your necessary things are safe and secure, as well as keep comfort and fashion in your head! One item that has been gaining popularity fast among other men like you [...]

Built-In Battery Backpack for College


College students are always looking for a way to simplify their busy lifestyle! The heavy load of textbooks, notebooks and other gadgets does not do the job! If you are a college student and are in need of a comfortable backpack to fit all of your necessities, you might want to check out the Outdoor Canvas Laptop Backpack for your MacBook. USB [...]

Modobag Suitcase With Wheels – Drive Luggage as a Scooter


Suitcases are our loyal companions during long trips and air travels. Modern suitcases are quite spacious and pretty comfortable due to the wheels on the bottom. In fact, these wheels can be used for more than you can imagine. The engineers from the company Modobag have been working for over a year on a “riding suitcase”. In one hand [...]

Best Budget Wide-Angle Lens Video Camera for Active Life


When we are packing up for a holiday, we always take a camera to capture, save and relive later the best moments of the trip. If you’re young and very active, an action camera would seem like a reasonable choice because it can be attached to a helmet or a selfies stick. But not all action cameras should be like GoPro. Sometimes, you want to hold [...]

The Best Budget 360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera


Now, when someone wants to take a picture or shoot a video, they pull out their smartphones. Of course, some devices have very advanced cameras but they still can’t match real photo and video cameras. In this department, there’s no better choice than an action camera. These devices are compact, portable and functional. Obviously, GoPro cameras [...]

Vehicle Repairs And Staying On The Road


The cost of running a car these days can be very expensive and this leads some people who can drive to decide against owning a vehicle. Fuel costs, insurance and the costs associated with maintaining the vehicle all add up very quickly and a lot of people find that the cost of owning and then running a car to be very prohibitive. This is also the [...]

Luigi Malone – One Of The Best Restaurants In Cork


Luigi Malone’s has been cited as one of the best restaurants in Cork. Near the Opera House, this restaurant is centered near all of Cork’s major events. The menu takes a traveler’s approach, with dishes that have roots in ten countries. This is an ideal place for families, with plenty of room and staff to cater to everything you need. From [...]

Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter Integrated with Smartphone


Have you ever thought that simple walking isn’t that fun anymore? Well, many people already have and we see every day someone riding around on something. And we’re not talking about roller skates or bikes – people have much more advanced devices, like hoverboards, segways or special sneakers with wheels in them. But there is a slight problem [...]

5 Functional Gadgets for Your Car


Cars are just as important for people as mobile devices now. Every day, millions of people around the world drive somewhere. But a car can be much more than a means of transportation. With a few devices, you can turn even an old car into an advanced and more comfortable place. Here are 5 gadgets that will definitely help any driver. Phone mount. [...]

DJI Compact Drone With Face Recognition


DJI Dron Mavic Pro OcuSync Transmission FPV With 3Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance, RC Quadcopter Buy it Now Chinese company DJI presented the cheapest and most compact drone in its line-up. A new device, called Spark, is smaller than a can of soda, weighs only 270g, but has fantastic functionality. Most importantly, it supports gesture [...]

GPS Gadget for Hiking – Bushnell BackTrack G2


One of the biggest threats for cyclists, campers or hikers is being lost. When you can’t find a way back to civilization and you’re stuck in the wilderness, most people start panicking. That’s when you need to pull yourself together and start thinking. There are some ways to find the right direction based on certain landmarks but instead of [...]

Top 5 Best Backpacks for Hiking


The summer is coming up, which means that many people will leave their homes and head towards adventures. One of the most popular ways to spend your vacation actively is hiking. It’s quite simple but very enjoyable. You walk around with your friends, see new places and get new impressions. A great hiking experience always starts with choosing [...]

Top 5 Best Dash Cameras for Your Car


Today, you can find millions of YouTube videos that have been shot on dash cams. Of course, they can be a source of entertainment but they are popular for other reasons. The footage on a dash cam can be a decisive evidence if you had an accident and it’s not your fault. Instead of trusting the police, you can rely on a simple video which [...]

Sony Presented New Flagship Camera


One of the products that we always associate with Sony is a photo camera. Thankfully, the company doesn’t stop making new ones. Just recently, Sony announced a new flagship camera called Alpha A9. A9 might be the most powerful mirrorless camera that Sony has ever produced. At the core of this camera there is an improved BIONZ X processor. The [...]

Smart Gadget for Cyclists – Cosmo Connected


Any cyclist or biker knows that it’s dangerous to ride a bike at night because other drivers might not see you in the dark. That’s why it’s important to have special lights to be visible on the road. One of such gadgets has just been launched in Kickstarter. The company Cosmo Connected created a safety accessory with the same name for [...]

Looxcie LX2 Wearable Camera for Using on the Go


When filming a video, people usually hold cameras in their hands. Apart from that, there are a lot of different devices, like monopods or selfie sticks, allowing you to capture the footage from the best angles. However, you still have to use your hands to control the accessory. So, if your hands are often busy but you want to keep recording video, [...]

Google Announced Yi Halo VR Camera


Almost two years ago, Google presented Jump – a VR platform for making 3D content. After a while, the first Jump-based camera was announced. It was the result of cooperation between Google and GoPro, so the camera got the name GoPro Odyssey. It was fitted with 16 smaller cameras and could record panoramic 8K video at 30fps speed. But now, Google [...]

Bartaile C12 – Stylish Convertible Bag for Laptop


Although there are many different laptop bags on the market, most of them don’t really suit women. They usually like something stylish but practical. Plus, carrying a bag can get exhausting, so it would be great to be able to hang on the shoulder. Unfortunately, not every laptop bag fits this description. But there’s no need to get upset [...]

GoPro Fusion for 360-Degree Video Is Announced


Virtual reality is one of the biggest technology trends now in many areas and most companies are trying to somehow contribute to the development of VR. For example, GoPro which is probably the most influential brand on the action camera market. During CES 2017, CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman mentioned that the company was working on a 360-degree [...]

Advanced Instant Hybrid Camera by Fujifilm


At the time, when digital cameras hadn’t been invented yet, people used film cameras. Another interesting example was an instant camera – when you press the button to make a photo and you get it immediately. Actually, now these devices are coming back and there’s a lot of them on the market. For example, Fujifilm decided to combine digital [...]