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BangGood 11th Anniversary Best Discount Online Shopping


One of the best biggest and popular online stores BangGood celebrates its 11th anniversary and provides super big discounts for products from more than 200 brands (Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, CHUWI, LeEco, EMAX…etc). Promotion period will expire on middle of September. The time of long queues and high prices is over – online shopping has taken [...]

New Technology and Gadgets


Here is a review about new technology and gadgets industry. A good accessory means that it can complement or fully enhance the functionality of the product that it aims to go with. Although the whole world has been loving smartphones and they’re quite promising in terms of usability, they aren’t invincible, hence there are still accessories [...]

Where is Highest Internet Speed in the World


Six years ago, the American company Ookla introduced a free service that analyses the speed of the Internet. Ookla experts say that their mission is to make the Internet faster by providing users with only reliable data. That’s why the experts decided to publish monthly reports which contain interesting information and [...]

Free Ransomware Protection: Step-by-Step Guide


Ransomware has become a popular tool for cyber criminals today. Crooks extort more and more money from companies and ordinary users with the help of extortion viruses. Home users can pay hundreds of dollar for the unblocking of their personal files, and business owners may pay thousands. This post is intended to help you protect your data from [...]

Science Experiment – Are Video Games Harmful?


It seems that scientists will never come to an agreement on how video games affect our mental health and brain work. Are Video Games Harmful? While some argue that games have negative influence, others believe that they improve attention and short-term memory. What’s more, scientists from the University of Montreal conducted another study which [...]

Best iPhone Security Apps


Upon the whole and since Apple has been seriously concerned about the internal protection of its operating system, any additional antivirus is not required. However, some users often customize their Apple software which is known as jailbreaking. Here is the review of best iPhone Security Apps. By jailbreaking his device, the owner of the Apple [...]

Public Feedback About Smartphones with Two Displays


Smartphones with two displays aren’t a novelty on the market. Everybody heard about YotaPhone which has an additional E-Ink display on the back. Plus, the upcoming Meizu flagship smartphone will have two displays as well. But what do the customers think about this trend. The website GSMArena decided to survey its audience and find out their [...]

How Sports Became Dependent on Mobile Devices


There’s no denying that the rising popularity of mobile devices significantly impacted every sphere of our life. Now, it’s impossible to imagine our everyday routine without smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on. One of these spheres is sports. Technologies are already affecting sports in many ways, and mobile devices are making it closer [...]

3 Effective Ways to back up Android Phone Data


Any user who holds Android cell phone device must have personal information such as photos, videos, contacts, messages and there could be a possibility of having private documents. Unfortunately, a user may lose all of the data within no time without warning by the hackers, scammers and through cyber-attacks. However, there are some ways to [...]

World’s Most Popular Smartphone


iPhone is absolutely one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Although some people say that it’s outrageously expensive, thousands of people wait in lines for a new iPhone. With all this, Apple smartphones aren’t the best in terms of technical features. Plus, iOS has too many limitations. But what is the reason for this high [...]

Mobile Hospital on Artificial Intelligence, Tech News


Now, technologies made our life much simpler in many spheres. Let’s take medicine, for example. Here, the equipment is getting more advanced, doctors can perform more complicated procedures and patients get better care. Plus, there are many health gadgets available for all regular users. But technologies develop and there are new interesting [...]

How to Avoid Fake Products ?


Today, it’s quite easy to find a fake device on the market, especially in online stores. Big companies are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening but it happens anyway. That’s why it’s important to know how to spot a fake. In fact, researchers from the University of Lancaster in the UK came up with a new technological way [...]

Xiaomi Feedback


You have reached this page probably because you want to find out more about the Xiaomi feedback. In our blog, we are interested in user’s feedbacks, as well as any news that are related to Xiaomi’s devices, gadgets, and accessories. We would be very delighted to hear your opinion about Xiaomi items. We know that there are many new [...]

Most Powerful Smartphone


People, familiar with the world of smartphones and tablets, definitely heard about the benchmark AnTuTu – it evaluates power and productivity of different mobile devices based on several criteria. The overall result is a number of points that usually consists of 5-6 digits. From time to time, AnTuTu publishes various stats about smartphones and [...]

AR Glasses, Latest Apple Rumors


A well-known analyst Gene Munster recently shared his prediction concerning augmented reality AR glasses by Apple. In his opinion, the Cupertino company will be able to release this gadget as early as 2020. The expert is sure that iPhone popularity will reach its peak in 2019. Consequently, in 2020 Apple will release its first AR glasses will cost [...]

Influencer Marketing


Some of our readers may have heard the term Influencer Marketing Blog. Some people may have even used it in practice. Although this expression has the word “marketing” in it, it’s closer to PR specialists rather than economists. Today, we’re going to shed some light onto this interesting strategy. Influencer marketing is a way of promoting [...]

Dangerous Electric Fidget Spinners


Fidget spinners became the most popular toy of this year. Right now, the trend is slowly dying out but there are still many people walking around with these toys and spinning them around. What’s more, because electricity can make everything cooler, some companies even created electric fidget spinners. Unfortunately, they seem to be dangerous – [...]

Samsung Galaxy Discussion


You have reached this page probably because you were interested in Samsung Galaxy discussion blog. In our blog we are interested in reader’s opinions and any news related to Samsung devices, gadgets and accessories. That will be great if you could provide us with rumors from reliable sources about the upcoming new Samsung Smartphone and phablet [...]

Travel Discussion


You have probably reached this page if you are into traveling! We would love to introduce various traveling accessories. We are also interested in different gadgets and items for travel. Most of all, we would love to hear your opinion and different information about your favorite items for travel. If you have a review about any backpack for [...]