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5 Smart Gadgets for Cycling


Once the winter is gone and the weather becomes sunny again, thousands of cyclists appear on the streets. Indeed, cycling is so popular that in many cities people don’t drive cars as often as bikes. Whether you like calm rides in a park or you’re into more active biking adventures, there’s always a set of equipment that any biker must have. [...]

8 Tips to increase the Lifetime of Your Laptop


Choosing a laptop is a big decision. Before buying one, you have to consider every big and small detail in order not to be disappointed with your purchase. So, you’ve finally picked the laptop, bought it and brought it home. Hooray! But this is only the beginning. If you want a laptop to serve you loyally for years to come, you have to treat [...]

PC Market Is Growing for the First Time in Five Years


In the last 5 years, the PC market didn’t have any moments of growth. The sales and shipment numbers have decreased considerably. Analysts say that the time of PCs is over because most users turned to smartphones and tablets. Still, laptops and desktop computers remain important and popular. In fact, according to the latest report by IDC, the PC [...]

iPad – the Secret of Its Success


The 3rd of April was the 7th anniversary of the first released iPad. The device, which even Steve Jobs called one of its most important creation, was met with the tremendous amount of excitement. Now, new iPads don’t cause such emotions but is it still as popular as before? Obviously, the tablet market is going through tough times. The shipment [...]

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which One to Buy?


When we talk about most productive laptops, we can’t help mentioning MacBooks. But which Apple laptop is the best? Feather-light MacBook Air or powerful MacBook Pro? Apple has already announced that it won’t update the Air line-up anymore focusing solely on the MacBook Pro. The latest release took place in October when the world saw new [...]

How Our Homes are Getting Smarter


No matter where you live, it would be difficult to not notice the rapid expansion of technology in our everyday life. Our homes are no exception, with an influx of gadgets on the market. There are now numerous ways to make your home a smart one. Let’s have a look at a few of the more interesting options. Thermostat Long gone are the days of [...]

What Makes a Smartphone Perfect?


Having a smartphone now is a necessity, a fashion statement and a reason for showing off. Let’s be honest – if you bought an expensive smartphone, you would feel pretty happy when people noticed it. That’s why most of us go for premium devices. But what are the main components of a great smartphone? What must it have, so you could say that [...]

Every Fifth Smartphone in the World is Fake


We are already quite used to having numerous mobile devices in our hands. However, we don’t seem to think about the fact that some of them may be fake. In fact, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) researched the problem and came to disappointing conclusions. According to the report, around 2.5% of all ICT products in the [...]

5 Myths about Smartphones, Reality or fiction?


While smart phones are taking an increasingly essential place in our lives, there are many misconceptions about how to use them and how they affect us. In today’s post, we are going to discuss some myths related to smartphones. They produce cancer The World Health Organization (WHO) generated a small wave of panic in 2011 when it classified the [...]

Most Shipped Smartphones of 2016


Last week, we learned that iPhone 7 had become the best-selling smartphone of Q1 2017. Actually, this is only one of many accomplishments from Apple. Despite the results from iPhone 7, another model can be officially called the most popular smartphone of the previous year – iPhone 6s. According to HIS Market, iPhone 6s became the most shipped [...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Broke Productivity Record on AnTuTu


People are very excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be unveiled later this month. And now they have one more reason to be happy. According to a video, which recently appeared on the Internet, Galaxy S8 scored incredible 205 284 points on the benchmark AnTuTu. If this is true, this smartphone is officially the new AnTuTu record [...]

Do Apple Products Become More Affordable?


Being the most renowned tech brand in the world, Apple is famous for their products with great quality but quite steep prices. For example, Apple Watches seem to have an unexplainably high price. However, some analysts suppose that the Apple’s smartwatches and wireless headphones are becoming cheaper. Neil Cybart, an analyst and a writer of the [...]

Apple iPhone 7 Is The Best-Selling Smartphone in Q1 2017


The research company Kantar Worldpanel published a report about the smartphone sales numbers in the first quarter of 2017. According to the report, the best-selling smartphone in this period was iPhone 7. Apple’s latest creation dominated not only the U.S. market but also the European one. In fact, among the top 5 biggest markets in Europe the [...]

Samsung vs Apple


Despite all difficulties in 2016, Samsung still managed to maintain high positions on the mobile device market. According to Strategy Analytics, the Korean company shipped 308.5 million smartphones which made it the leader among all other companies. Obviously, the second position was taken by Apple with their 215.5 million iPhones. Apart from [...]

Apple is Most Popular Brand in Business Segment


You probably noticed that most IT specialists prefer Apple technology. Now, in offices of various companies Mac is getting more widespread. Employees work on MacBooks while talking on iPhones. But company Jamf decided to conduct a survey and find out how popular Apple devices really in the corporate segment. The data comes from 2016. 300 different [...]

2-in-1 Devices Will Save the PC Market


MWC 2017 showed that customers aren’t that interested in regular tablets anymore. People prefer hybrid devices which can be used as both tablets and laptops. What’s more, such devices can actually change the situation on the PC market drastically. As you may have heard, PC market is going through rough times. The shipments have been decreasing [...]

What Is Internet of Things?


iPhones and Android smartphones are becoming better and better every year but we hardly see any ground-breaking changes. Fortunately, many other items around us are transforming and getting more and more technological or “smart”. We are on the threshold of the Internet of Things era. But what is Internet of Things or IoT? This term was [...]

Tech Blog


A tech blog is an interesting term that became more complex nowadays. People may have different questions about the word “tech”, like what it means today, what it meant in the past and what it should look like in the future. So we’ve decided to make our own analysis and share it with our readers. Earlier, when we heard the word “ tech” [...]

How Much Will iPhone 8 Cost?


Now, it’s hard to imagine how the new generation of iPhones will look like. Apparently, it will feature an OLED display and a long anticipated wireless charging support, but these aren’t the only novelties that we can expect. So how will it affect the final price of the smartphone? OLED-displays now are pretty expensive. Plus, new technologies [...]

Android and iOS Dominate the Market


Time surely does fly. There were times when an operating system Symbian had the biggest share on the mobile device market and Blackberry was selling more cell phones that Apple. But these times have passed and other companies have entered the market with their operating systems. Actually, analysts from Gartner conducted an interesting research and [...]