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Million Dollars on a Small Gadget


As children, most of us liked making paper airplanes and watch them fly. Today, when we’re surrounded by technologies, even a regular paper airplane can become a bit more advanced. One American designer, named Shai Goitein, has the same idea – he created the world’s first smartphone-controlled paper airplane, which already raised a million [...]

How Often Do We Use Smartphones?


Smartphones became our everyday accessories a long time ago but how often do we really use them? The company Counterpoint published a statistics report which gives the answer to this question. The agency analyzed how many hours we spend using smartphones, what we do with them, how often we change them, etc. The stats proved the faсt we can’t [...]

AMOLED vs LCD – Which Display Is Best?


Display is the most important part of a smartphone because that’s how we interact with a device. Consequently, the quality of displays is pretty important. Today, users still can’t decide between two options: AMOLED or LCD. So which one is best? In earlier days, AMOLED-displays were more vivid and energy-efficient, but they couldn’t provide [...]

Bitdefender – the Best Protection for Windows


Among the most indispensable programs for any mobile devices, antiviruses would totally take the top spot. Today, it’s just dangerous to go online without any protection. The amount of hacker attacks, ransomware viruses and other threats is growing every day. So, to guard your computer you need either the best antivirus for Windows or the best [...]

Scientists Proposed Heart Scanning For User Identification


The presentation of iPhone X, equipped with FaceID, spurred a discussion – is this method of user identification really that reliable? Apart from that, there were some new suggestions about more advanced technologies. A list of such methods, like fingerprint or iris scanning, has something completely innovative now – the ​​researchers from [...]

What Can We Expect from the iPhone X?


Tim Cook referred to the iPhone X (X as in 10, as in 10 years since the first iPhone) as the biggest leap for the iPhone since its inception. Indeed, when it first hit the market, nobody else had approached mobiles in the same way and Apple definitely led the way in innovation. But a decade has passed and competitors (Samsung, Microsoft) have [...]

4 Aspects of Choosing an Affordable Smartphone


The amount of smartphones in stores is overwhelming and the choice can be difficult sometimes. It’s even harder when it comes to the middle-end segment where there are a lot of similar smartphones. In order not to be frustrated with your purchase, it’s important to take certain things into account when choosing a smartphone. Here are 4 things [...]

5 Best Foosball Apps for Android and Apple


Apps are all around us and we just can’t imagine our life without them. So, if you are a foosball enthusiast I have a treat for you! You can play foosball on your smartphone with this 5 best foosball apps for Android and Apple. Read the list and find the best foosball app for your game style. Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio Android owners will [...]

Advantages of Dual-Boot Tablets


Dual-boots tablets have become popular than ever due to the availability of dual operating system in a single tablet. You can either use them as Windows tablets or Android tablets, as per your requirement and use. All you got to do is to restart the tablet for switching from one operating system to the other one. Buying such a tablet can provide [...]

5 Best Handheld GPS Devices on the Market Today


Your smartphone has a GPS app. Why would you ever need a separate, standalone GPS unit? Unfortunately, this is common thinking these days. Yet, GPS manufacturers have done a surprisingly good job of staying ahead of smartphones when it comes to innovations. Here are five handheld GPS devices that leave the apps in the dust. DeLorme’s inReach [...]

How iPhone 8 Will Influence Android Smartphones


Although it may sound too obvious and even show-off, but the release of the new iPhone 8 will inevitably affect the smartphone market, especially Apple’s competitors. To be perfectly honest, not every iPhone is that innovative but everyone tries to copy its features even if they’re not the best ones. In fact, we can expect interesting [...]

Top 5 Smartphones of 2017


Introduction Smartphones are popular around the world. People of every country, society and of any age are enthusiast towards smartphones. Everyone wants to use such type of a smartphone which has endearing features and delectable performance. Performance of smartphones depends upon the RAM, storage, camera quality, Expendable memory, battery [...]

Dissecting Ransom DDoS Attacks


Extortion is in vogue with online perpetrators these days, and it’s constantly ramping up for a number of reasons. It pays off well due to little investment and effort required to engage in blackmail on the Internet. The emergence of DDoS-for-hire, Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) and other readily available cybercrime kits allows threat actors to [...]

Best Ways to Protect Your Phone from Damage


Smartphones can be considered as the best utility invention of all time. They are the reason we are able to complete half of our tasks on any given day. It is needless to say that they help us achieve huge number tasks simultaneously and serve the most important purpose of keeping us connected. We clearly depend upon them a lot now and [...]

Why Do Ransomware Viruses Require Payments in Bitcoins?


On May 12, the world was struck by the biggest epidemic of the ransomware virus called WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt. Infosec experts recorded attacks in 150 countries. The virus hit more than 200 thousand computers in a single day. At the same time, the largest number of attacks was recorded in Russia and Ukraine. WannaCry is a Trojan that [...]

7 Latest High Quality Digital Camera Phones in 2017


In today’s world of photography, some phones are designed to perform the work of a camera. We will look at some of the best digital camera phones of 2017. Here are the seven latest high quality digital camera phones in 2017: Apple iPhone 7 Plus – The iPhone 7 Plus is the first Apple phone to offer dual cameras on the rear, with a couple of [...]

Tracking Sharks is One of The Ways to Use Drones Effectively


Drones are gradually becoming indispensable assistants for various tasks. For instance. Australian authorities are developing a program for tracking sharks near the country’s coastline using drones. The program is aimed at improving the safety of local beaches. According to The Verge, drones which will be able to recognize sharks with the help [...]

Household Appliances for Mining Cryptocurrency


In the past few months, the popularity of cryptocurrency skyrocketed, and so did its rate to the dollar. Now, everybody wants to start a earn Bitcoin, Ethereum or other kinds of “virtual” money. In order to do that, powerful computers and especially graphics cards are required. However, in the future, mining cryptocurrency will become easier [...]

Top 10 Travel Friendly Laptops for 2017


Exploring new places! Who else would not love to do that? We all want to discover new destinations, but what if you are getting paid for travelling. Globalization made this possible by providing various types of jobs in which you need to wander from one place to another. If you are doing such kind of job you will need an enough portable and [...]

Smartphone Era May Be Coming to an End


Today, it seems like smartphones have completely conquered the world and some people even talk of a smartphone era. However, it may not last long and it’s not just a proofless statement. A group of scientists from all over the world, headed by experts from University of Delaware, conducted an investigation and its results are quite interesting. [...]