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Infinix Zero 5 4G Phablet 64GB Full HD Smartphone


Phablets combine features of smartphones and tablets (hence, the name phablet). Specifically, their main characteristics and operation core usually come from smartphones while the screen is significantly bigger. In this review we have observed Infinix Zero 5 4G Phablet 64GB memory capacity 5.98-inch Full HD Capacitive display Smartphone to tell [...]

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Phablet 5.98-inch FHD Big Smartphone


Phablets, with their large screens but smartphone operating cores, would perfectly suit people who want to stay connected but also who prefer high-resolution displays. In this review, we have observed Infinix Zero 5 Pro 4G Phablet 128GB 5.98-inch FHD Big screen Smartphone (X603B) to tell you more about its exceptional features. As any phablet, [...]

Ulefone T1 128GB Premium Edition FHD 5.5-inch Phablet


In our digitalized era, smartphones or phablets have become ubiquitous. However, sometimes it is challenging to find a good gadget for the chosen price range. Ulefone T1 Premium Edition 4G Phablet 5.5-inch FHD Screen Smartphone is a great example of a good price and quality fit, and, in this review, we will provide more information if you are [...]

Infinix Note 4 Pro 4G Phablet 5.7-inch Global Version


Phablets are known for their high-resolution large screens which provide ultimate user experience, make image sharp and detailed. Infinix Note 4 Pro 4G Phablet (X571) Global Version with 5.7-inch HD Capacitive screen Smartphone is not an exception. This item due to its interesting features will be able to deliver great performance. For this [...]

Smartisan Nut Pro 2 4G Phablet 5.99-inch Smartphone


Phablets combine the best features of smartphones, that is convenience, high performance, and tablets, specifically a large screen with high resolution. If you are up to experiencing these great features of both devices types, you should probably consider a Smartisan Nut Pro 2 4G Phablet 5.99-inch 64GB ROM Smartphone. For our review, we have [...]

Great Rugged Phone SNOPOW Walkie-talkie 4G Smartphone


Smartphones are ubiquitous. They are becoming increasingly popular replacing traditional ways of doing things. For instance, if several years ago we could only use phones for calling, no we can chat, socialize, work. So, for our review, we have observed a great Rugged Phone SNOPOW M10W 64GB Waterproof Walkie-talkie 4G Smartphone, a gadget that you [...]

Best Budget 8.0-inch Tablet Onda V80 Tablet PC


People wish to stay in trend, be connected, active, constantly develop. Onda V80 8.0-inch Tablet PC was made specially to suit these needs. You can access social nets, read, work, and exercise with this stylish and beautiful budget gadget. For this review, we have researched the item in more detail and that is what we were able to find out. The [...]

Smartisan Nut Pro 4G Phablet 6.0-inch 128GB Smartphone


Phablets. What are they? They are phones with screens that are too big for smartphones but too small to be called a tablet. Thus, phablets are usually featured by large screens with high-quality image. For this review, we have looked at Smartisan Nut Pro 4G Phablet International Version 6.0-inch 128GB Smartphone. Here is some information we were [...]

Infinix Note 4 Pro 4G Phablet 5.7-inch Smartphone


Stop deteriorating your eyesight by looking at small smartphone screens. Phablets, with large displays of high resolution, will be able to provide ultimate user experience and protect your eyes from overstraining. For this review, we have looked atInfinix Note 4 Pro 4G Phablet Global Version (X572) with 5.7-inch HD Capacitive screen Smartphone in [...]

Koolnee K1 Trio 4G Phablet 6.01-inch 128GB Smartphone


We are all in search of a powerful, modern and productive gadget, that certainly meets all of our needs. But which one is the best? In this review, we have the Koolnee K1 Trio 4G Phablet 6.01-inch Big Screen 128GB powerful Smartphone with its advantages, which you will surely like. Android 7.1 Nougat system power this mobile device with excellent [...]

Full HD International Version Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone


Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone MIUI 8 Splash Resistant International Version 5.15-inch Full HD Display Phone was one of the most expected phones of 2017. The unit features 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, bald colors and innovative health protective technologies. In this review we will explore, what else you get in this not-so-cheap great gadget. A very rare, but [...]

Elephone U 4G Phablet FHD 5.99-inch 128GB Smartphone


Cellphones are the basic need of today’s world, and they cover more and more fields of human life. In the following review we put our hands on a smartphone that can do almost everything for you – from recognizing your face to making your professional photo, paying for you in the supermarket and suggesting where to hang out with [...]

6 Smart Home Devices That Save Your Money


Smart gadgets for the home are advertised to improve a homeowner’s convenience in many ways. For the investment, people may also be delighted to discover that many smart home automation tools will save them money as well as time. Thermostats When people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on heating and cooling, anything that can cut a [...]

Geotel A1 Durable Waterproof Rugged 3G Smartphone


Smartphone devices are used by mostly all people of different ages for various purposes. Many of the modern mobile devices are not durable, and tend to shatter and break quickly. Always being extremely careful can get tiring and annoying, so people often prefer investing in one that is durable. In this review, we have observed such a device, the [...]

Infinix Zero 5 4G Phablet 6.0-inch Full HD Smartphone


There are some brands of mobile phones that are more well known than others, but it sure does not mean that they are better. In this review, we have observed a mobile device, that is not the most known, but the qualities of it are great, the Infinix Zero 5 4G Phablet 6.0-inch Full HD Capacitive screen Smartphone. Infinix Zero 5 is of a larger size [...]

Capacitive HD IPS 5.0-inch Vernee Thor E 4G Smartphone


Mobile devices are much enjoyable and as most of us feel lost without them. We use them for all different purposes. There are many different kinds offered, where one has many options to choose from depending on what they like and prefer most. In this review, we have chosen to take a look at the Capacitive HD IPS 5.0-inch screen Vernee Thor E 4G [...]

Vernee Thor Plus 4G Phablet 5.5″ HD Smartphone


If you are looking for a budget, efficient, modern phone, and even one with a large battery capacity, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Vernee Thor Plus 4G Phablet 5.5″ HD Smartphone, that we have also observed for this review. The company Vernee was able to make a device with a combination of powerful functionality and a very [...]

Umidigi Crystal 4G Phablet 5.5″ Metal Frame Smartphone


The appearance of mobile phone is one of the first things that we all look at. We all want one to be stylish and at the same time with great features and specifications. It’s not easy to find a good version of a frameless smartphone, whose design is rapidly emerging in the top ratings. Such gadgets, as a rule, have quite an expensive cost [...]

Ulefone Power 3 4G Phablet 64GB 6.0-inch Smartphone


New Apple iPhones have wowed users and have blown up the market. However, not all users want only the expensive apple devices, and prefer rather affordable and high-quality Androids. In this review, we have observed a smartphone, that in our opinion has a similar appearance to the newest iPhones or other flagship devices, the Ulefone Power 3 4G [...]

Jumper EZpad 6 Plus 2-in-1 Transferable 11.6″ Tablet


Tablet PCs are often needed fulfill all needs that need to be done on a table and computer. There are many different variations of such devices. If you are looking for a multifunctional and easy-to-use gadget, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Jumper EZpad 6 Plus 2-in-1 Tablet PC 11.6-inch Transferable Laptop for a reasonable price. [...]