Coupon Deals Huawei P9 Lite Affordable Android Smartphone


Coupon Deals Get Promo 13% Direct Discount + Extra 10% Discount by Coupon Code for Affordable Android Smartphone Huawei P9 Lite 4G Smartphone Global Version (3GB RAM 16GB ROM 13.0MP + 8.0MP Cameras). The coupon code promotion period can be prolonged after expire. Remember, the coupons can be used only for a limited number of times. First come [...]

Huawei P9 Lite 5.2 Affordable Android Smartphone


You may have heard that Chinese brands take serious positions on the smartphone market. One of these brands is Huawei. In the world, only Apple and Samsung sell more smartphone than this Chinese company. Huawei has a good selection of functional devices with the flagship P9 launched a year ago. However, if you’re a looking for a more affordable [...]

New Oukitel K3 Two Dual Cameras Smartphone


Now, many smartphone companies fit their devices with dual cameras which results in better photos. But we live in the time of selfies, so front cameras might be even more important than rear cameras. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a smartphone with a dual front camera. That’s why the upcoming release from Oukitel sounds so promising. Oukitel [...]

Best Camera Phone Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Long Standby Phablet


The family of Xiaomi smartphone is very versatile. The company often updates its line-up with new devices that boast great functionality, smooth performance and affordable price. For example, if you want a smartphone with exceptional looks, unique camera and long-lasting battery, you have to check out one of the best Camera Phone devices Xiaomi [...]

Coupon Deals Huawei P9 Lite Best Budget Smartphone


Coupon Deals Get Promo 13% Direct Discount + Extra Discount by Coupon Code for Huawei P9 Lite 4G 5.2 inch Smartphone Global Version (3GB RAM 16GB ROM 13.0MP + 8.0MP Cameras). The coupon code promotion period can be prolonged after expire. Remember, the coupons can be used only for a limited number of times. First come first serve! Promotion [...]

Coupon Deals Lenovo P2 Budget Fingerprint Phone


Coupon Deals Get Promo 17% Direct Discount + Extra Discount by Coupon Code for budget powerful long standby time 5.5 inch NFC Fingerprint Sensor Lenovo P2 Phablet Phone (5100mAh Battery). The coupon code promotion period can be prolonged after expire. Remember, the coupons can be used only for a limited number of times. First come first serve! [...]

Long Standby Time Ulefone 5.5 Best Budget Smartphone


Easy-use functions are getting more and more sophisticated on phones these days. Every brand is trying to release new products which would surprise and fascinate users. Let’s review one of the best budget mobile devices – long standby time Ulefone Future 5.5 Smartphone, to see if they have succeeded with this task. Ulefone Future 5.5 Long [...]

Best Powerful Phablet Long Standby Full HD Screen Phone


Living in the exciting world dominated by smartphones. Is it good or bad? Up to you to decide. Below we review one of Best Powerful Phablet devices Lenovo P2 long standby time Full HD screen phone, so maybe this smartphone in particular will colour up your life. Well at least, it has all the right qualities for it. Lenovo P2 5.5 inch Powerful [...]

MIUI 9 Global Version Xiaomi Smartphones


As we wrote earlier, Xiaomi introduced the latest version of its firmware – MIUI 9 – at the end of July. Gradually, the company was updating its devices to MIUI 9. Just a couple of days ago, Xiaomi updated smartphones Mi 5X, Mi6 and Redmi Note 4X. However, the firmware for these devices was available only in China. Now, the company finally [...]

Best Powerful Phablet Dual Rear Camera Phone


Multiple researches say that you are much more satisfied with whatever you buy, once you have actually paid money for it. Same goes for smartphones. Even if you had some doubts before the purchase, for most of us the anxiety of the wrong choice or any doubts go down dramatically once we unwrap the box and try using the gadget for the first time. [...]

Ulefone Armor 2 – Best Rugged Smartphone


Last year, the company Ulefone released Armor – a smartphone which was one of the best on the market in terms of protection. The device was quite successful and the company decided to make the second edition of the rugged phone – Armor 2. The smartphone has just been introduced and here’s our more thorough review. Compared to its [...]

Long Standby Ulefone Power 2 Powerful Budget Smartphone


Welcome to the world of cool smartphones which are not yet sold based solely on their names. Such category of phones have to actually feature quality inside, and remain good looking and affordable. Long standby time Ulefone Power 2 powerful budget smartphone is market’s early adapter of this kind. Running on a cool and fast Anroid 7.0, this [...]

Best Full HD Screen Phablet Dual Rear Camera Smartphone


You may have noticed that more smartphones come with curved displays that take the majority of the front side. This trend looks quite beautiful and stylish. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a huge 5.8-inch display without any buttons on the lower bezel. Plus, the Infinity display takes almost the entire front. But Galaxy S8 is rather expensive, [...]

Long Standby Ulefone T1 Best Budget Powerful Phablet


In order to buy a powerful, functional smartphone, you don’t have to wait for the next big release from Apple, Samsung or Sony. In fact, the market is full of budget smartphones with great specs and long standby time. One of the best powerful Phablet devices is Ulefone T1. Currently, this smartphone is available for purchase (or pre-order) with [...]

Yota 3 – YotaPhone 3


Last month, a long-awaited two-display smartphone YotaPhone 3 was spotted for the first time on the benchmark Geekbench. The specs of the device were revealed there but the design was still a secret. Now, BaoliYota Technologies, one of the shareholders of Yota Devices, published the first photos of YotaPhone 3. Here is a brief review. According [...]

Best Dual Rear camera Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5X


During a special event in Beijing, Xiaomi demonstrated a series of novelties. The company showed three main things and we’ll briefly review. Xiaomi Mi 5X Dual Rear Camera 5.5-inch 4GB RAM 64GB Snapdragon 625 Octa-core 4G Smartphone View and Buy it Now Xiaomi Mi 5X The new middle-end smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5X with the pre-installed MIUI 9. Other [...]

Features, Specs and Price Meizu Pro 7


The Chinese mobile device maker Meizu officially presented its new flagman – Meizu Pro 7. The biggest novelty in this smartphone is the second display on the back. And here is features, specs, price and brief review of Meizu Pro 7. The display, however, doesn’t take the whole rear side, like in Yotaphone. Instead, it only has a 1.9-inch [...]

Fingerprint Smartphone Best Budget Phablet


Quite often, we don’t look for the best characteristics in smartphones. Sometimes, we just need simple things – a bit of storage for apps, a decent camera and high-speed internet support. Usually, such devices have low prices and there are some fantastic deals, like ZTE V5 Pro. Today, we’re going to review this fingerprint smartphone best [...]

Durable Dustproof Rugged Smartphone


Spending time outdoors is a favorite hobby of many active people. Many enjoy going on various hikes, camps, and so on. For this, they often need a durable and long lasting outdoor phone. For this reason, in this review we have looked at the iMAN X5 durable dustproof rugged smartphone. iMAN X5 4.5″ Waterproof Durable Dustproof Outdoor Rugged [...]

Durable Shockproof Rugged Smartphone


When hiking, camping or enjoying any other activity outdoors, many of us do not want to bring large and expensive smartphones with us. Often we just need a device that will be highly durable and will provide us with all of the most necessary features. We have reviewed the MAFAM J5+ durable shockproof outdoor rugged smartphone that will be your [...]