Google Might Release Three Smartphones This Year


Traditionally, Google releases new flagship smartphones every year. Initially, they were coming out under the name Nexus but last year it was replaced with the Pixel line-up. But each year, the amount of released smartphones is different. Lately, 2 has been the perfect number for Google. However, this may change in this year. According to the [...]

Moto G5 Plus – Great Functionality at Reasonable Price


Choosing a smartphone is always an investment. Basically, you choose a companion and a personal assistant to serve for a long time, so it has to be able to keep up with your lifestyle. That’s why people go for expensive models with big screens and powerful processors. But what should you do if you’re a bit short on the money? Of course, [...]

New Nokia 3310 – Brief Review


Today, teenagers can’t imagine their lives without precious, multifunctional smartphones. But if you’re in your late twenties or older, you may remember first portable mobile phones. Honestly, there was something magical about them. They had everything that you needed – you could call, text, play games and that was all that mattered. One of [...]

Apple Invests in a New Type of Displays


We’ve all heard rumours about new, OLED displays in iPhone 8. In fact, Apple may have ordered thousands of them from Samsung. However, it seems like the Cupertino company is working on a totally different type of display – micro-LED. According to Business Korea, Apple will start releasing devices with micro-LED displays already this year. The [...]

HTC U Will Be Presented on May 16


HTC finally made up its mind about the presentation date of its new flagship smartphone HTC U. The world will see the device on May, 16 and it will the third addition to the U line-up. Right now, HTC is sending out invitations to the upcoming event. Earlier, the company published a video teaser on its official Twitter account. The video shows one [...]

This Smartphone Displays 3D Without Glasses


The Chinese company Ivvi unveiled its new smartphone called Ivvi K5. The smartphone is positioned as a serious competitor to other top models on the market but it doesn’t have particularly impressive characteristics. However, there is one feature that could surprise customers – the smartphone is fitted with a display that can project 3D [...]

Xiaomi Mi6 Officially Introduced


According to the schedule, Xiaomi presented in Beijing its new flagship smartphone Mi6. Although the majority of information was leaked before the presentation, Xiaomi had a few surprises. On the outside, Mi6 looks like an improved version of Mi5 and Mi5S. As for the technical part, Xiaomi didn’t disappoint. – Display – although top and [...]

Xiaomi Will Present Mi Max 2 Phablet with Mi6


This Wednesday, Xiaomi is presenting a long-awaited flagship smartphone Mi6. Apart from that, people expect that the Chinese company will surprise everyone with another device – the second edition of the 6.44-inch phablet Mi Max. According to the first image of Mi Max 2, its design won’t be much different from the first one but it will have a [...]

Nokia 9 Rumours


Since the brand name Nokia returned to the market, we’ve seen a few new smartphones (Nokia 5 or revived Nokia 3310) but all of them belong to the middle-end segment. That’s why people are expecting a Nokia flagman and it seems like it will be released later this year. In fact, the smartphone known as Nokia 9 could be a serious contender to the [...]

HTC One X10 Officially Presented


The rumours about the new HTC smartphone One X10 started swirling around the internet in the beginning of this year. The device was expected to appear in Q1 but the release was delayed without explanation. But just a couple of days ago, HTC One X10 suddenly appeared on a Russian website with all characteristics and the price. The main feature of [...]

Galaxy S8 Will Come Out without Bixby


One of the main features of Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new voice assistant Bixby. The Korean company said that it presents a totally revolutionary way of communication between the smartphone and the user. Unfortunately, a couple weeks before the release of Galaxy S8, Samsung announced that Bixby won’t be available to the first buyers. For some [...]

Xiaomi Announced Presentation Date of Mi6 Smartphone


On April 11th, just as expected, Xiaomi revealed a bit more information about its new flagship smartphone Mi6. Many people were hoping for the smartphone’s official presentation but the Chinese company didn’t live up to expectations. Nevertheless, the smartphone isn’t delayed for long – on April 19th we will finally see Xiaomi Mi6. [...]

ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini Smartphone Introduced


After numerous rumours and leaks, ZTE finally presented a new smartphone called Nubia Z17 Mini. This device is the next addition to the “Z” line-up and it boasts a few interesting features. ZTE Nubia Z17 Mini is made completely of metal and fitted with 5.2-inch display protected with 2.5D glass. In terms of software, the smartphone has two [...]

Yota Devices Announced YotaPhone 3


Despite some financial problems, that Yota Devices had recently, it seems like we’ll finally see the third generation of YotaPhone. The smartphone will be presented this summer. The information comes from the company’s official website where Yota Devices published a teaser with obscure contours of the upcoming device and the inscription “See [...]

Alcatel Flash – First Smartphone with 4 Cameras


Obviously, we’re already quite used to cameras in our smartphones. Now, we see a lot of improvements in this department, for example, dual cameras on back. What’s more, there are models with dual frontal cameras. But the company Alcatel went further than that and released the world’s first smartphone with 4 cameras: two on the back and two [...]

Android Creator Showed His First Smartphone


After leaving Google in 2014, a year later, Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android OS, mentioned that he was about to make a premium Android smartphone that can outshine iPhone. That’s why in the beginning of this year he founded Essential Products, the company which consists of former employees from Google, Samsung, Apple and other big [...]

Optimize Your iPhone with These iOS 10 Features


iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the world and one of the reasons of its success is the operating system – iOS. It boasts very user-friendly interface and convenient functionality. Plus, it’s considered to be much safer than its only competitor – Android. The latest version of iOS by the number 10 was launched in September of [...]

New HTC Flagman – What We Know So Far


In January, HTC presented two new smartphones: U Play and U Ultra. The first was quite ordinary while the second had two screens, Snapdragon 821 and a weirdly shaped button on the front side. It turns out that HTC is preparing another release and this will be a flagship smartphone HTC U. What do we know about this device? Not much but insiders [...]

OUKITEL K6000 Plus – Unique Smartphone


The smartphone market is filled with quite regular devices and there are few that really stand out. That’s why when such smartphone is released, it attracts immediate attention. And that’s the case for the latest product by OUKITEL – the smartphone K6000 Plus. This device is a game changer in terms of mobile charging and battery time. First [...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Officially Presented


The wait is finally over. After several months of anticipation and a record-breaking number of leaks and rumours, Samsung officially introduced a new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and its “big brother” Galaxy S8 Plus. Although most of the information about both devices was already known, it was wonderful to witness everything with own eyes. [...]