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Elephone A5 Smartphone Best Deal With Worldwide Shipping


The newly announced Elephone A5 smartphone is full of quite a few spectacular features, which makes it a must-have alternative for the youth, and is the most recent add-on to the ever-growing collection of Elephone’s mid-range devices. Elephone A5 is a powerful and elegant 6.18-inch phone for everyday use. It is based on Android 8.1 [...]

Best Armored Big Battery Walkie Talkie Smartphone Discount


DOOGEE S80 is a powerful smartphone for those who never stop. It is equipped with walkie-talkie function, which can connect you to anything anywhere and provide you with a clear and pure sound on the distance of up to 10 km. It supports both private and group calls. The smartphone also feature rugged design: not only it is 99% resistant to dust, [...]

ZTE Best Selling Phablet 128GB Memory 24MP Big Rear Camera


If you would like to purchase a gaming-focus smartphone, we highly suggest ZTE Nubia Red Magic. The phone is directed towards gamers, provides a robust set of specifications, and above all, is priced right. ZTE Nubia Red Magic Phablet is a powerful and elegant phone for everyday, comes with a gorgeous body design and an effective hardware. It is [...]

Blackview BV6800 Pro Phablet Specs, Price


Blackview BV6800 Pro is a unique smartphone, because it is as productive, as the majority of the smartphones these days, but it won’t break after falling, and it’s a direct successor to the BV6000, the company’s most successful smartphone. It features a 5.7 inch screen with 2160 x 1080 resolution, which will provide you with vivid [...]

HERCLS L925 Affordable 5.7 Inch HD+ Screen Smartphone


HERCLS L925 is an affordable smartphone with a lot of functionalities that would make a perfect present for your kid or to a person who is not as much influenced by the digital world as the rest of us. The gadget is equipped with a 5.7 Inch HD+ screen which would ensure perfect image. On top of that, the gadget has a 4GB RAM for advanced [...]

Fast Charging 10000mAh Big Battery Rugged Smartphone


Blackview BV9500 smartphone is a cool device with good cameras, powerful core and a lot of storage space. The smartphone is equipped with wide 5.7 inch screen where you will be able to check out the latest news in great quality. Additionally, due to Helio P23 Core the smartphone will be able to operate smoothly and process difficult tasks while [...]

Fastest Speed Powerful Game Smartphone Global Shipping


Asus ROG Game Phone’s specificity is pretty much given in the name. It is a perfect smartphone for ultimate gaming experiences. It is equipped with 8GB RAM for advanced multitasking which is comparable with good laptops as well as 512GB ROM memories which will provide you endless storage space. This is perfect for complex and challenging video [...]

Elephone A5 4G FHD Screen Smartphone Discount Best Deal


Elephone A5 is an elegant and functional smartphone for daily usage. It has a 6.18-inch FHD+ screen with 2246 x 1080 resolution, which will take you in the world of bright and vivid images. Thanks to 4GB RAM the phone will react quickly to your requests. While 64GB ROM memory capacity you will be able to carry around most memorable videos, photos, [...]

Nokia X5 Best Deals, Dual Camera 64GB 6.0-inch Smartphone


Nokia was once the top rated phones. Nokia X5 Smartphone… back to the past? Or maybe back to the future? Definitely, the second option as this affordable smartphone has quite a lot of characteristics to highlight. The 5.86 inch display is just perfect to fit neatly into an average trouser pocket but also provide you with wide image. The 1520 x [...]

Best Selling Mi A2 Lite Global Version Smartphone Deals


Do you already feel bored hearing words “global” and “ warming” together? Pour a little variability in your life and look at metal body Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Global Version Smartphone. The device achieved much attention owing to its premium unibody metallic design. First, the device features 4000mAh battery, which can last few days. The 5.84 [...]

GOME U7 Mini Reliable $100 HD+ Smartphone Best Discount Deal


GOME U7 Mini is a compact and very functional smartphone that will make your life significantly better. It is has a 5.47 inch screen with Full HD 18:9 resolution which will drag you in the world of powerful and vivid image. The size of the screen also makes it very convenient and comfortable to be held in one hand. This gadget is also provided [...]

Best Selling Long Standby Rugged Gaming Smartphone Discount


Not lots of people have come throughout the smartphone brand Doogee, but it’s undeniably among the most innovative when it has to do with smartphone features. Doogee has implemented several features to improve the sturdiness of the new Doogee S70 Global Bands Gaming Rugged Smartphone. A fantastic all-rounder, the S70 is an excellent phone, [...]

Best Armored Smartphone For Camping Hiking Adventuring


The rugged selection of Ulefone has been applauded by many, and lots of them say it is the ideal companion to sportsmen and active travelers as a result of its strength, toughness and few super upgraded components. The next phone, Ulefone Armor 3T Walkie-Talkie Phone is a premium multifunctional 4G Phablet that will provide you with seamless [...]

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Global Version Reasonably Priced Smartphone


Xiaomi Redmi 6A is an elegant and powerful companion in your everyday life. It is a reasonably priced phone. It is equipped with 2GB RAM which is good enough for easy tasks and 16GB ROM memory storages which is okay to fit the most precious things. With the Helio A22 Quad core processor, it will deliver smooth and fast operation. 5.45-inch screen [...]

Zenfone Smartphone with 12x Zoom Camera Best Discount Deal


Smartphones are a crucial portion of our everyday life. And the next phone ASUS ZenFone 3 ZOOM is not just a mean to connect to people, but it is also a perfect portable library of your memories. The device features an amazing camera that can take beautiful pictures in the darkness. The 2.3 optical zoom will allow you to capture even the slightest [...]

Inexpensive Best Selling 5.5-inch Smartphone Leagoo M9


Leagoo M9 is a good and affordable smartphone and it would the best for those who seek functionality rather than run for the brand name. The 5.5 Inch 18:9 display is wide enough to show a wide and high-quality picture but also it fits in the trousers pocket. Additionally, 2GB RAM will provide enough processing capacity to play games and use [...]

Phone With Best Positive Feedbacks $130 Bluboo S8 Smartphone


Bluboo S8 is an affordable smartphone with a really great positive 5 stars feedbacks from the users that has a lot of features suitable for people who do not have a whole ‘life’ on their smartphones. Because it does not have anything extraordinary, but it certainly performs the main smartphone functions well. The BLUBOO S8 isn’t only [...]

Best Discount Price Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Smartphone Pre-Order


Xiaomi’s Mix series is famous for its beautiful design. The clearest characteristic of the Mi MIX 3 might be the true full-screen design. Mi Mix 3 has a slider design, so the Xiaomi has found where to set the front-end without cutouts in the display. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a premium gadget that can make your life perfect! It is equipped with [...]

Very Rugged Smartphone for Outdoor, Active Life and Travel


Poptel P8 4G Smartphone is an affordable device with a lot of functionalities that make the quality-price trade off a no brainer! The smartphone is equipped with a 5.0 inch 480 x 960 pixels display which will give you a possibility to play games, answer messages in great resolution. Moreover, the 1.28GHz will be enough to perform basic tasks, [...]

Best Biggest Battery Powerful Smartphone for Daily Tasks


If you’re searching for a stylish, long-lasting smartphone that won’t cost you a lot of money, Oukitel K7 Power Phablet might just be what you demand. Since you may see, the OUKITEL K7 Power has a curved top and bottom sides, though a leather-like material is put on the rear of the gadget. The OUKITEL K7 Power is essentially a new [...]

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Gaming Smartphone Specs, Discount Deals


The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is launched most recent gaming smartphone named Xiaomi Black Shark 2. In contrast to its predecessor, the Black Shark Helo comes with quite quite a few interesting characteristics and improvements, especially in the component of design. In addition, there’s currently a one-touch Shark key. The gadget comes with [...]

Best Selling Powerful Rugged Outdoor Phone Specs, Discount


There are lots of other distinct forms of phone in the marketplace for you to select from but Oukitel makes some high-quality durable phones which ought to be on the surface of your list. The observed smartphone is waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and have the ability to manage drops.  As a new mix of massive 10000mAh battery and rugged body, [...]

HTC U Ultra Phablet International Version Specs, Discount


HTC made a decision to try out something different with the firm’s flagship. HTC knows the way to make good hardware and the U Ultra is among its very best. HTC U Ultra 4G Smartphone International Version is not just a phone which is fancy to have. It is highly functional and would be handy to have on a day to day basis. The phone has a [...]

Very Cheap Best Selling Popular Phone Homtom HT16 Smartphone


if you’re looking for the appropriate smartphone, then HOMTOM HT16 is the ideal option. This smartphone has an integrated GPS receiver, and is given with a voice recorder. Homtom HT16 3G Smartphone is a perfect phone for practical users – the appropriate price and focus on most needed features makes it the best choice in the field. [...]

Very Simple Phone – EL K20 4G Phablet


EL K20 4G Phablet is an elegant and functional device that will make your life fast and pleasant. The device features MTK6750 1.5GHz Octa Core processor which means that you can use multi-application mode, play games and watch videos very smoothly. 5.7 inch screen with 1440 x 720 HD+ resolution will not only provide you with unforgettable visual [...]

DOOGEE MIX 2 4G Phablet Specs Best Discount Price


The MIX 2 4G phablet is just one of the greatest smartphones when it has to do with budget smartphones, with the most recent specs around the budget price. Like most Doogee models it appears to give fantastic specs for the price tag, including a huge 6-inch screen, four cameras and a wide battery. It has sufficient internal storage of 128GB ROM, [...]

HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro High-End Smartphone with Super Cameras


HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro 4G Phablet is a high-end smartphone that will provide you with amazing image quality and powerful performance. The phone features a 6.39-inch display with high 3120*1440p resolution which will allow you to stream videos or play games with high quality picture. Additionally, powered by Hisilicon Kirin 980 Octa Core, this [...]

Latest CUBOT King Kong 3 Waterproof 4G Phablet Preorder


Cubot has a team to create rugged phones and attempt to the lower down the high price whilst keeping a superior performance. And new launched Cubot King Kong 3 Waterproof Phablet is currently a smartphone you’ll actually want in 2018! CUBOT King Kong 3 4G Phablet is a perfect gadget for work or entertainment as it is responsive but also [...]

Best Selling Armored Phone Ulefone Armor 3 4G Smartphone


You may buy phones like Ulefone Armor 3, which is not just expensive but in addition provides rugged feel. This smartphone has an integrated GPS receiver. Add to this the contemporary specifications and adequate performance, and here you get a well-protected smartphone at a fair price. A smartphone is durable with IP68 and IP69K grade, 2m water [...]

Adequate Smartphone With Great Specs – UHANS i8 Phablet


If you’re in search of a new smartphone and you would like it to be somewhat good looking and have amazing qualities at the identical time than UHANS I8 ismay be the ideal beginner’s’ phone or for everybody who’s on the lookout for a good device with acceptable price. I8 use the front camera for Face Unlock however there [...]

Very Cheap Affordable 7-inch Smartphone to Buy


If you are looking for the best fundamental smartphone for regular usage voice calling, texting and societal media, or for a phone on a minimal budget including all the connectivity characteristics you could possibly have, or in case you would just like to show off a phone with such a huge screen, then the BDF A708 3G Phablet can be considered. [...]

LETV X522 4G Phablet Global Version Under $100 Best Discount


You could always have a look at Letv smartphones so as to own such reliable and strong smartphones. Let’s look at the one of the best Android smartphones you’ll be able to get under $100. There is a great quantity of detail, colors appear natural and the images appear sharp. Nevertheless, there are a couple of excellent things to say [...]

Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version Best Discount Deal


Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version is a powerful phablet designed for fast and comfortable usage, and includes a rear glossy appearance, which enhances its attractiveness. The built-in 4000 mAh battery will allow you to never worry about the response rates and the charge levels. The device holds a 6.59-inch screen with 2316×1080 pixels [...]

Best Selling Nokia X6 Phablet Specs, Discount


Nokia mobile phones are well-known for their user-friendly features and advanced technologies. The Nokia X6 4G Phablet may be the newest very best music smartphones of all times. The Phone is a well-known for a number of reasons, one of which is impressive heights of technology encased within an intelligent and fashionable casing offering an easy [...]

Coupon Deals OnePlus 6 A6000 Phablet Discount


OnePlus 6 A6000 4G Phablet features almost every innovation in the phablet world. It possesses a 6.28 inch screen with 2280×1080 resolution, which will let you forget the struggle of bad-quality images. Moreover, the phablet is equipped with 20.0MP and 16.0MP rear cameras and 16.0MP front selfie camera, so from the day of the purchase you [...]

DOOGEE S55 Lite Waterproof 5.5″ Rugged Outdoor Smartphone


DOOGEE S55 Lite 5.5 is a reliable smartphone that will serve as a key to the world of vivid and powerful pictures. It features 5.5-inch screen with high resolution. It is equipped with three powerful cameras: assistant 8.0MP lens, Samsung 13.0MP and frontal 5.0MP camera of 80⁰ angles. It’s Waterproof IP68 standards. This gadget is ideal [...]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Global Version Budget Phone


In case you desire a mid-range phone, you’ve got to manage the simple fact that displays are not going to offer you the best viewing quality in the marketplace. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro phablet has a lot of interesting features which will make any phone enthusiast impressed. It comes in different colors. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro phablet is [...]

Best Selling Xiaomi MI MIX 2S Phone Specs, Price


Xiaomi MI MIX 2S Smartphone as a phablet features 5.99 inch display which will deliver a different visual experience. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Octa Core 2.8 GHz the phablet will provide you with outstanding results. Together with 6GB RAM, it will respond fast to your commands. The built-in fingerprint sensor will protect your data from [...]

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Phone Global Version Specs, Discount Deals


Redmi S2 is a pleasantly slim phone, even though the operation of the massive 6-inch display with a single hand is rather hard. The Xiaomi Redmi S2 is the most recent member of the S-line which consists of selfie-centric devices. It also supports facial recognition and at the same time, it also has a fingerprint sensor to enhance your security. [...]

Motorola Moto G6 Specs, Discount Deal Price


The Motorola is always giving top excellent phones in rather moderate price range when compared with the other rivals, and it’s apparent that Motorola would like to concentrate on creativity, not lag behind the competition. The Moto G6 is a compact smartphone with a larger screen, fast-charging USB-C and the entire issue is splashproof, [...]

True Gaming Smartphone Asus ROG Phone Deal


Surprisingly, Asus has opted to produce a real gaming smartphone to capture the marketplace. They have debuted their very first gaming-focused smartphone in the type of the new ROG Phone. Asus added three programmable AirTriggers to give extra control, three USB-C ports set up on the side made to be joined to the console and other game accessories [...]

Best Selling Fast Powerful Phone Ulefone Power 3S Phablet


It is hard to overlook phablets’ main benefits such as wide screen and powerful CPU. Therefore, a lot of people prefer them over regular smartphones. But it is hard to make the final decision of which smartphone to buy. In this review, we will talk about powerful Ulefone Power 3S phablet to help you in the difficult decision. Ulefone Power 3S as [...]

Blackview BV9500 Pro 128GB Walkie Talkie Rugged Smartphone


Blackview BV9500 Pro 5.7 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone is a good representative of rugged phone class. it has a powerful 64bit Octa Core 2.5GHz CPU that allows it to run smoothly. The smartphone is also equipped with a triple camera that allows you to take a lot of beautiful photos. The device, undoubtedly, supports all the networks including the WiFi [...]

Chuwi Hi9 Pro 8.4-inch Phablet Specs and Discount Deals


Phablets have a great advantage: they combine smartphones and tablets in one thing. In this brief review, we will highlight Chuwi Hi9 Pro 4G LTE Phablet. This device has a wide storage of 32GB to save all the important files. Additionally, as every phablet, it features a wide screen of 8.4 inch display. You will be able to enjoy your favorite [...]

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Smartphone Global Version Specs, Best Deal


Spend 5 minutes of your time to read main features of the newest Xiaomi Redmi 6 4G Smartphone. The smartphone has 3 cameras: 12.0MP + 5.0MP rear camera + 5.0MP front camera. The device is also equipped with large capacity storage of 64GB to save all the photos you took. 3GB RAM ensures that the gadget will work smoothly while Helio P22 Octa Core [...]

Affordable Ulefone X Phablet Specs Discount Best Deals


Phablets have a lot of useful features including wide and high-resolution screen, high-performing core, and modern operating system. Therefore, a phablet is always a good choice. In this review, we will talk about Ulefone X 4G Phablet to highlight its main advantages and provide you with more details. This phablet features the most advantages we [...]

Coupon Deals New 2018 Meizu V8 Smartphone Specs Discount


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Smartphones are the absolute most essential devices for each human being, and is everybody’s primo gizmo and the industry isn’t yet saturated. Let us highlight major points about Meizu V8 5.7 Inch 4G LTE Smartphone. In brief, 4GB RAM + 32Gb ROM (or you can choose 64GB) phone offer you all that you are able [...]

ASUS ZenFone Max Pro Phablet Specs and Best Deals


Phablets have a lot of great features including wide screen with vivid colors and high processing capacity. Therefore, an increasing number of people choose them over plain smartphones. In this review, we will provide you with more information about ASUS ZenFone Max Pro  phablet. ASUS ZenFone Max Pro Smartphone as a phablet features a big 6.0 [...]

Nubia Red Magic 8GB RAM 128GB ROM Phablet Specs Discount


Phablets combine the best features of smartphones and tablets: that is, they have a powerful core that boosts their performance and, at the same time, a big display that provides sharp and vivid image. In this review, we will provide more information regarding the Nubia Red Magic 4G Phablet. This 4G device, as any phablet would do, has a big [...]

Lenovo S5 Phone Specs, Features, Discount Best Deals


The phone doesn’t appear to be lacking anything in the conditions of photography. Despite receiving only minor upgrades each calendar year, flagship phones continue growing in price. So take these considerations into mind while you choose which phone you wish to acquire next. Lenovo S5 is among the best phones that provides a good balance of [...]

Very Cheap Big Screen Phone Blackview A30 3G Phablet


If you’re looking to getting a cool, savvy, mobile phone that’s also affordable, then you would be studying purchasing a Blackview smartphone. Blackview phones are extremely fashionable, higher quality and are undoubtedly of very affordable. If you’re looking for a larger and cheaper smartphone, then the Blackview Alife P1 Pro [...]

Oukitel K8 6-inch 64GB Budget 4G Phablet


Why are phablets getting so popular? Mostly because they combine the best features of smartphones and tablets, that is big screens and powerful cores with large batteries. In this review, we will provide you with more information regarding the Oukitel K8 4G Phablet, so that you are able to make the right choice. Oukitel K8 4G Phablet is featured [...]

Big Battery Phone New Ulefone Power 3S 4G Phablet


Recently Ulefone Launched 3rd Gen Power collection Smartphone is named Ulefone Power 3S, it was among the hottest phones to come through and was made to cater to those seeking to overcome the paint point that’s battery life. The conventional Android really kind of a little more airy here. This smartphone has an integrated GPS receiver. The [...]

New Launched Lenovo A5 Global Version Smartphone


Smartphones almost turned into a necessity. It is hard to imagine our lives without them. However, as there are a lot of different gadgets available, people become more and more accurate with their choice and try to find a smartphone that best suits their needs. To guide you in your decision, we will review Lenovo A5 4G Smartphone. This smartphone [...]

New 2018 Budget Phone Ulefone S9 Pro 4G Phablet


Phablets are a good alternative to tablets, as they have a powerful core on top of wide screen. Therefore, an increasing number of people choose them to ensure high picture quality. In this review, we will discuss Ulefone S9 Pro 4G Phablet to help you decide on the best budget phone that would suit your needs. This phablet is, of course, featured [...]

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Phone Global Version Specs, Discount Deals


Xiaomi phones have a broad selection of powerful specifications that produce the phone super smooth to operate and Mi smartphones are famous for their great build and affordable rates. Now finally Xiaomi MI Max 3 smartphone with really big display is launched and offered with the best discounted price. is powered by a gigantic 5,500mAh Li-Ion [...]

New SHARP Z2 Smartphone Specs, Discount Best Deals


The SHARP Z2 FS8002 4G Smartphone is very good pick if you think about buying an adequate performer among known brands under budget friendly smartphones. The absolute most enthralling one is the most economical phone that has less bezel with excellent display size. Though it never appears to be the absolute most inexpensive phone as the pricing [...]

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 4G Phablet Specs, Best Deals Discount


The very first phone under Poco by Xiaomi sub-brand is launched earlier than predicted. The phone is going to be a flagship device since it is reported to be powered by the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform together with Adreno 630 GPU. It greatly works for most of the mobile android games. The absolute most enthralling one is [...]

Coupon Deals Huawei Honor 8X Max Smartphone Discount


Huawei is blessed in earning great revenues since it is a Chinese company and its labour price is minimum in contrast to other nations. Huawei has undertaken various promotional activities to draw and maintain a wholesome consumer base. Recently Huawei has released several smartphones just recently. The Honor 8X supports microSD cards and [...]

Meizu 15 5.46-Inch Smartphone 64GB or 128GB, Specs, Deals


Smartphones are everywhere. They support us in every area and we can not imagine our lives without these wonderful gadgets. However, due to abundance of the phones, it is usually hard to choose which one is better. In this review, we will provide you with more information regarding the MEIZU 15 5.46 inch 4G LTE Smartphone to support you in your [...]

OnePlus 6 4G Phablet International Version Specs, Best Deals


Mobile phones are among the devices which are most impacted by the progress in technology. If it comes to Mobile phones you must stay updated with the hottest models and its special features to make sure you get best, so where do you begin. The majority of the smartphones have all-metal unibody, but the OnePlus brings a completely new notion of [...]

Best Selling Fully Protected Phone Vernee V2 Pro Phablet


The side faces are shielded by steel plates, fixed with screws with countersunk heads. On the right are commonly put volume control buttons and power button. On the other side there is a mixed tray for a SIM card as well as a sd card, in addition to a camera switch. With it, you can shoot images and video clips also undersea. Vernee V2 Pro [...]

Doogee S50 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Smartphone


Doogee’s newest device does suffer from numerous minor problems that might be easily remedied within the next iteration but that raises another question. If you’re thinking to get the rugged smartphone with waterproof + shockproof + dustproof features, then check out the Doogee S50. The smartphone has an excellent quality of the [...]

Coupon Deals Ulefone Power 5 Phablet Discount


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for Ulefone Power 5 4G Phablet 6.0 inch with big built-in 13000mAh battery, 64GB ROM and Android 8.1 OS. At the very first appearance, Ulefone Power 5 Phablet it seems to like a another rugged phone but it’s much more than that. Its cameras [...]

Nokia 8 Sirocco Phablet International Version Specs, Best Deals


Phablets harmonically combine benefits from the smartphones – they usually have a powerful core and allow to call – and tablets as they are featured by a bigger screen with higher resolution. That is the main reason why a lot of people worldwide use them more and more. In this review, we will feature the Nokia 8 Sirocco 4G Phablet [...]

Xiaomi Poco F1 New Powerful Smartphone


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Discount by Coupon Code for Xiaomi Poco F1 6.18-inch 4G LTE Smartphone Official Global Version, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM, IR Face Unlock, Fast Charge. Xiaomi Poco F1 Smartphone is a really one of the most powerful Xiaomi Phablets. The great gadget received a frameless 6.18-inch screen [...]

Coupon Deals Xiaomi MI MIX 2S Phablet Discount


Coupon Deals, Daily updates. Get Promo Flash Sale Direct Discount or Extra Discount by Coupon Code for Xiaomi MI MIX 2S 4G Phablet with ceramic unibody, full screen 5.99 inch display, 2160 x 1080 Pixel resolution, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM, Global Version. Here is the brief review. The Mi MIX 2S Phablet is flagship of Xiaomi and an improved version of [...]

Blackview BV5800 PRO Rugged Waterproof Phablet


The Blackview BV5800 PRO phablet has a number of sensors including a proximity sensor, e-compass, gyroscope, and the phone has an integrated GPS. The Blackview BV5800 PRO is extremely fast on the daily basis, it can handle the majority of the 3D games, daylight image quality is really nice and the 5580mAh battery life is fantastic. Blackview [...]

Fastest Gaming Phone with Cooler Xiaomi Black Shark Phablet


Smartphones of all kinds are offered on the market, with various specifications and price ranges. Although, there is not too many gaming phones presented. One of the most powerful and fastest gaming phones, is offered by Xiaomi. In this review, we will observe all specs and features of the Xiaomi Black Shark SKR 4G Phablet (Global Version) with [...]

AI Integrated ASUS Zenfone 5Z Phablet For Great Photos


Frameless and rather large mobile devices are exceptionally popular at the moment. Many popular brands such as Apple and Samsung have released such devices, but ASUS is not behind. ASUS has released the Zenfone 5Z 4G Phablet with 6.2 inch screen and 64GB storage capacity, and in this review, we will observe its specs and features. This device has [...]

Really Powerful 128GB Smartphone Cubot Power Phablet


There is a wide variety of different flagman devices on the market, choosing the perfect one can be hard. Especially, if they are released rather often. Cubot has introduced a new powerful smartphone and we want to observe it in this review – meet the Cubot Power 4G Phablet. This phablet has a rather wide screen, that provides with a more [...]

ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 Full Specs, Features, Best Deals


Wanting a larger mobile device? Then you have undoubtedly explored the entire internet for the perfect one. The large assortment of different kinds on the market, makes it a real hassle. In this review, we will observe features of ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 4G Phablet. This phablet has a very slim and curved design. First of all, it has a fully [...]

Slim Metal Body Phone Huawei nova 2i Phablet


Huawei nova 2i Phablet Global Version with a big battery and slim metal body, is a great mid-range smartphone, that is presented currently for the best price yet. It has many qualities of a flagman device. In this review, we want to observe its specs and features. This smartphone has a contemporary and slim body. The overall dimensions are 6.15 x [...]

Best Selling Expensive Chinese Smartphone: Vivo X21


Quite some time ago, big companies such as Apple and Samsung have released and upgraded their mobile devices to a whole new level. Frameless, sleek and powerful smartphones have become something that everyone is raving about. However, smartphones from these companies, are not in everyone’s budget. The Chinese company Vivo, has released a similar [...]

Full Screen Smartphone Umidigi Z2 Android 8.1 Phablet


One of the main things that interests people in the well-known Apple iPhone X is the basically frameless design. However, not all are willing to or can afford a 1000-dollar phone. Well you will be stunned that there are plenty of smartphones on the market, with a rather similar design, great specifications and a much more reasonable price. In this [...]

Big Screen 6.21-inch 64GB Phone Xiaomi Mi 8 Phablet


Xiaomi is releasing improved mobile devices every year. They have definitely stepped up in their game and that is what users are loving them for. Are you looking for an amazing flagship? Then bring your attention to the newly released Xiaomi Mi 8. In this review, we will observe the specs and features of the best priced Big Screen 6.21-inch 64GB [...]

Best Ergonomic Gaming Phone Black Shark 4G Phablet


We are always wondering; how can the high-end smartphones improve? Lately, when we take a look at the specifications of many different devices, they are all quite similar, with not many difference. Although, there is a device that has stood out among plenty of the others. In this review, we will observe specs and features of one of the best [...]