Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Lock for Smart House


When we’re watching movies, it’s always cool to see how people open hi-tech doors equipped with fingerprint scanners. But today, this technology is reality and these devices are available to anyone. Therefore, if you want more safety to your house or office, a fingerprint lock would really help. And for this review we picked one of the best [...]

5 Innovative and Useful Gadgets for Kitchen


Today, technologies are an essential part of our everyday routine and it’s hard to surprise with new gadgets. Still, some brands bring out innovative devices which can definitely make our life easier. Let’s take the kitchen, for example. We already have appliances which can wash dishes and cook food themselves but there are even smarter [...]

Voice-Activated Smart Home Gadget that Also Works as a Camera


Although the smart home market is rapidly developing, we can’t say that it’s getting truly popular. The one that really attracts attention is smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices can be your daily, personal assistants doing the whole bunch of tasks. Usually, people use them to control other appliances at the house, to [...]

Cujo Gadget – Protect Your House from Online Threats


Considering that technologies are taking over and filling our life, we have to be more careful. Yes, some devices seem quite reliable and long-lasting but once they access the Internet, there is a problem. Let’s be honest, the World Wide Web is pretty far from being safe. A lot is done to exterminate this problem but viruses and hackers keep on [...]

Smart Home Gadget for Safety of Your Garage


People, who live in private houses, usually keep their vehicles and different tools in a garage. A garage is a kind of a special place for any driver and it’s important to protect it, just like the rest of the house. You never know who might turn up on your street, break into your garage and steal your car. With technologies, even your garage [...]

Video Camera that Looks Like a Charger


Compact video surveillance cameras became quite popular in the recent years. The market offers a huge selection of devices but most of them look quite ordinary. Although it sounds strange, they are made like regular cameras. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is LookOut Charger. Here, manufacturers went the other way and disguised a [...]

Wi-Fi Router and Smart Home Protector in One Device


We all know that the smart home market is a rapidly developing segment with a very promising future. In a few decades, we’ll all probably live in houses where every gadget is somehow connected to the Internet. We won’t have to do most tasks, the house will do them for us. But Internet of Things, however innovative, is still subject to cyber [...]

How Our Homes are Getting Smarter


No matter where you live, it would be difficult to not notice the rapid expansion of technology in our everyday life. Our homes are no exception, with an influx of gadgets on the market. There are now numerous ways to make your home a smart one. Let’s have a look at a few of the more interesting options. Thermostat Long gone are the days of [...]

IKEA Plans to Conquer Smart Home Market


This year, the smart home market will see a new member and it is a huge one. The world-famous Swedish brand IKEA is preparing to take over this segment. The company announced the line-up of their smart-home devices called Tradfri. It will be a serious completion to another similar line-up – Phillips Hue. Tradfri is a smart lighting system. This [...]

Smart Hi-Tech Mug to Keep Beverages Hot


All busy people tend to get forgetful sometimes while being caught up with all the work. For example, you’re preparing something on a laptop, you poured yourself a cup of coffee but totally forgot about that and the coffee got too cold. Of course, this is problem isn’t that fundamental but it is still an inconvenience. Thankfully, Power [...]

Umbo – The Future of Smart Homes


One of the main technological trends today is virtual reality or VR. This industry made a huge leap in the last few years thanks to a lot of investments from big companies. It’s quite simple to imagine what VR is – you wear a special headset and basically immerse into a virtual reality that surrounds you. Another perspective and a similar [...]

Tiny and Functional Smart Home Device


During MWC 2017 in Barcelona the company Tapdo introduced their device of the same name. It is based on biometric sensor and it is basically a small smart button. User identification is done with a fingerprint scanner. The device allows users to remotely control a smartphone or even household appliances. In other words, this miniature device is a [...]

First Wireless Rearview Camera for Mobile Devices


When you have a family and you leave home for a long time, you still want to be there for them. No matter how far you are, you feel like you have to keep an eye on your family members. That’s why home security is so vital. Thankfully, today you can find a lot of functional smart home products on the market, for example, cameras. They observe [...]

Smart Home Camera for Maximum Security


People, who go to work every day, often come across a situation when they leave the house and have nobody to watch control everything there. This is especially important if you have small children, pets or older relatives. In all these cases, you need to keep an eye on your house and be informed as soon as something wrong happens. One of the ways [...]

LEFTEK Integrates Cameras into Everyday Life


It’s safe to say that our modern life is highly dependent on technologies. And we’re not saying it’s bad – they actually bring a lot of benefit to people. Every day, we get up in the morning after an alarm from a smartphone, we turn on a TV to watch the news while making coffee in an electric machine, we drive to work in a car where we sit [...]

5 Best IR Beam Sensors for Smart Home


When you have your own house, security is one of the highest priorities. Measures can be different but the goal is always the same – keep unwanted visitors away from your beloved abode. This is completely understandable, so we thought we’d give our readers a bit of information about one helpful way to protect your home – IR beam sensors. [...]

Speaker that Helps You Fall Asleep


Insomnia isn’t a rare problem. A lot of people suffer because they can’t go to sleep on time. This problem also applies to hyper-active kids who find it difficult to relax. But instead of taking pills, you might actually get help from technology devices, like our next product – iHome Zenergy Portable Sleep Therapy Speaker. Yes, your eyes [...]

HD Camera for Home Monitoring


In our busy times it’s hard to always be in control of everything. When you spend all day at work, you can’t see what’s going on at the house. This is especially important for families with kids or elderly parents. That’s when you require some kind of a monitoring device. Thankfully, there are plenty of them on the market, for example, the [...]

StarVedia Smart Surveillance System


Home security is one the most important for everybody. Whether you’re away and you want to watch over your children and pets or you’re at home and something suspicious is happening in your backyard – in all these cases you need surveillance. Exactly for these purposes the company StarVedia provides you with a selection of plug-n-play IP [...]

Hi-Tech Addition to Home Security


Recently, we’ve written about a range of home security accessories from the company NextDrive, including the Cube, Motion and Thermo Pixi. But now, we’d like to tell you about another member of the NextDrive family – Nextdrive Plug. This is a simple accessory with a lot of possible uses. It even has an ARM Cortex A9 CPU, so it’s like a [...]