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iRobot 2-in-1 Dry Wet Floor Smart Mopping Robot


All kinds of robot cleaners are offered these days. All of them have different features, and some fit more than others. In this review, iRobot 2-in-1 Dry Wet Floor Smart Mopping Robot Intelligent Home Cleaner has be closely observed. This robot is of a black color, and has a square shape. It is about 9.61 x 8.5 x 3.11 inches in size, with a [...]

iRobot Smart Mopping Robot Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner


Robot cleaners are very useful around the house or even in your office. There are numerous diverse ones on the market, and repeatedly people have a problem trying to choose the right one. We have reviewed the iRobot Jet 244 Smart Mopping Robot Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner that is has begun and available for orders. First of all, this robot [...]

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Home Сleaning Robot with Duster


The market of artificial intelligence gizmos that help us to clean up widens day to day. Moreover, the technology becomes more developed and cheaper, and more and more affordable robotic vacuum cleaners pop up on sales. Well, here’s a review on one of such novelties – TUOPODA SK – 7 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Home cleaning Robot [...]

Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with Heating


There are many delicate and even small items that often also tend to get dirty and need to be cleaned, items such as jewelry, glass, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, car parts, bullets, guns, hardware and much more. It can be a problem properly cleaning them, without damaging. For these types of purposes many different cleaners, such as [...]

Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner Smart Robot


Keeping our homes clean can take up quite a lot of time and effort. With busy everyday schedules, we often do not have time for it. Many people look for a helper at home, and often turn to different robot window cleaners to keep all glass surfaces and windows spotless. Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner Smart Robot is a high quality one, that [...]

Multifunctional Home Robot Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Helpers around the household are much needed for just about everyone. They help conserve time, as well as keep the house clean without needing to put much effort in to it. One helpful item to have in the house, is a smart cleaner, and the Amtidy A330 Multifunctional Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Home Cleaning Robot is one that will be of great [...]

GT Sonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Washing Machine


Have you ever had a need to wash tiny equipment, or delicate jewelry? If so, they you must know that it is quite a hassle to do so. However, there are many different equipment that allow you to easily and quickly do so without bringing any damage to your items. in this review, we have observed the GT SONIC VGT 1620QTD Professional Ultrasonic [...]

Best Budget Ultrasonic Cleaner Washing Equipment


There are plenty of different small items that often we need to clean from different oils, dirt, dust, and more. If the item is small, or has many details, it can be a hassle to do so. But not with the GT Sonic VGT 1730QT Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Washing Machine, one of the best budget washing equipments that we have reviewed! This [...]

Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification


Kickstarter platform offers many different interesting and unique items that grasp the attention of many. This time, one very attention grabbing item is the Quartz Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification. It is made to be reused many different times, and is rechargeable and insulated. It is made to keep the bottle itself [...]

Intelligent Light Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2


A very needed item in the house, especially at a bedside or work table, is a desk lamp. Desk lamps deliver the needed amount of light, and protect the eyes. Especially since we all know that working in too dark of a room or too bright, can both be harmful. We have observed a very adjustable table lamp for this review – the original Xiaomi [...]

Home Security Remote Control Alarm System Kit


It is significant to protect our homes and businesses with a high quality alarm system that will keep us aware, and calm knowing that everything is secure. There are plenty of different types of alarm systems, and security cameras, and in this review, we have observed the 9100-A Remote Control Home Security Alarm System Detector Sensor Kit. This [...]

Best Budget Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


In this review I’m sharing my impressions on one of the best budget robots – Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner JISIWEI I3. There are a few quirks with this model, but one can’t deny the nasty mess it cleaned up – it works much better than one would have ever imagined. This is s a competitor to the ultra well-known Roomba, but at a [...]

Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb


Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb is an item definitely worth repurchasing, and I would explain why in the following review. This would be a no-brainer if you live in a big house with several corridors and pantries, and also need light for your garage and basement. With wide voltage range AC100 – 240V, the sensor light bulb can be [...]

Smart Water Control Thermometer with LED Display


Sick of stepping into ice cold shower, burning your feet against bowling hot bath or endlessly trying to get the right temperature of running water? Then this asset is exactly what you need in your bathroom. Smart Water Shower Control Thermometer with LED Display controls the temperature of the water in your faucet, and shows the results clearly [...]

Intuitive Gesture Control Touch Pad WiFi Smart Clock


Oboo smart clock has been launched on kickstarter recently, and those who are interested in it can invest on this platform. Intuitive Gesture Control Alexa Ready WiFi Touch pad Smart Clock is offered in a charcoal black and mineral grey color. Made with the newest technology, Oboo clock can be quickly controlled with a wave to the left, right, up [...]

Smart LED Table Light Cool White Desk Lamp


Table lamps not only provide with the needed amount of light for working, and protect one’s eyes, they also serve as an interior décor and add a certain vibe to the atmosphere. There are many different lamps on the market, from all types of different brands. Some are more pricy, others are more affordable and all have different characteristics. [...]

PHILIPS Lever LED Desk Light Eye-Protecting Table Lamp


The lighting in our room and the damage that is brought on to our eyes, fully depends on the type of lamp that we have. Table lamps are in a way even more important than the regular. In this review, a high-quality PHILIPS Lever LED Desk Light Eye-Protecting Table Lamp has been observed. First of all, we would like to bring attention to the unique [...]

Smart Night Table Light Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp


The type of lighting that we have in our homes or at our working space, play a big role on our eyesight and the way we work. When spending plenty of hours behind a working table, general lighting will most likely not do the job. In that type of situation, it is recommended to invest in an excellent table lamp. For readers, we observed in this [...]

Xiaomi Pendant Light for Home and Office


Minimalist design is becoming more and more popular around the globe, and Mi brand has caught up with that, launching a line of interior accessories. In this review I will take a closer look to a set of Yeelight Minimalist Iron Pendant Light for Home and Office. Minimalist Nordic design matches with various decoration styles, and a long cable [...]

Mop Floor And Carpet Steam Cleaner


How often is there too much to do and not enough time to do it? Pretty often. Steam Care promises its Mop Floor And Carpet Steam Cleaner to become an extra hand to help you keep up with daily cleaning and get more done every day. On one hand, it may seem to be a little pricey, but always remember to take into account the price of your time and [...]