Best Budget Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaner is a device that must be in every household, especially if you have rugs and carpets. Many wired vacuum cleaners are quite efficient at picking up even the smallest dust particles. But in the era of modern technologies, you’d want to have something more innovative. In this area, there’s nothing more advanced than a smart vacuum [...]

Smart Blanket with Adjustable Temperature


The Canadian startup Smartduvet introduced a special lining that turns an ordinary blanket into a smart one allowing users to adjust the temperature in the bed during sleep. Plus, users won’t have to make the bed manually anymore – the blanket does it by itself. The fundraising campaign for this device, called Smartduvet Breeze, has been [...]

Smart Home For The Best Security


Homes and home security are evolving hand in hand, and it is only a matter of time before smart homes become the societal norm. What is a smart home? A smart home is essentially a home in which the major components can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or a computer. In most cases, a smart home has some automated light bulbs, a smart door [...]

Best Budget Phablet with HD Screen


Searching for a new phone in today’s market is difficult. The market is overfilled with various choices, but not all fit your price versus quality criteria. If we’ve voiced your concern, take a look at what we have to review. One of them is large screen phablet phone Lenovo PHAB PB1-750P. Lenovo PHAB is a smartphone, or so called phablet [...]

Air Diffuser Improves Air Quality in Any Room


Many people often complain about headaches and tiredness when they spend a long time in the office or working at home. These people don’t realize that one of the things that causes discomfort is bad air quality indoors. Of course, it’s impossible to notice that with your own eyes but the stats are quite clear – air quality indoors can [...]

Amazon Voice-Controlled TV is Presented


Earlier, there were a lot of rumours about Apple making their own TV. However, the rumours didn’t come true. Unlike Apple, Amazon didn’t give up on such a project and introduced today its first TV with built-in voice assistant Alexa. New TVs are created in cooperation with Element Electronics. The screen size ranges from 43 to 65 inches with a [...]

Smart Home Gadget that Reads Data Around the House


Gerad Laput, a researcher from the Carnegie Mellon University, introduced a universal device capable of tracking various events in a room and turning an ordinary house into a smart one without fitting any sensors to existing devices. The device, called the Synthetic Sensor, is a small board in a transparent case. On the board, there are a [...]

Samsung Fridges Will Be Integrated with Bixby


When the world was buzzing with rumours about Samsung Galaxy S8, every talked about the company’s new voice helper Bixby. Unfortunately, first buyers couldn’t experience Bixby in new smartphones but Samsung promises to integrate the voice assistant into all S8 devices. In fact, Bixby isn’t limited by smartphones alone. The Samsung’s [...]

Smart Multi-Color LED Light Bulb by DotStone


In the 19th century, Tomas Edison invented (or at least patented) the first light bulb and everything changed. But this was a long time ago. Since that, technologies have made a big step from regular incandescent lamps. Now, we have advanced flashlights, energy-saving light bulbs, and even smart LED lights which connect to the Internet. Among all [...]

Smart Pillow for Comfortable Sleep


Today, very few people manage to get up in the morning well rested and in a good mood. But modern technologies can be very helpful here. For example, an interesting product has just been launched on Kickstarter. It’s called Sunrise Smart Pillow and it’s exactly what it sounds like – a smart gadget for the best and most comfortable sleep [...]

Xiaomi Mijia Alarm System for Safe Home


To ensure the safety of their houses, people sometimes spend a lot of money on various devices. But there is a way to significantly reduce these costs by installing a smart security system Xiaomi mijia which consists of six levels of protection for your house. This alarm system includes the whole set of smart home devices: Multifunctional wireless [...]

Automatic Window Cleaner – Smart Home Device Hobot-288


Usually, when someone mentions smart home devices, we instantly think about Internet of Things – a “web” between all smart gadgets with the addition of the internet. However, it’s not always that. A smart device is also the one that does every task by itself without or with slight human interference. Our next product is exactly that – [...]

Conduct – Innovative Wallpaper with Built-In Wiring System


Usually, wiring in houses is installed inside the walls – that’s safer, neater and more organized. However, there is an interesting alternative. Two companies, Flavor Paper and UM Project, successfully collaborated and made up a concept of new wallpaper called Conduct. The project was shown at NYCxDesign festival in New York. Conduct is a [...]

Xiaomi Released Smart Curtains


Although Xiaomi is mostly famous for its smartphones, the company is very active in other segments. For example, Xiaomi has a line-up of smart home devices and just added a new product to it – Aqara Smart Curtain. This interesting device works on a proprietary Xiaomi platform Mi Home and use ZigBee connection protocol. The curtain can sense if a [...]

Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Lock for Smart House


When we’re watching movies, it’s always cool to see how people open hi-tech doors equipped with fingerprint scanners. But today, this technology is reality and these devices are available to anyone. Therefore, if you want more safety to your house or office, a fingerprint lock would really help. And for this review we picked one of the best [...]

5 Innovative and Useful Gadgets for Kitchen


Today, technologies are an essential part of our everyday routine and it’s hard to surprise with new gadgets. Still, some brands bring out innovative devices which can definitely make our life easier. Let’s take the kitchen, for example. We already have appliances which can wash dishes and cook food themselves but there are even smarter [...]

Voice-Activated Smart Home Gadget that Also Works as a Camera


Although the smart home market is rapidly developing, we can’t say that it’s getting truly popular. The one that really attracts attention is smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices can be your daily, personal assistants doing the whole bunch of tasks. Usually, people use them to control other appliances at the house, to [...]

Cujo Gadget – Protect Your House from Online Threats


Considering that technologies are taking over and filling our life, we have to be more careful. Yes, some devices seem quite reliable and long-lasting but once they access the Internet, there is a problem. Let’s be honest, the World Wide Web is pretty far from being safe. A lot is done to exterminate this problem but viruses and hackers keep on [...]

Smart Home Gadget for Safety of Your Garage


People, who live in private houses, usually keep their vehicles and different tools in a garage. A garage is a kind of a special place for any driver and it’s important to protect it, just like the rest of the house. You never know who might turn up on your street, break into your garage and steal your car. With technologies, even your garage [...]

Video Camera that Looks Like a Charger


Compact video surveillance cameras became quite popular in the recent years. The market offers a huge selection of devices but most of them look quite ordinary. Although it sounds strange, they are made like regular cameras. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is LookOut Charger. Here, manufacturers went the other way and disguised a [...]