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Multi-Function Balance Charger Best Battery Balance Charger


There are many chargers available today and they may be different by battery, number of outputs, size etc. So how to choose the most optimal model while not spending an arm and a leg for it? Our review below will help you understand why Multi-Function Balance Charger ISDT D2 200W 20A AC Dual Channel Battery Balance Charger may be a best charger to [...]

Portable Balance Charger Smart Battery Balance Charger


Portable charger is a life saver on outdoor holidays, as well as any trips, where it’s not always convenient to stand next to a power plug. In such situations, what’s even better is a portable charger that is tiny for a 300watt, has a large capacity and a display. Let’s review the portable Fast Balance Charger Q6 Plus Smart Battery Balance [...]

LED Display USB Car Charger Bluetooth Car Charger


Are you one of those people who never know what to get your father or boyfriend of your sister for Christmas? Well, I think every second of us are. Well, note this one down: LED display USB car charger EDR bluetooth car charger. Read this review to be sure it is indeed the perfect gift for this year’s holidays. CAR G7 LED Display USB Car Charger [...]

Desktop Power Socket Portable 6 USB Port Charger


All of us have plenty gadgets and devices that need to be plugged into an outlet to use or charge. Often we do not have enough outlets to plug in all of our devices. And in this review, we have looked at the Desktop Power Socket LDNIO SE3631 Portable 6 USB Port Charger which will provide with plenty of outlets. LDNIO 5V 3.4A EU Plug Desktop [...]

Best Smart Battery Balance Charger


For different electrical or mobile devices, we need different batteries. Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are mostly used in mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. Nickel cadmium battery packs are often seen in portable electronics, toys and electric vehicles. All these batteries have to be charged, and there is a one of the best [...]

Smart Battery Balance Charger


There are many types of electric batteries used for various purposes. Depending on the materials, they can be lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, and so on. Obviously, all batteries need charging, and there are special devices for all types of batteries. Today, we have a review of one of these devices – iSDT SC-620 Smart Battery Balance [...]

Universal High Speed Adapter 5-Port Desktop USB 3.0 Hub


Now when we are surrounded by different gadgets and want to use them all to the maximum we definitely don’t want to wait for them being charged. The neat solution to this problem is to buy a portable charger. This universal high speed adapter 5-Port Desktop USB 3.0 Hub is a perfect device for those who don’t want to wait but want to use. The [...]

Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A Car Charger


People, who spend most of their time in a car, often need to charge various devices, like a GPS navigator or a dash camera. For these purposes, all cars have a cigarette lighter. But before using it, need to buy a car charger – a small, compact accessory. Normally, car chargers have additional USB ports for connecting mobile devices, like [...]

Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank


In our articles, we’ve already written numerous times about power banks and their practicality. There’s no denying that power banks might be one of the greatest accessories that we have. Plus, the variety of options on the market is almost overwhelming. Obviously, when choosing a power bank, you should look it its capacity. For a regular user, [...]

3,1A Dual USB Car Charger


We are often traveling in our cars from one place to another. With that being said, we need to charge our mobile devices on the go. We have reviewed an item for you so that you can supply your mobile device with energy right in your car. The ORICO car charger for your mobile devices. This charger is made out of solid aluminum and is very durable [...]

6000mAh Portable Power Bank


Our daily lives always consist of usage of our mobile devices. It’s easy to say that we just cannot live without them. We often need to charge them, but finding an outlet to plug them into is often a problem. So we have reviewed a device, that we can recommend. The 6000mAh Bonorda portable power bank will save your time. This power bank is [...]

Solar Power Bank


Mobile devices have become a big part of our daily lives. With the amount that we use them, the battery often dies quickly. However, we reviewed an item that will allow you to charge your mobile devices on the go. This portable USB solar power bank is 8000 mAh to provide you with enough energy to charge your device throughout the entire day. [...]

Smart USB Wall Charger


We are always traveling and are always using our mobile devices. In order to use them, we need to always charge them. One reviewed item that we can recommend to you, is the Baseus portable Smart USB Wall Charger with a digital display. This wall charger is absolutely well-matched with any IOS or Android powered mobile device. The bent design of [...]

Multi-Function Power Bank


You’re probably thinking that it would be wonderful to have a device where you can store your favorite pictures, videos, and movies, as well as charge your mobile device, and use it to surf the internet. Well we have reviewed a device that we could recommend to you that fills out all of those functions. The DM WFD017 wireless multi-function [...]

Best Wireless Charger


One of the most recent trends on the smartphone market is wireless charging. All big-name smartphones support this feature now. Of course, this technology is revolutionary because we can finally get rid of all annoying charging cables. On the other hand, wireless charging is only starting to spread, so there aren’t that many devices out there [...]

Multi-Port USB Charger


In the technology world that we live in today, it is often hard to find enough outlets to charge everything that we need. However, we can charge our mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, MP3 players, and just about everything else that comes with a USB cord with the BlitzWolf smart 6-port high speed desktop charger. The 50 Watt charger is supplied [...]

Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Mouse Pad


Logitech is famous for making peripheral devices and mobile accessories. In fact, the company makes quite innovative products. For example, it developed a mouse pad with a charging function. Thanks to this feature, a wireless mouse will no longer be dependent on batteries. Instead, the mouse will be powered by the pad itself. The pad, called [...]

Power Bank that Also Warms Hands


In these days, when people always require charged mobile devices, power banks are indispensable. These portable accessories can save us in force majeure situations when, for example, you urgently need to make a call. But accessory makers can do much more than a simple power bank. Some of them are fitted with really interesting features. And for [...]

MultiPort USB Power Adapter


Have you ever thought that you have too many devices and there’s no place to charge them? This happens quite often because almost everybody has several gadgets that require regular charging. But sometimes, every wall socket might be occupied and there’s nowhere to plug your smartphone in. In order to avoid this situation, there are many [...]

Xiaomi USB-C to Mini Display Port Adapter


Recently, more companies started making laptops, tablets and smartphones with a new universal USB Type-C port. For example, Apple stripped all its latest MacBooks of all connectors in favour of USB-C. Apparently, users weren’t completely ready to such changes as most accessories still worked only with old USB standards. In order to make the life [...]