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Wireless Charging for Smartphones and Tablets


Would you like to be able to charge your smartphone without using any cables? Of course, the idea sounds great but it isn’t the idea anymore – it is reality. A few smartphones, like iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8, support wireless charging. The only problem is to find a suitable charging accessory. Unfortunately, most of them are too expensive. [...]

Orico Moups Released a Huge Power Bank


Earlier, we’ve written about ChargeTech Plug – a universal external battery with 48 000mAh capacity. But if the power bank that can charge a smartphone 28 times isn’t enough for you, the company Orico can offer even more. The Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer presented an accessory called Moups. This power bank destroys the [...]

Google Announced Yi Halo VR Camera


Almost two years ago, Google presented Jump – a VR platform for making 3D content. After a while, the first Jump-based camera was announced. It was the result of cooperation between Google and GoPro, so the camera got the name GoPro Odyssey. It was fitted with 16 smaller cameras and could record panoramic 8K video at 30fps speed. But now, Google [...]

ChargeTech Plug – Power Bank with World’s Highest Capacity


Considering that smartphones don’t have long-lasting batteries, power banks can be real saviours. These gadgets are hugely popular nowadays because they are portable and they can be used for multiple mobile devices. Usually, one power bank can charge a smartphone 2 or 3 times which isn’t that much, especially if you’re travelling far away [...]

External Battery with Built-In Surge Protection, Belkin Accessories


We all know how important power banks are. No matter where you are, you can always rely on them. That’s exactly what you need during long train journeys or flights. On the other hand, if you do come across a power outlet, who can guarantee that it is safe? Sometimes, even the slightest change of current or voltage can cause a terrible accident. [...]

High-Speed Incase Power Bank, Review


In the world filled with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, charging power has become an essential resource. We’ve all been in these awkward situations when you must make a call but your phone is dead. Thankfully, some geniuses invented power banks – portable mobile accessories which carry the power within them. They allow us to charge [...]

Charging Accessory for iPhone and Wireless Headphones


The audio electronics market is getting filled with one particular item – wireless headphones. This type of device is gaining immense popularity because of its practicality and functionality. Even big tech companies, like Apple or HTC, leave their smartphones without 3.5mm jacks to propel their own wireless headphones. But if there’s one [...]

Moshi Multifunctional Card Reader for MacBook


One thing that MacBooks are criticized for is lack of connectivity options. One USB-C port is used for flash drives, charging cables and other connections. Not everyone has quite adapted to the latest USB standard, so people find it difficult to pair MacBooks with their other devices and accessories which still use USB 2.0 or 3.0. Plus, MacBooks [...]

Smartphone Accessory for Wireless Charging


Obviously, everyone heard about such thing as wireless charging. So far, we power all our mobile devices with corresponding accessories but in the future this type of charging may become obsolete. Even now, we hear rumours about iPhones and Samsung smartphones which already support wireless charging. And this is only the beginning. As a result, we [...]

Smartphone Accessory – HTC Quick Charger


Many smartphones and tablets from leading brands are equipped with quick charge technologies. And now, they are coming to mobile accessories. HTC made a portable external battery with the capacity of 10 050mAh. On the outside, this one is very similar to Xiaomi power banks. The main feature of the HTC power bank is the support of two-way quick [...]

Different Quick Charging Technologies Compared


At the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Meizu unveiled a new quick charging technology called mCharge. The company claims that mCharge is able to fully charge a 3,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes. When Meizu will finally release it to the world is still a mystery. But this isn’t the only fast charging solution on the market. That’s [...]

Super-Slim JOAAO Power Bank


Many things that surround us need energy. Cars need petrol to function, lightbulbs need electric current to shine and even people need food to keep living. Just like that, all mobile devices also require energy on a regular basis. Unlike people, smartphones and tablets just switch off if the battery runs out. This is a huge issue in our society [...]

More Innovations for Batteries in Mobile Devices


The creator of lithium-ion batteries John Goodenough and his team had another idea in this area. A group of scientists under Goodenough’s management developed a solid-state battery where the electrolyte isn’t liquid – it is of course solid. New batteries are made of glass. In modern lithium-ion batteries liquid electrolyte doesn’t ensure [...]

Super mCharge Technology from Meizu


In a recent news article we were asking the question if Meizu would bring a new smartphone to MWC 2017. It didn’t. Instead, the company unveiled a new super-fast charging technology called Super mCharge. The technology uses the direct high-voltage charging method. For this process, there is a special 11V/5A connector with the maximum charging [...]

Functional Pen with a Built-In Power Bank


Functionality in modern devices is one of the main demands to them. Still, there are some products which surprise very much. For example, the company ChargeWhite made a peculiar device which combines a few things: a pen, a stylus, micro-USB and Lightning connectors and a 1000mAh built-in power bank. By the way, a more expensive version even has [...]

Multi-Charging Universal Cable for Smartphone


It was hard to imagine a few years ago but nowadays almost every person owns numerous mobile devices. Kids spend a lot of (maybe, even too much) time in their smartphones or tablets, teenagers use them for communication and social networking, older people are more interested in how these devices can help them at work. But whoever you are, at some [...]

New NitroQ Power Bank


We always try to follow the news on the mobile accessory market but some segments don’t feature particularly eye-catching announcements. For example, power banks. However, a week ago we’ve been proven wrong – NitroQ introduced a power bank of the same name which is quite different from its analogues. NitroQ has a regular aluminium body and [...]

USB-C Power Meter Protects Your Devices


Fake charging cables is one of the most important problems for many technology companies and their customers. Some cables draw too much power, others are poorly made but the result is always the same – catching fire, explosion, damaged devices and risk to user’s health. Thankfully, there’s a new accessory that could minimize this threat and [...]

Belkin Charger for iPhone and AppleWatch


If you’re a loyal Apple fan and you have an AppleWatch on your wrist, an iPhone in your pocket and an iPad in your bag, you must have many different charging accessories, like cables or docks. Thankfully, there some functional gadgets on the market that could charge a few devices at the same time. One of them is CES 2017 Innovation of the Year [...]

Charging Could Become Even Faster


We’ve all heard about QuickCharge technology – it allows the battery in any mobile device to charge more quickly. Many processor manufacturers, like Qualcomm or MediaTek, fit their products with this technology. As a result, mobile devices with these processors are compatible with QuickCharge. Obviously, this is a useful feature but in the [...]