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Lightweight Bicycle With a Motor

Biking is great, but sometimes such a form of transportation is needed for cities as well. In that case, many might become interested in the electric but classic looking [...]

New Era of Drones

The Internet is full of videos where drones fly and capture beautiful and smooth clips while performing tricks at the same time. Seems impressive, right? However these drones [...]

HEXAGONAL Multi-functional Ruler

Most of us have enjoyed doodling on different scratches of paper, but some of us have gone much further than all that. Plenty of people enjoy full on sketching, and for some [...]

First Bio-display Gadget for Children

First Bio-display Gadget for Children is something that is combines all, computer, hardware and biological material. Bixels, is a term that is used to describe the biological [...]

Great Handheld Gaming Gadget for Kids

Great gadget for kids with handheld gaming system launched on Kickstarter. It is made for developing your own creations. With Pip it is possible to create your own fun games, [...]

Apple Will Make a Flexible Smartphone

Flexible smartphones are still something of a mystery – companies, like Samsung or LG, seem to be involved in making this kind of mobile devices but we haven’t seen any [...]

HTC Introduced VR Headset Vive Focus

At the Vive Developers Conference in Beijing, the Taiwanese company HTC officially introduced its another VR device – the Vive Focus headset. Unlike the company’s [...]

Snapdragon 845 Specs and Release Date

So far, most flagship Android smartphones are equipped with Snapdragon 835, the Qualcomm’s most powerful creation. However, in December Qualcomm is holding a presentation [...]