Mixed Reality Room Created in France


The French studio THEORIZ, specializing in light shows and art installations, published a video that demonstrates the first mixed reality room. The room allows interacting with virtual and augmented reality without using special headsets and a controller. The room, created by French developers, is equipped with projectors that display images of [...]

Foldable Screen – E Ink Introduced a Foldable Display


The company E Ink, that develops the technology of the same name, demonstrated a prototype of a flexible display based on electronic ink. In the future, this technology will allow manufacturers to produce folding e-books. The prototype screen, shown at the SID Display Week, has a diagonal of 10.2 inches and a pixel density of 220 ppi. The screen [...]

Smartphone Will Be Used as Passports in Dubai Airport


According to the UAE media, people, departing from the terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport, will now be able to use smartphones instead of passports while passing the control procedure. A new technology, which will soon be available in all airport terminals, was integrated into the mobile application Smart UAE Wallet. The app can store the [...]

New Type of Lithium Battery Has Three Times More Capacity


A long-lasting battery is something that any mobile device user dreams about. That’s why every piece of news about new battery technologies sounds very optimistic. For example, a group of scientists from the University of Rice unveiled their invention – a renovated lithium battery with boosted capacity which is three times bigger than in [...]

Robot Police Car Invented in Singapore


A start-up Otsaw Digital introduced an autonomous robot designed for patrolling the streets and equipped with a drone. The robot car, called O-R3, is comparable in size to a golf cart and looks very much like a smart car. The robot weighs 80 kg, and its equipment includes a lidar, GPS and cameras capable of recognizing people, various objects and [...]

See Through Wall Using Wi-Fi. How ?


Wi-Fi is a pretty advanced wireless network and it can overcome almost all obstacles on its way. This principle gave German scientists an interesting idea – why not use Wi-Fi to look behind walls? The research started out as a regular student project but it’s a full-blown investigation. The technology is based on analysing and registering [...]

iPhone Screen Might Be Based on Holograms in the Future


Making holograms is a very complicated but hi-tech field. However, the possibility of using this technology is so attractive that many scientists around the world are trying their best to make holograms more widespread. For example, Chinese and Australian scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology made a ground-breaking discovery [...]

Scientists Made Flexible Microphone and Speaker


A group of scientists from the University of Michigan created a flag, that can play audio files, and a flexible microphone that recognizes people by voice. An article on these developments was published in the journal Nature Communications. Both devices are based of the flexible composite material presented by researchers last year, which is [...]

Artificial Intelligence Can Solve Crimes


Everybody heard about Sherlock Holmes – a fictional detective from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels with a brilliant mind and amazing abilities at solving crimes. Of course, if such a person existed in real life, he would have been indispensable for the police. But we have hi-tech gadgets now and scientists can try to build some kind of a computer [...]

Smartphones with Bluetooth 5 – Advantages


Today, new smartphones always support more advanced technologies. Of course, not every technical feature is must be taken into account when choosing a device, but there are some that are really worth paying attention to. For example, if you’re planning to purchase a new smartphone in the nearest future, we advise you to choose a device that [...]

Israeli Scientists Made a Car Battery that Charges in 5 Minutes


With the growing popularity of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly technologies, electric cars are gradually becoming a very widespread means of transportation. However, there is a big problem – it takes forever to charge a battery. Thankfully, scientists are looking for a solution. For instance, during the ongoing CUBE Tech [...]

Scientists Learned to Make Any Surface Touch-Sensitive


Touch-sensitive displays became a revolution on the mobile device market. This technology allowed manufacturers to get rid of button cell phones and fit all tablets and smartphones with touchscreen displays. But scientists from Carnegie Mellon University went even further. They designed a technology that can transform any surface into a [...]

Scientists Made a Speaker out of Graphene


Today, most speakers work due to oscillations of a coil in the field of a permanent magnet. The coil drives a diffuser that creates air vibrations and sound waves. However, in the future, a fundamentally new solution can replace this rather cumbersome design. Scientists from the University of Exeter created a compact speaker from graphene, in [...]

What We Know about Qualcomm Snapdragon 845


Last year, Qualcomm released Snapdragon 820 and 821. Both processors were successful, especially after Snapdragon 810 which used to overheat while working. What’s more, some smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi6) feature an even more advanced Snapdragon 835. This chipset demonstrated great productivity and low energy consumption due to the [...]

Fastest Camera in the World Made in Sweden


Fast-recording cameras aren’t something new today. Of course, they cost quite a lot but every movement on the video can be seen in detail. But how many frames per second is too much? Apparently, cameras are able to reach mind-blowing frequencies and the latest technology from Sweden proves that. The scientists from the Lund University created a [...]

Wearables Will Be Able to Prevent Fights Between Couples


We’ve heard about different gadgets that can affect mental state of the user or somehow raise his/her mood. Actually, technologies can do more than that. Scientists from the University of South Carolina are working on special wearables that predict arguments between people, especially couples. The wearables are paired with a smartphone which [...]

Revolutionary Way to Make Batteries Work Longer


Lithium-ion batteries are installed in any modern laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, there is a big concern about them – they don’t last that long. But this all might change very soon thanks to the invention by scientists from University of California. For 40 years, there has been no advancements in this area but finally there is [...]

Hi-Tech 5G Bandages Will Help Doctors Monitor Patients


The fifth generation networks (5G) have already been tested in China and their launch is coming up. Obviously, 5G will revolutionize mobile internet and may lead to further expansion of Internet of Things (IoT). Smart gadgets will be used in every sphere including household, business, medicine, and so on. Speaking of medicine, scientists from [...]

Graphene-Based OLED Displays Invented in South Korea


Apparently, Korean researchers have made a huge step in display technology. The scientists from South Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Institute became the first to create OLED displays based on graphene. Considering amazing properties of this material, such displays will be super-thin and flexible. More than just flexible – it will be [...]

Kniterate Smart Knitting Machine, Latest Tech


Kniterate decided to make the life of all knitting lovers in the world even easier. The company from London launched on Kickstarter a smart knitting machine which bears the same name – Kniterate. This is basically a “domesticated” version of big, industrial knitting machines, only this one does everything itself. All you need to do is create [...]