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Where to Buy Retro Nokia 3310 3G Phone Newest Version


Many of us remember the classic 2000 version of Nokia 3310, well a newer version is about to hit the market in the US. The newest Nokia 3310 3G Phone can now be ordered on the US online store. The phone has a dual sim card slot, and is compatible with several different phone companies. It has a 3G cellular connection, but that is just about the [...]

Updated Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby 2.0


One of the biggest novelties of new Samsung flagship smartphones was Bixby – the company’s own voice assistant with totally unique features. Bixby already received praise from many users and now there’s a better version – during the Samsung Developer Conference 2017 in San Francisco, the South Korean company introduced Bixby 2.0. The key [...]

World’s First Levitating Camera


The company 1-Ring presented a unique gadget called Moon. This is the world’s first levitating camera – it hovers in the air and spins around at 360 degrees. For this camera engineers created a special technology that allows the device to levitate and rotate smoothly. The camera is charged wirelessly, so that it can record video continuously. [...]

AI MOTOROiD – Yamaha Motorcycle with Artificial Intelligence


The world-famous company Yamaha will definitely participate in the upcoming Tokyo automobile salon which opens on October 27. The Yamaha stand will be filled with updated scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles but they all aren’t that interesting compared to another Yamaha creation – MOTOROiD. MOTOROiD is more than just a [...]

5G Smartphone With Qualcomm 5G Modem


The American company Qualcomm successfully completed the tests of the world’s first mobile 5G modem for smartphone and mobile devices. The chipset called Snapdragon X50 was announced a year ago. Now, it’s ready for shipment – Qualcomm promises to start deliveries to their partners in the coming months. Qualcomm claims that its 5G modem [...]

New Google Calendar User Interface Is Available


Google introduced the new version of its Calendar for the web. The main distinction is an updated user interface (UI) – all functions remained the same, but design became more friendly and the Calendar is packed with more convenient features. The brand-new Google Calendar is rich with helpful changes, like better room resource information, [...]

Samsung Galaxy 8 New Competitor – Oukitel K5000 4G Phablet


Recently, the Chinese company Oukitel has revealed one of their newest smartphones the K5000 5.7 inch Phablet phone, that has outstanding specifications. The Oukitel K5000 4G Phablet has a display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and Screen resolution 1440 x 720. After the smartphone has been announced, many different videos on the web have been [...]

OnePlus Personal Data Collection and Concerns


As plenty of you have probably heard, there have been many complaints about the Chinese smartphone company, OnePlus, gathering different personal material of their users. This has spread quickly and many users have begun to worry about their privacy. OnePlus has indicated that they will end the collection of so much data of their users. Plenty of [...]

How to Protect Wi-Fi Wireless Network Connection


A group of cybersecurity researchers has discovered serious vulnerabilities in the WPA2 encryption protocol which is used to protect Wi-Fi wireless networks. According to The Verge, the program called KRACK allows attackers to intercept all user traffic from the Wi-Fi access point including payment data and other valuable information, while [...]

New Synthetic Leather that Changes Color


Our regular materials are becoming smarter and more advanced. For instance, scientists from Cornell University invented synthetic leather with programmable properties. The inspiration for the prototype was the ability of octopuses or cuttlefish to change their color to blend with the environment. As a result, engineers received a material capable [...]

Touchscreen on Any Surface with Sony Xperia 23″ Projector


Have you ever dreamed about having a huge touchscreen tablet? Well, you can’t really find an actual tablet in this size but there are some devices which could be a great alternative, like the Sony’s new projector called Xperia Touch. This functional gadget is a mix between a projector and a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant. Whenever [...]

Apple Will Make a Flexible iPhone


Apparently, Samsung is closer to releasing a flexible smartphone than any other tech company. Their device with a code name Galaxy X has already been certified. Obviously, Apple, the biggest Samsung competitor, couldn’t just let it slide. What’s more, according to some sources, the Cupertino company already started working on a flexible iPhone [...]

Oculus Unveiled a New VR Headset – Oculus Go


Oculus, which belongs to the social networking company Facebook, officially introduced a new virtual reality headset, called Oculus Go. The message about the release was published in the company’s blog. The headset is described as “the simplest way to immerse in virtual reality”. Oculus representatives also mention that the [...]

DJI Introduced a Special Camera for Drones – DJI Zenmuse X7


DJI presented a camera Zenmuse X7 which was designed specifically for drones. The company assures that this is the first digital camera of its kind supporting the format Super-35. It allows using interchangeable lenses and supports the DJI Cinema Color system for making more creative shots. Because the camera is attached to a drone (in particular [...]

First Razer Gaming Smartphone


The company Razer, famous for its gaming devices, is planning to release the first gaming smartphone. Earlier this week, Razer indirectly mentioned that the smartphone might be released on November 1. However, the company’s statement didn’t contain any specs of the future device. Now, there is more – according to information to GFXBench, the [...]

HP Backpack Computer for VR – Omen X Compact


In April, we wrote about an extremely peculiar device – HP Omen X, a portable computer-backpack which is also an accessory for virtual reality. The release was expected in June but HP couldn’t keep up to the schedule. Finally, the VR computer-backpack is here – HP officially opened the sales for Omen X Compact. The device works like this: [...]

New Self-Adjusting Band for Apple Watches


All fans of “Back to the Future” franchise must remember shoes and clothes that could adjust themselves to any size. Now, Nike already made such shoes but only in limited edition. Still we may seem a similar technology in another field – Apple just filed a new patent which describes self-adjusting bands for Apple Watches and other wearable [...]

Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone


The biggest and probably one of the most annoying trends of 2017 is a fidget spinner. These toys were everywhere for quite some time. Besides, people got really creative making these spinners, they came in all shapes and sizes. But you think you’ve seen it all, you’re in for a surprise – Chilli International made a fidget spinner mobile [...]

World’s First Smart Pedestrian Crossing


Pedestrian crossings are a common thing in all world cities – they indicate where it’s allowed to cross the street. But in our modern time, even roads are getting smarter. As a result, we see a lot of innovation on streets. One of them was recently introduced by the British insurance company Direct Line, it created world’s first smart [...]

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Platform for Self-Driving Cars


Self-driving cars are closer than you think – NVIDIA just unveiled its Drive PX platform with a code name Pegasus. According to the company, this is the world’s first artificial intelligence system made for fully autonomous robotized taxis. The Pegasus will allow creating autopilot fifth-level vehicles which can work completely on their [...]