Wearables Will Be Able to Prevent Fights Between Couples


We’ve heard about different gadgets that can affect mental state of the user or somehow raise his/her mood. Actually, technologies can do more than that. Scientists from the University of South Carolina are working on special wearables that predict arguments between people, especially couples. The wearables are paired with a smartphone which [...]

Revolutionary Way to Make Batteries Work Longer


Lithium-ion batteries are installed in any modern laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, there is a big concern about them – they don’t last that long. But this all might change very soon thanks to the invention by scientists from University of California. For 40 years, there has been no advancements in this area but finally there is [...]

Hi-Tech 5G Bandages Will Help Doctors Monitor Patients


The fifth generation networks (5G) have already been tested in China and their launch is coming up. Obviously, 5G will revolutionize mobile internet and may lead to further expansion of Internet of Things (IoT). Smart gadgets will be used in every sphere including household, business, medicine, and so on. Speaking of medicine, scientists from [...]

Graphene-Based OLED Displays Invented in South Korea


Apparently, Korean researchers have made a huge step in display technology. The scientists from South Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Institute became the first to create OLED displays based on graphene. Considering amazing properties of this material, such displays will be super-thin and flexible. More than just flexible – it will be [...]

Kniterate Smart Knitting Machine, Latest Tech


Kniterate decided to make the life of all knitting lovers in the world even easier. The company from London launched on Kickstarter a smart knitting machine which bears the same name – Kniterate. This is basically a “domesticated” version of big, industrial knitting machines, only this one does everything itself. All you need to do is create [...]

Hi-Tech Lenses Which Diagnose Diseases


The idea of creating smart lenses, which project augmented reality or simply help people see better, isn’t new at all. But scientists from University of Oregon have something even more impressive up their sleeves. They plan to create the lenses which could basically scan your body. Such lenses could determine if blood sugar level of a particular [...]

Apple Is Working on Its Own Graphics Chip


In their mobile devices, Apple uses “self-made” processors but graphics chips PowerVR are always supplied by Imagination Technologies. The rumours about Apple developing its own chips have been going around for some time. Finally, the Cupertino company announced that in less than two years they stop licensing products from Imagination [...]

New Way to Type Text on Smartphone


Anyone of us spends much time typing text on our mobile devices. That happens when we text, comment news on social media, google something, and so on. There are several ways of entering text and all of them have their fans. But scientists of Scotland came up with another way and it is kind of unusual. The technology by the University of St Andrews [...]

Latest Tech, Smartphone-Integrated Wall Calendar


Although paper calendars aren’t so popular today because they have been replaced with smartphones, there is something very nostalgic about them. But even such calendar can be revolutionized with a touch of technology. A Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi created a smart calendar by the name of Magic Calendar. On the outside, it really looks like a [...]

Visa Smart Glasses for Contactless Payment


Despite the development and popularization of mobile payment systems of Samsung and Apple, not everybody is used to the possibility of paying for your purchases with a smartphone or smartwatch. But Visa offered an even more curious way to do that. During the SXSW 2017 conference the company presented a prototype of smart sunglasses. They are [...]

Google and Levi Strauss Smart Jacket for Bikers


Last year, during one conference Google introduced a smart cycling jacket called Commuter Trucker. This piece of garment/device was created in cooperation with the famous clothing brandLevi Strauss. The jacket was expected to go on sale this spring but there were no confirmation of it until now. During the SXSW 2017 conference, Google announced [...]

Hi-Tech Garbage Can for Smart City


The problem of litter utilization is vital in all big cities. There are a lot of initiatives to reduce the amount of garbage and make streets cleaner but there’s still a lot of work to do. Some people are highly irresponsible – they often throw garbage on streets instead of a garbage can. And even here, technology can help us. The [...]

New Technology to Control Smartphones


Apart from many different smartphones, MWC 2017 showed us a few very interesting mobile technologies. For example, the company Elliptic Labs demonstrated their method of controlling smartphones with gestures. The technology is similar to sonars: it is based on ultra-sound which allows the device to track every movement around it. The sound comes [...]

First Display with Built-In Fingerprint Sensor


The idea of integrating a fingerprint sensor in a display appeared a long time ago. Several big companies, like Apple, even have a few patents describing different methods how to realize this technology. But Goodix went the farthest in this area. During MWC 2017 the company unveiled the world’s first fingerprint sensor fitted in the [...]

Alexa Will Be Integrated with Wearables


Qualcomm Technologies announced that the members of the Qualcomm eXtension programme will be able to integrate the voice assistant Alexa into wearable devices. The feature will be available on Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets. The list of devices includes headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, and so on. From now on, users [...]

Room that Powers Everything Wirelessly


The engineers from Disney, famous for their cartoons and movies, occasionally surprise customers with technological advancements. There is a special department for that called Disney Research. And its latest invention is especially notable – the researchers built a special room which is filled with charging power without the need for any wires [...]

Face Recognition in iPhone 8?


According to “The Times” of Israel, Apple has acquired the Israeli company called RealFace which specializes in face recognition technologies. The company is based in Tel-Aviv and engaged in cyber-security and machine learning. Analysts from Calcalist say that this deal cost Apple a few million dollars. The main thing about this [...]

Apple Patents Multitouch Skin


In 2012, it was reported for the first time that Apple engineers were working on a technology which could place the multitouch interface not only on flat screens but on any surface. 5 years have come but we haven’t seen any advancements in this sphere. Thankfully, this technology hasn’t been forgotten. According to a new patent from Apple, the [...]

First Ever 80% Transparent Display


There were a lot of attempts to create a transparent display. The most recent one was made by Japan Display Inc. The company unveiled their version of this display with the transparency coefficient of 80%. This is twice as much compared to previous devices of this kind. Japanese engineers managed to achieve this high level due to a new production [...]

Water Can Help Batteries Serve Longer


Despite the fact that we often complain about the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, experts say that their service time is even a bigger concern. Normally, such batteries serve for a few years and lose their capacity afterwards. But Harvard University geniuses found a way to prolong service life of these batteries. The scientists suggested [...]