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World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal


Different wax seals have always been used to put an official stamp on different documents. Earlier it has been a quite difficult and long process of melting the wax, but the 21st century has come with new technological advances and developments. We would like to introduce to you the ALUMA World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal. ALUMA has a [...]

First Eco-friendly Smart Battery-free Electric-free Toothbrush


There are many different electric toothbrushes on the market, to provide you with that beautiful, clean smile! We would like to introduce to you a unique First Eco-friendly Smart Battery-free Electric-free Toothbrush that is one of a kind on the market. This toothbrush is known as the Be. Be stands for Beyond Electric. It is made to not have any [...]

Smart 3D Glowing Print Right in Your Home!


We would like to introduce a very unique form of art, that will serve as an amazing décor for your home. One can pick what material they want, whether it is canvas, fine art paper, or custom, and then decide how many and what kind of art they want. Once that is done, the user chooses one from the different presented designs that are available [...]

First Bio-display Gadget for Children


First Bio-display Gadget for Children is something that is combines all, computer, hardware and biological material. Bixels, is a term that is used to describe the biological pixel, which is an 8 X 8 cartridge that is also a digital display. We will even say even more, each fluorescent pixel is programmed with DNA! STEAM educational approach with [...]

Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification


Kickstarter platform offers many different interesting and unique items that grasp the attention of many. This time, one very attention grabbing item is the Quartz Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification. It is made to be reused many different times, and is rechargeable and insulated. It is made to keep the bottle itself [...]

Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven for All Pizza Lovers!


Napoli multi-fueled Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven is offered on the kickstarter platform, and is a very interesting item! It is very movable, inexpensive and high quality, easy to set up and take out to just about anywhere outdoors, whether it is your own backyard or a park. Since it is multi-fueled, this oven can be used with wood, gas, [...]

Great Handheld Gaming Gadget for Kids


Great gadget for kids with handheld gaming system launched on Kickstarter. It is made for developing your own creations. With Pip it is possible to create your own fun games, apps, and control different objects. First, one can start off with just dragging and dropping, and later making real codes, and inventing your own creations. For full fun, [...]

Intuitive Gesture Control Touch Pad WiFi Smart Clock


Oboo smart clock has been launched on kickstarter recently, and those who are interested in it can invest on this platform. Intuitive Gesture Control Alexa Ready WiFi Touch pad Smart Clock is offered in a charcoal black and mineral grey color. Made with the newest technology, Oboo clock can be quickly controlled with a wave to the left, right, up [...]

Smart Robot Gadget that Helps Child Learn STEM education


Codey Rocky is the name of the coding robot for children – Smart Robot Gadget that Helps Child Learn STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It is suitable for children of 6 years and up, and helps them evolve in STEM education. Codey Rocky helps children dive into the world of coding and create their statement [...]

Apple Will Make a Flexible Smartphone


Flexible smartphones are still something of a mystery – companies, like Samsung or LG, seem to be involved in making this kind of mobile devices but we haven’t seen any yet. Now, there is one more big player on this market – Apple. According to the resource Patently Apple, Apple recently filed a patent application which describes the concept [...]

Where to Buy iPhone X Copies Made in China


Over the years, we got used to the fact that soon after the release of new Apple smartphones, Chinese manufacturers are releasing their copies. In the case of the iPhone X, the situation hasn’t changed. There are already a few Chinese devices similar to iPhone X. Moreover, the copies are made not only by small companies but also by well-known [...]

Smart Blanket with Built-In Heating


There’s nothing better rolling yourself in a warm blanket and falling asleep soundly. That’s why the start-up Radiance came up with a fantastic gadget. It’s called Radishine and it’s a smart heating-up blanket with Built-In Heating. For heating, Radishine uses a special algorithm which gradually changes the temperature so that the user [...]

Slow Motion Videos at 1000 fps on New Samsung Galaxy S9


After a very impressive Galaxy S8, Samsung fans are really excited about the next flagship smartphone – Galaxy S9. As usual, the Internet is getting filled with rumours and leaks but some of them seem to be trustworthy. For instance, one Korean publisher recently quoted an anonymous Samsung representative who shed some light onto the upcoming [...]

PocketLab Air Gadget– Portable Air Pollution Monitor


The start-up PocketLab successfully launched a campaign to raise funds for its new device called PocketLab Air. The gadget has one specific purpose – to measure the level of air pollution. A portable device weighing about 150 grams is capable of measuring air temperature, humidity, pressure as well as carbon dioxide, ozone and particulate [...]

First Portable Internet-Powered Migo 3D Printer


3D-printers are one of the biggest tech advancements of the recent time. Today, scientists can even print human organs on them and it’s not even the limit. However, all 3D printers are quite massive. That’s why a portable one may become a real best-seller. In fact, the company MakeX has a device just like that – it’s a First Portable [...]

Apple Postponed the Sales of its HomePod Smart Speaker


Apple decided to postpone the planned launch of the HomePod Smart Speaker in December to the beginning of 2018. According to an Apple representative, the speaker isn’t yet completely ready for the customers. However, he didn’t specify what problems forced the company to postpone the device’s release to the market. This step can be called [...]

Smart Olie Lamp with a Wireless Charging Platform


The times when lamps were just lamps have passed. Now, tech companies are more ambitious setting goals to make not just a high-quality lighting device with enhanced functionality but a high-tech gadget with impressive specs. A great example is a recent Indiegogo project called Olie Lamp. With its minimalistic design, the lamp can be placed on a [...]

Tesla Released a Power Bank – Tesla Design Powerbank


Tesla is mostly known for its electric vehicles and various solar energy projects. For instance, the company recently launched an electric truck. However, Tesla is also trying to explore the mobile accessory market – the company just released its own power bank. Apart from the main component of the battery, based on the company’s car [...]

Reflex – New Edition of a Classic Analogue Camera


Today, digital cameras and smartphones have replaced classic manual SLR cameras almost completely. Still, there are some retro lovers who appreciate legendary analogue cameras. In fact, a group of such enthusiasts created a company Reflex and released the first update to a manual SLR 35mm film camera. The device is also called Reflex and it’s [...]

OnePlus 6.0-inch Smartphone OnePlus 5T Phablet Speck, Price


OnePlus officially introduced the new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T, which is a significantly improved version of OnePlus 5 presented in June. OnePlus 5T has a lot of differences compared to its predecessor. 5T still has the same dimensions but the display got bigger – from 5.5 to 6 inches – and became frameless. Also, the smartphone [...]