Waymo Electric Car With Buttons Instead of Pedals


A lot of companies today are interested in autonomous cars – cars without drivers. One of these companies is Google. The tech giant owns a smaller brand Waymo which has been working on driverless vehicles for quite some time now. In fact, Waymo has an even more innovative project – the company patented a design of a car which will be [...]

Regular Drones Might Be Used as Snipers


American company Duke Robotics uses modern technologies to make interesting devices. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows installing guns onto quadcopter and drones. In fact, it can be any kind of fire weapon (machine gun, sniper rifle, etc.) as long as the weight is appropriate. The patented TIKAD system [...]

Self-Restoring Smartphone Display – The Futures of Phones


Modern smartphones become more powerful, get more advanced cameras and more features but the same flaws remain the same. One of them is fragility. It’s enough to drop your smartphone once to smash the screen. Motorola tried to solve this problem by presenting Moto ShatterShield unbreakable screen technology two years ago with Moto X Force. [...]

HMD Introduced Flagship Smartphone New Nokia 8


HMD Global, which owns the rights to release smartphones under the Nokia brand, officially unveiled the flagship smartphone Nokia 8 on August 16. Here is brief review. The smartphone received a metal seamless body and a 5.3-inch IPS display with a 2560×1440 resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Nokia 8 is powered by the top [...]

Patented Built-In Breathalyzer Samsung Smartphone


Now, smartphones are already equipped with all kinds of sensors for making life simpler. Sometimes, engineers come up with truly interesting ideas. For instance, Samsung recently patented a useful technology – future Galaxy Note smartphones will be able to measure the user’s blood alcohol content. The corresponding patent has been issued to [...]

DeLorean Unique Vehicle – New Flying Car


If you saw the Back to the future trilogy, you might remember that the car, featured in the movies, was DeLorean. Apart from travelling through time, it could fly. Now, of course, the idea of time travelling is still far from true, a flying DeLorean is closer than you think. In fact, the company shared the details about its upcoming flying vehicle [...]

Most Innovative Car – World’s First Bio-Degradable Car


Using bio-degradable materials for various products isn’t new at all. They aren’t only environmentally friendly – they cut production expenses significantly. These materials are used for making single-use smartphones or other devices, microbots and other stuff. But nobody ever thought about a bio-degradable car. Until now. Students from [...]

Fastest Energy System Quick Energy Source


National military and defence forces are always an integral part of governmental spendings. And sometimes, this may lead to actual scientific discoveries. In fact, the military created a substance that is able to generate impressive amounts of energy in a short period of time. During lab experiments, scientists witnessed a powerful chemical [...]

Where is Highest Internet Speed in the World


Six years ago, the American company Ookla introduced a free service that analyses the speed of the Internet. Ookla experts say that their mission is to make the Internet faster by providing users with only reliable data. That’s why the experts decided to publish monthly reports which contain interesting information and [...]

New Panasonic Automatic Wheelchair


Panasonic, in cooperation with WHILL, has developed a self-operating automatic wheelchair for people with disabilities. The wheelchair has a very specific application – it’s designed for use in airports. The information about this device was published in the company’s press release. Here’s a further review. The chair is controlled with a [...]

Facebook Launched New Service Facebook Video Channel


During the last few months, there were rumours about Facebook expanding its video apps. Now, the rumours are confirmed – Facebook launched a new video service, or let’s say channel, called Watch. The service is called Watch provided as a video tab in mobile, desktop and television Facebook apps. The content is presented in channels (shows) [...]

Free Ransomware Protection: Step-by-Step Guide


Ransomware has become a popular tool for cyber criminals today. Crooks extort more and more money from companies and ordinary users with the help of extortion viruses. Home users can pay hundreds of dollar for the unblocking of their personal files, and business owners may pay thousands. This post is intended to help you protect your data from [...]

Disney’s ‘Magic Bench’ Exciting Best Augmented Reality


Disney isn’t just the company that makes movies and cartoons. Its department Disney Research experiments in certain areas combining cinematography with science and modern technology. Now, they came up with another interesting invention – a peculiar, “magic” bench and it’s best exciting Augmented Reality. Here is brief review of new [...]

Science Experiment – Are Video Games Harmful?


It seems that scientists will never come to an agreement on how video games affect our mental health and brain work. Are Video Games Harmful? While some argue that games have negative influence, others believe that they improve attention and short-term memory. What’s more, scientists from the University of Montreal conducted another study which [...]

Tech News, Tesla Model S Car


For all petrol (or diesel) vehicles, fuel consumption is an important characteristic showing how much distance per one unit of fuel a vehicle can cover. The situation with electric cars is basically the same, only here we’re talking about mileage from a single charge. Usually, electric cars don’t go for too long but new models are reaching [...]

Future of Flying – Pilotless Airplanes


More and more companies are developing autonomous transportation vehicles. In a few cities around the world, there are driver-less subway trains, some engineers are making plans about cars without drivers. It seems like it might be the future of transportation. But is this statement valid for airplanes? Here’s our review. Apparently, the idea of [...]

Latest Data Apple Watch Series 3


The Internet is getting filled with more information relating to third-generation Apple Watch. Previously, various sources reported that the official release of the smartwatch may take place at the end of 2017 or in early 2018. Here is a brief review of the Bloomberg publication where some of the features of Apple Watch Series 3 became known. [...]

Facebook Will Release a Smart Gadget for Video Chat


Facebook isn’t engaged only in social networking. The company has an experimental lab called Building 8 which develops various hardware devices. Apparently, the lab came up something very interesting. According to Bloomberg, Building 8 is working on a device with a wide-angle camera and a touch-sensitive screen. The main purpose of this smart [...]

Speed Travel Vacuum Train


Elon Musk, CEO of the company Tesla, is truly a revolutionary in the hi-tech world. One of many different projects, suggested or presented by him, was Hyperloop – a train that travels in special vacuum tubes. Because there’s no air in these tubes, a train can potentially travel faster than airplanes and other high-speed trains. Right now, the [...]

Movement Sport Tracking Smart T-Shirt


A small company Xenoma Team developed a smart T-shirt called E-skin. The T-shirt serves as a fitness device – it tracks all the movements of the user. It’s movement sport tracking Smart T-Shirt. The gadget can be used in a variety of ways: entertainment, medicine, sports, and so on. The new E-skin T-shirt consists of flexible sensors and [...]