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Smart Home Gadget Mycroft Mark II Open Voice Assistant


Voice technology has recently become popular. More and more new developments are emerging in this area. One of them is Mycroft Mark II Smart Home Open Voice Assistant Gadget, which is an improved version of Mycroft I. This Smart Home Gadget with friendly design and many handy functions. It will wake you up in the morning, play your favorite music, [...]

Smart Lightbulb Security Camera Protects Your House


Security cameras are often very expensive to install and once they are there, they are also very obvious. With technologies developing and coming out with simpler and cheaper alternatives for home security, home security systems have become considerably more affordable. One such product, which is currently still a funding project on Indiegogo, [...]

Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle


Were you ever curious on how much water you drink each day? Do you drink enough water? Or you feel like you don’t drink enough but are too busy or stressed and forget to drink water? H2Opal Body Hydration Control Smart Water Bottle would be the answer to those questions. H2OPal has a built in hydration tracker which helps you see how much water [...]

Smart Gadget for Your Home or Office Trashcan


Recall how many times you’ve opened a trashcan, and a shoe cabinet and were hit by a strong, unpleasant odor. You’ve possibly tried getting rid of the smell with baking soda, but after a while the smell comes back and you are stuck with getting the smell out again. Have you thought maybe there was something out there that can get the strong [...]

Smart Video Doorbell with Facial Recognition


These days it seems like everything is becoming more and more technology based. Even the simplest everyday objects such as doorbells are becoming “smart”, which is exactly what Netvue Belle is. This Smart Video Doorbell with facial recognition doesn’t just notify you when you have guests; it recognizes and talks to them. Designed to make [...]

Eyedea Developed a Selfie Drone, Which Follows You


In the recent years drones popularity sky rocked due to the fact that now everyone can make great, high quality cinematic shots without hiring a whole crew of professionals. All you needed is someone to operate the drone and it will capture whatever you will it. However, what if you don’t have someone to operate the drone for you? Recently the [...]

Daily Gadget for Health – Battery Powered Steam Inhaler


Have you ever-laid in bed at night and couldn’t sleep because of a stuffy nose? Or you had an uncontrollable runny nose because of allergies? Avya Daily Gadget for Health – the battery power steam inhaler is designed to help people breath easier. It helps clear up a stuffy nose, clearing the nasal passages with particles of steam and [...]

Carry Your Luggage Handsfree – Comfort Travel with RetraStrap


How many times have you travelled and felt annoyed by the luggage you constantly have to pull behind you? Your arm starts to ache as you walk through the large airports, constantly paranoid that you will leave your luggage somewhere accidently, and you can’t have a cup of coffee on the go without using your only free hand. And what if you have [...]

The Ultimate Bullet Proof Laptop Sleeve


There are many cases out there to protect your laptop whether it is soft or hard shell, but have you ever heard of a hard case that is bullet proof? That’s right there is a case that is bullet proof and will last you ten years. The ultimate bullet proof laptop sleeve C6SHELL, a stylish lightweight case designed to protect laptops from serious [...]

Unique Kitchen Gadget – Fast Defrosting Tray


Defrosting food naturally is time consuming which we often don’t have in our busy schedules. So it became common to use microwave, water, or other electronic devises to defrost meat, fish etc faster. These ways are not always safe or good. Microwave heat is not distributed equally resulting in overheat of some parts. Water washes away good [...]

New Era of Drones


The Internet is full of videos where drones fly and capture beautiful and smooth clips while performing tricks at the same time. Seems impressive, right? However these drones rely on the data received from the GPS. But what if the GPS cannot be used? Well, Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania are doing just that, developing a program for [...]

Graphene Technology Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones


We are all big music listeners and enjoy speaking on our mobile devices while being hands free. However, regular headphones can become uncomfortable with the cord always tangling up or breaking. ERL Dynamic Sound Wireless Earphones, that are offered on Indiegogo, are a pair that will become your next best friend. These headphones are made with [...]

VOLTA Magnetic Adapter – For any Mobile Devices!


We are all big users of mobile devices, and we all perfectly well know how fast the batteries die. Often it can be a problem trying to find a cable to charge your smartphone. Well with the VOLTA magnetic adapter, you can charge any mobile device. This magnetic adapter makes it possible to transform your regular micro USB adapter from an Android [...]

Fast Wireless Charging Pad For Apple Devices


We all know that Iphones tend to die quickly, and need to be recharged quite often. Finding an outlet can be a hassle, and why bother when there are many different technological advances that can provide with much more convenience. The Funxim charging pad is one that can do all that. This charging pad is one of the first Qi wireless charging [...]

Vinci 2.0 – Real Smart Wireless Headphones


Headphones are some of the most used items on the daily bases. They are used for hands free talking on our mobile devices, listening to different music, audiobooks and much more. We use them while walking, working out, driving and in just about any situation. Well with the Vinci 2.0 Smart Wireless Headphones, you can enjoy much more. Vinci 2.0 [...]

World’s Most Durable Action Camera on Kickstarter


Are you one that often goes on adventures? If so, then most likely you know what a hassle it can be to carry around a large camera for capturing different photographs and videos. Many invest in different action cameras for this reason. Well the Caply action camera, might be one of the worlds most lasting wearable camera. It is small and fits into [...]

Luxiom – Create Your Own Design Lamp


There are many different sources of light and various kinds of lamps are available. But have you ever wanted to create something of your own? Something that will fit your preferences and you style? Luxiom is one that is sure to provide that opportunity for you to create your own design lamp. Luxiom is modular lighting, that is sort of like a game. [...]

HEXAGONAL Multi-functional Ruler


Most of us have enjoyed doodling on different scratches of paper, but some of us have gone much further than all that. Plenty of people enjoy full on sketching, and for some it might not only be a hobby, but a source of income. As we all know, for many sketches a ruler is needed. HEXAGONAL Multi-functional Ruler, is one that can be used many [...]

Gadget That Makes Your Electric Guitar Sound Like a Banjo


There are many musicians out there that enjoy playing their electric guitar. However, like most of us, often it is wanted to experiment with something a little bit different. Often in different compositions, a banjo is needed. For many musicians, it can be pricy to purchase a banjo, and the hardest part, is to learn how to properly play it. [...]

World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal


Different wax seals have always been used to put an official stamp on different documents. Earlier it has been a quite difficult and long process of melting the wax, but the 21st century has come with new technological advances and developments. We would like to introduce to you the ALUMA World’s First Smart Magnetic Wax Seal. ALUMA has a [...]