Fake Smartphones Produced in China

We are already quite used to having numerous mobile devices in our hands. However, we don’t seem to think about the fact that some of them may be fake. In fact, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) researched the problem and came to disappointing conclusions.

According to the report, around 2.5% of all ICT products in the world are counterfeit. In fact, a high price of technically complicated devices, like laptops or smartphones, makes them even more desirable for criminals. Among all ICT products, video consoles and controllers have the biggest percentage of fakes – almost 25%. Speaking of smartphones and accompanying accessories, 20% or every fifth of them are fake. This, obviously, includes chargers, cables and other similar products.

Interesting fact – the USA is the main victim of criminals. 43% of all fakes violate the intellectual rights of American companies. After that, we see Finland (25%) and Japan (12%). The report also mentioned that China was the biggest manufacturer of counterfeit production.

We all know that fake products are extremely dangerous for human health and even life. Counterfeit smartphones may contain harmful metals, like cadmium or lead. And of course, everyone must be careful when choosing a charger because if they are fake, they can cause a fire or electrocution.
Every Fifth Smartphone in the World is Fake

Fake Smartphone in the World