How to Choose a Smartwatch For Swimming

How to Choose a Smartwatch For Swimming

A few years ago, finding a fitness bracelet or a smartwatch for swimming was quite difficult. However, now there are a large number of waterproof watches, and this makes the choice even more complicated.

At once we will specify that completely waterproof smartwatches and fitness trackers do not exist, they all have protection only up to a certain depth and pressure. Therefore, when you choose a waterproof smartwatch for swimming in the pool, pay attention to the level of water resistance on the site of the gadget manufacturer. You can find out how water resistance differs from water resistance and find the decoding of the IP and ATM classes in this article.

Also, it is worth considering that not all waterproof watches are designed to track swimming. That is, you can not worry about their performance after going to the shower, swimming in the pool, or in the sea. But the clock can only detect the time over which you will swim a certain distance and they cannot do anything more.

And most of these devices. There are not many gadgets on the market that receive extended data.

What is the difference between a swimming pool and open water?

Smartwatch for the pool

Smartwatches in the ppol

These gadgets determine how you float, as well as how you float: time, pace, distance, frequency and number of strokes during the swim, as well as the number of pools. And they are not only watching but also analyzing: the SWOLF parameter will show how effectively your swimming. In such hours, the pool length is usually set manually.

Watch for open water

Smartwatches for open water

Such watches are needed for lovers to swim across rivers, bays, and just long swims in open water. There is no side as in a pool, a push from which can be fixed by a fitness bracelet or watch, and there is no possibility to manually indicate the distance. Therefore, devices for swimming in open water must have a built-in GPS-receiver.

It will track the coordinates of the swimmer, and then overlay the data on the map. As a result, you get a swim route, distance, the average, and maximum frequency of strokes.

Why use a sports watch for swimming

Smart watches for swimming act as a kind of coach in the pool, suggest when you need to increase the intensity of training or reduce the load, allow you to see the route on the GPS after the swim in open water.

Monitoring indicators allow you to analyze the results, find errors and see what needs to be worked on. Overcoming the distance, the number of strokes, the number of pools, the time of the passage of a distance, calorie consumption – all this can be easily learned using special gadgets.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of smartwatches.

Analysis of personal achievements. This will notice even the smallest successes. For example, reducing the time to overcome the one hundred meters by 2 seconds.

Concentration on the process. Smart watches will eliminate the need for counting time or distance in the mind, which will release attention to more important points – technique, movement, breathing rhythm.

Time tracking. It is known that personal perception of time during training is subjective. The use of gadgets will allow you to take control of the duration of classes.

How to choose a watch for swimming

How to choose among a wide range of watches for swimming, so that the price of the gadget matches its quality?

If you ask this question, then pay attention to the following parameters:


The gadget must withstand the pressure that occurs underwater, the bracelet does not tear after 3 months of use, the screen does not mist over, and so on.

The size

The watch should not cause discomfort when swimming, and the display should be readable. The strap should also tightly clasp the wrist, not push.


Usage should not be a problem, and pressing the buttons should not be difficult. Complex devices can lead to a loss of precious time.


Their set is determined individually. The minimum base is a timer, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, counting swimming pools or distance on open water.


Watch for swimming is also a kind of accessory. Female models have traditionally been very varied. Their appearance can stimulate pursuits, motivate them to reach new heights.


Depends on the level of functionality. The market presents both low-end models with an optimal set of options, as well as top-end progressive devices. Inexpensive options do not necessarily indicate the low quality – just their functionality is designed to measure a limited number of indicators.

Level of protection against water

5 ATM – withstand a short stay under water. At sea, it is better to use gadgets with a score of 10 ATM – suitable for long swims, 20 ATM – designed for heavy loads, in particular, full scuba diving.

Let’s sum up

There are a lot of criteria for choosing smartwatches or fitness bracelets.

Much depends on how much accurate and advanced data you need. Garmin Forerunner 935 and Polar V800 will allow you to get the maximum amount of data on swimming, both in the pool and in the open water.

If only the most basic indicators are enough, then you can even choose Honor Band 3 or Fitbit Flex 2.

A significant role is played by the design and style of the gadget. If the Apple Watch Series 3 looks equally harmonious in the pool and in the office, then Moov Now for a business suit does not really fit.

Which of these gadgets would you choose?


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