Alfawise Wooden Smart Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

Alfawise Wooden Smart Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

Our hectic lifestyles make it impossible for us to allocate time to have a proper rest, even when home. That is when oil diffusers come in as they are known to improve health and make people more energetic. For our review, we observed an Alfawise SJ Wooden Smart Home Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser with App Control, to provide more information for those interested.In fact, Essential Oil diffuser is a great addition in your home or office because it freshens the air, improves health and brings positive emotions.

This really great design Smart Essential Oil Diffusor looks very stylish and modern, with its brown wood cover. Additionally, it has lights with adjustable colors on top of it so apart from the nice smell, the diffuser will make everything more colorful. It also has a timer for 1, 3, and 6 hours and an APP remote control so you can handle it straight from your bed using your smartphone and a special Umists plus app. You can also set it to switch on during certain times, such as every day at 10 pm to ensure that you sleep healthy and get enough energy to be fresh the next day.

The diffuser can be connected to Amazon Alexa. Then it will be possible to activate voice control. This means that whenever you want, you would be able to turn the diffuser on or off or change colors by just saying it. Isn’t it magnificent? The diffuser also has a LED indicator.
This smart home gadget is very easy to use: just fill it with water and essential oil, plug it in, switch it on, and you are ready to go. The diffuser intensity is 30ml per hour, just enough to freshen the air in the house. The capacity is 400ml so it will work several days without refilling. And it is also not heavy at all, just 500 grammes. Finally, in the package, you will also get a user manual, a measuring cup, and a charger so nothing extra is needed.

Alfawise Wooden Smart Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser is easy to use and looks stylish. It would definitely ‘relax’ the air around you, improve your sleeping cycles, boost your energy, and elevate the mood. A must-have for modern people!


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