Latest Innovative Dashcam for Safety Driving 2022

We are living in a world filled with change and innovation. As humans, we have to adapt. One example of this is the introduction of 4K-capable dashcams. They’re not just for recording video for insurance purposes anymore. The Dride 4K is here as the next step in connected car technology to provide a safer driving experience with 140-degree wide angle lens: front, internal and rear view cameras. 

The Dride 4K with a detachable mount has an innovative cameras that provides ultimate safety via HD video at day time and night time, GPS tracking, radar based parking mode, and internal storage. Plus the smart gadget provides automated alerts through the app, giving you a front and back view at all times while on the road, included accident alert even when you are far from your car.

Dride 4K dashcam
(image source: Indiegogo)

With Dride 4K, it’s possible to ensure that your car is never in danger again. It is also possible to use it as a dashcam, which will allow you to record your entire journey and make sure that you can always remember the best moments of it.

Dride dashcam 4K has features, including: 

  • Motion Detection which scans the surroundings of your car;
  • GPS function that includes GPS tracking mode;
  • 4G LTE networks so you can use this device anywhere and anytime via Wi-Fi or 3G;
  • Dual camera functionality includes front, internal and rear cameras; 
  • Rear cam functionality includes parking mode;
  • A safe driving experience with 140-degree wide angle lens;
  • Automated alerts through the app
Smart Dashcam for Safety Driving 2022

Motion detection feature

The Dride 4K has a motion detection feature which means it will alert you if anything moves around your car. This is handy for those of us who have been in the situation where we leave our cars in a dark parking lot and come out to a window smashed in. No more worries about that with this smart gadget!

Installation and usage of the device

The Dride 4K is very easy to install. The device comes with a quick installation guide. You can install it within a minute with just the power of your hands. One you have installed the device, you can start using it by downloading the Dride App on your phone. The app will provide you with all the necessary instructions on how to use it. To make the most out of the dashboard camera, it’s important to read over the instructions carefully and follow them closely. One example would be to ensure that your phone is connected to the dashboard camera via Wi-Fi or 3G network before you start driving. 


Dride 4K is next gen dashcam with cutting-edge features like motion detection, parking mode, and accident alert. But there are many other dashcams to choose from. What’s the difference? Find out the features, installation and usage of the Dride 4K and compare to other dashcams.