Best Selling iOttie Rapid Volt Dual Port USB Car Charger

Best Selling iOttie Rapid Volt Dual Port USB Car Charger

If you like traveling a lot by your car, then you probably spend much time out. It means that you don’t always have a chance to plug your smartphone into a wall charger to get it fully charged. Since it is very crucial for you to make and receive calls from your family twenty-four seven, then you should always stay in touch with them while being on a road. In such a case, a good car charger comes into play.
When choosing one, pay attention to the fastest and most reliable option available on the market today – one of the best selling car chargers iOttie Rapid Volt Dual Port USB Car Charger. here is a brief review.

Featuring a matte, textured coating it is good-looking and requires little storing space in your car. Put it in a glove compartment, to have it always ready to hands.
The device comes with two 2.5A/12.5W USB ports for fast charging of your iPhone or iPad from an auxiliary power outlet or a cigarette lighter socket. Its key feature is that it allows parallel charging of two Apple items. As soon as you switch the charger on, a green LED light appears.
For your convenience, the gadget is equipped with smart technology that stops the whole process as soon as your Apple devices are fully charged.


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