Quelima SQ12 FHD Night Vision Dashcam Home or Car Mini DVR

Quelima SQ12 FHD Night Vision Dashcam Home or Car Mini DVR

All types of cameras are available on the market today, for all different types of uses. In our review, we have observed a universal compact camera that can be used many different ways. Quelima SQ12 FHD Night Vision Dashcam Home or Car Mini DVR is one that we wrote about in this review.

This camera is lightweight and compact, being only 2.20 x 2.24 x 2.20 cm in size with a weight of 16 grams. The lens size is 2.33 mm and has a recording angle of 155 degrees, and an f2.5 aperture to capture the entire surrounding. 1.2 megapixels provide with an image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for sharp, clear and vivid recordings. Two IR LED lights provide with outstanding night vision within a three to five meter distance. For great sound in your videos, this camera has a built in microphone and speaker. As well as all that, it has a motion detection feature that makes it automatically begin its recording when motion within two to three meters is detected. Other advanced technologies include a H.264 photo compression that help save storage space and keep the quality high.

To add to that, it has a loop cycling feature that helps save storage space as well. It deletes older videos and to make room for the newer recordings. The memory capacity on this camera can be up to 32 GB with an external TF card. 200 mAh built in battery charges quickly and offers many hours of usage on end. The time stamp on videos and photos allows one to always know when it was taken. For full convenience, this camera includes two holders and two clips in the package. This allows one to place the camera on their car dashboard, bicycle, in any room or other needed place. The holder is rotatable fully 360 degrees to capture everything with no blind sides.

Quelima SQ12 mini DVR is a high quality and long-lasting item that will allow one to use it any way they want. Compact size makes it comfortable to place in any pocket when leaving out the door, and later attach it when needed. The price is also very affordable!


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