Intelligent Light Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2

Xiaomi Philips Smart Lamp

Xiaomi Philips Smart Lamp

Xiaomi Philips Smart Lamp

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Light sensors, light calibration algorithm and Gamma light curve all provide with pleasant lighting. Smart sensors in the desk lamp, sense when it gets dark in the room, and with that the Smart Night Light mode is entered. After that, one can touch any keys to turn it on. For full convenience and more features, the Xiaomi smart lamp can be connected to the Mi home App on a mobile device. Once it is connected, the lamp is more customizable and different levels of light can be chosen. It can also be connected to many other smart home devices.
Xiaomi Philips smart lamp is not expensive eye comfort table lamp bright warm desk light. It is also durable, and trendy, as well as convenient with the sensor and app connection. Perfect for home or business!
Intelligent Xiaomi Philips Smart Lamp