Night Vision Smart Video Doorbell + Color LCD Monitor

Night Vision Smart Video Doorbell + Color LCD Monitor

Built-in six infrared LEDs allow the device to work even in the dark parts of the day. Infrared lighting works at a distance of two meters with 180 degrees of vision. The camera body has protection from water, so the camera will work even on a rainy day, and durable and reliable materials make it very long lasting.
If it is used on office doors, it supports up to 2000 ID cards and 2000 passwords to unlock it. With intuitive functions and an interface, you can quickly install it at home using the instructions and right away begin enjoying the home video security functions. Call duration time is 120s, and the monitor duration time is 60s for full convenience. It is also possible to conduct a dialogue with your visitors using built-in microphones and sound speakers. A notification can be set up, where there is an arrival of a person. You can even set up 25 different signals followed by an alert volume. If you suddenly get tired of the alert sound, you can always turn on mute feature.

Night Vision Smart Video Doorbell

The Video Door Phone Night Vision Smart Video Doorbell is an affordable item that is sure to provide your home or office with fully security at all times! It is easy to set up and use.


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