Zsun Wifi Card Reader Fast Wireless Memory Flash Drive

Zsun Wifi Card Reader Fast Wireless Memory Flash Drive

Wireless technology is making a lot of progress these days. Now, we rarely need cables to connect mobile devices to the computer – we can just keep files in cloud storages and access them quickly. But what if you could have a safer data storing device and still didn’t have to use any cables?
However, in this review we looked at one of fastest wireless memory flash drive – Zsun Wifi Card Reader Memory Flash Drive.

The device looks like a regular drive – it’s small, compact and fitted with a USB 3.0 connector. Zsun is basically a miniature Wi-Fi router, so you won’t even need any other Internet connection.
Zsun was made not only for computers but for smartphones and tablets. That way, you can access all your photos, videos or music from the phone and navigate through your files. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows system.

This wireless device allows you to stream any kinds of media content to your mobile devices. It’s also practical if you have to delete some files from the phone to free space – now, instead of deleting them, you can just transmit them to your wireless flash drive. Plus, there’s enough space for anything – capacity 128 GB. Besides, every file will be securely protected by built-in encryption.

This little gadget takes wireless technology on another level. Your photos, music, videos, work documents – everything is kept securely and easily accessible with this wireless flash drive.


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