Smart Vacuum Cleaner With Amazon Alexa + Google Assistant

Smart Vacuum Cleaner With Amazon Alexa + Google Assistant

XShuai HXS-C3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner would make cleaning easier. However, this smart gadget is not only about this. The vacuum cleaner also has a camera and a video call function. Let’s see it in more detail. So, the cleaner, as usual, features high suction and effective brushes which allow the robot to clean through all the debris and make your home shine. Furthermore, the HEPA filter enhances air quality to also ensure you stay healthy. But this is not all of it.

The robot also supports advanced call technology allowing you to talk with others via skype and facetime. So, this is handy in two cases. First, if you want to check on the cleaning while you are not in house. Or if you want to talk to your family. The robot, however, does not save the videos on cloud storage, so your privacy is guaranteed. Finally, the cleaner can be controlled remotely if you want and this is also where the camera would be handy.


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