Where to Buy Best Ultrasonic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Where to Buy Best Ultrasonic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 Ultrasonic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a device that will make cleaning… not a responsibility any more. Because you will not need to care about it – the smart robot home cleaner will do everything for you. First and foremost, it ensures high efficiency cleaning due to multiple brushes and high suction 1200PA. It will capture everything – hair, dust, fur, small and big particles. Additionally, it features wide array of controls – you can do it through the app via WiFi or let it do the job on its own.

The gadget, by the way, should be able to do it perfectly because it is equipped with sensitive obstacle avoidance and a smart Z-route setting functions. As a result, it will not harm the furniture but also create routes to make cleaning more efficient. Finally, nothing of this would have been possible without a powerful battery which ensures more than 2 hours of continuous cleaning. That is enough to cover 150m2+ house.

  • Smart APP Wifi Control
  • Ultrasonic virtual wall
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Intelligent return navigation
  • Sensitive environment detection
  • Multi working modes
  • Working time: 120min
  • Suction: 1200Pa
  • Dust tank Capacity: 0.4L

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