Home Security Smart Door Lock, That Works With Fingerprints

Do you like enigmas? Then, with this Home Security smart Door Lock you will be able to create a true adventure for your family by setting up a password on one of the rooms which they can access after solving numerous problems. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And it also looks great. The lock is made of durable zinc alloy which will extend its useful life and allow it to stay new as long as possible.

Furthermore, the lock also works with fingerprints, which is a better mode of protection. The fingertips are, as we know, unique. On top of that, the look of the device is not made worse with all the dials, because in order to insert password you will need to slide it. The lock would perfectly suit any doors in your household.

Aqara WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock
for Home Security, Xiaomi Ecosystem