Smart Salt Shaker With Speaker Smalt Innovative Gadget

Smart Salt Shaker With Speaker Smalt Innovative Gadget

Smart gadgets are entering our homes quite fast. Usually, it’s a good thing because gadgets really make our everyday life simpler. But sometimes, it seems a bit too excessive. For example, an interesting project was launched on Indiegogo – a smart salt shaker Smalt. And here is brief review of this innovative gadget.

Smalt is an interesting device that looks like a smart speaker. In fact, it does have speaker functions – Smalt can play music through its built-in speaker. The gadget offers various mood lights for nice atmosphere in the kitchen. But most importantly, because it’s a salt shaker, Smalt can measure as much salt as you want.

For that, there is a Smalt smartphone app. Basically, users enter how much salt they need and the gadget dispenses it. All you have to do is touch the shaker or actually shake it and the desired amount of salt will go into the special dispenser at the bottom of the device. Smalt works on rechargeable batteries and one charge is good for 4-5 hours of constant salt dispensing. Unfortunately, most functions are available only when the gadget is connected to a smartphone. The fundraising campaign for SMALT is currently going on Indiegogo and all innovation lovers can pre-order the smart salt shaker for $99.


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