Smart Home Climate Monitor Netatmo Weather Station

Smart Home Climate Monitor Netatmo Weather Station

Air quality in any closed space is essential. This matter is especially important when it comes to your own home. The place where you live should always have the best. Parents take this issue very seriously because it can affect the health of their kids. We all know that there are some measures you can take to make the air at your home fresher.
And today, in the modern era of advanced technologies, there are devices that can help you do that for you. For example, Amazon Alexa Netatmo Indoor Outdoor Weather Station Smart Home Climate Monitor. Let’s look at it a little closer, in this review.

NETATMO is compact and elegant cylinder which can help you live a healthier life. If you place it in any room of your house, it will be a nice décor element. But most importantly, this hi-tech device monitors 4 key characteristics of the air in your home: humidity, air quality, temperature and noise. If there’s anything wrong, Healthy Home Coach will signal you about it.

All the data is displayed in the NETATMO app, so you’ll be able to see all figures and indicators on your smartphone (the app works with both iPhones and Android devices). The connection is seamless – the climate monitor works with smartphone or any mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

Besides, NETATMO is called “Healthy Home Coach” for a reason – if it detects a problem, it can give you some advice on how to solve it. For example, when it’s too cold or there’s a lack of ventilation, your personal coach will tell to increase the temperature or open the window. This device is particularly helpful for families with little kids. Poor air quality can cause bad sleep, allergies and asthma attacks for some children. Therefore, it’s extremely important to maintain healthy and comfortable conditions at your home.

To sum it up, NETATMO Healthy Home Coach is a fantastic hi-tech solution for air quality problems in any room of your house. With this device, you can be sure that your family will breathe fresh and clean air even indoors.


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