Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-in-1 11.6 inch Tablet PC

The market of digital devices became very diverse nowadays. There are various types of digital activities that require different kinds of multi-functional mobile and multimedia devices. Tablet PCs are one of them.

Let us introduce and review Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-in-1 11.6 inch Tablet PC with Windows 10 OS. It can be a very good choice for those who often is on the rode, but still would like to be able to play games, watch videos, brows the Internet or read books. 11.6 inches’ touch screen of the tablet is as big as a mini PC and it feels very comfortable to be in front of it.

Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-in-1

The operation system is Windows 10 with some new features like Edge Web Browser which allows easily to preview, group and save web page tabs. And this is the only browser that supports Ultra HD and Dolby Audio. With the combination of 1920 x 1080 pixels’ screen resolution, eighth-generation Intel HD graphics Onda oBook 11 Plus mobile device provides clear picture and truly cinematic experience. The tablet can be connected to HDTV or high-definition monitor through HDMI output to enlarge the image.

Onda oBook11 Plus 2 in 1 Tablet PC

4GB RAM makes it possible smoothly run games, view photos, use video-editing application, or brows the Internet. The tablet provides 32GB storage memory, which is quite good to keep your photos, videos, or music with you all the time. If ROM is not enough you can use TF card up to 128GB. Oanda Tablet PC has TF Card expansion slot.

The tablet PC is equipped with Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, which is low power consumption, provides good CPU performance and long battery life.

The camera is 2.0 MP which is fare enough for the device like that and you may be quite happy with the images if you are not going to view them on big screens or print them in large sizes. You also can take advantage of Bluetooth 4.0 Interface and synchronize you Tablet with different devices such as computers, cell phones, MP3 players, or Bluetooth wireless accessories.

We tend to choose electronic devices suitable to our informational and digital needs. Let’s consider our best interest and choose the device that most fits us.

Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-in-1 11.6 inch Tablet PC
with Windows 10 OS

Onda oBook 11 Plus 2-in-1 11.6 inch Tablet