Best Selling Functional Power Socket Outlet Tester $10

Best Selling Functional Power Socket Outlet Tester $10

HT106B Socket Outlet Tester to detect voltage and circuit will allow you to become more efficient and effective. This tester is mostly suitable for power socket wiring detection and RCD test. With this gadget, you will be able to detect the status of any socket accurately and very quickly. Furthermore, the device will also measure the socket voltage and display it for you.

The gadget has 7 different indicators using which you can easily detect whether the wires in the socket are connected in the right way or if any of the lines is missing. You will be able to start the test by pressing just one button, so it is convenient. Furthermore, the device is lightweight and compact allowing you to carry anywhere. It would suit professionals or just home owners who prefer to spend their free time fixing something in the house.


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