Mini Smart Light Sensor Wall Night Light Just $5

Mini Smart Light Sensor Wall Night Light Just $5

Look at this small BlitzWolf cutie. The BW-LT10 Smart Light Sensor Night Light is a perfect gadget to make the atmosphere at your house better, more soothing and improve your wellbeing. The smart light is very small and compact – it would fit your palm. However, it features so many functions. For instance, it has a light to dawn sensor and turns off when it is light outside or switches on when it gets dark. This way, you will not have to worry about it but also you would save a lot of energy. Moreover, the smart lamp features a countdown timer you can set up yourself. In this mode, it will slowly decrease brightness for 30 minutes until it goes off.

This will help you to fall asleep in a very comfy way. In addition, due to its design the light will ensure 120 degree lightning angle. Made of top quality ABS materials this amazing smart lamp is safe to use in the bedroom. You can use it to help your child fall into sleep because the 3000K Color Temperature feature ensures the light is very warm.


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