Easy Way to Find Lost Items with TrackR Bravo Mini GPS Tracker

Easy Way to Find Lost Items with TrackR Bravo Mini GPS Tracker

Everybody in the world has ever lost something whether it’s a small and meaningless item or a very important one, like keys or a phone. You always try to remember the moment when you’ve seen it for the last time but you often can’t. Is there a simpler way to find lost things? Thankfully, there is and it’s called TrackR Bravo.

It is a little, coin-shaped device that was made specifically for finding lost things as quickly as possible. But how does it work? It’s very simple: attach your TrackR mini GPS Tracker on any item (hang it on a key chain or put it in your wallet) and with the help the special app (available for iPhones, iPads and smartphones on Android) you will easily find the place where you’ve lost your stuff. But what if you’ve lost your phone? No problem here – you just click the button on your tracking accessory, and the phone will answer you with a ringing sound, so that you could find it immediately. You can even hang it on the collar of your dog to keep an eye on it. The TrackR is actually very multi-tasking – it can keep track of 10 devices simultaneously.

This accessory is also very stylish. It’s made of anodized aluminium and looks quite cool. It’s only 31mm in diameter and 3.5mm in width, so it fits nicely in any pocket or wallet. The TrackR uses a changeable CR1620 battery that functions for one year. Also, this device works with any smartphone that supports the TrackR app (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Lumia and many others). So, the TrackR Bravo is a fantastic little accessory that will surprise anyone with its functionality. It’s a cheap, compact and very helpful device which makes finding lost items simple and fast.


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