Smart Home Alexa Enabled Speaker With Smoke Detector

Smart Home Alexa Enabled Speaker With Smoke Detector

If you’re seeking to place smoke alarms in your home, then the OneLink is a good way to add voice assistant and speaker functionality in your home. Installing an intelligent smoke alarm ought to be simple, while still providing you with a great result. First Alert Smart Onelink Safe & Sound Speaker would show you what ultimate user experience really is.

This device can be placed on the ceiling and due to omnidirectional speakers it will definitely show you what real crisp and crystal clear sound means. The basses will resonate throughout the room creating atmosphere of deep engagement and fun. Wait, but if the device is mounted so high, how are we supposed to control it? This smart speaker features Alexa voice control function. It will be able to turn the music on, update you on the weather, or tell you the latest news.

You can listen to it while cleaning or preparing to go to work. The device also supports integration with your Spotify, pandora or other music accounts so that you will be able to search through songs conveniently. Onelink’s alarms use a Bluetooth mesh network to speak to one another, so that you can secure an alert throughout your whole house. Additionally, this speaker can also be a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

No worries, the device is easy to set up without replacing the existing hardwire. Finally, it includes a wireless interconnection feature. Fortunately, the ONELINK Combination Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector is intended to offer you the earliest warning.


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