Camera to Watch Over Your Home From Anywhere, 24/7 Recording

Camera to Watch Over Your Home From Anywhere, 24/7 Recording

Having a home security camera is also ideal for parents working outside the home. Ooma Butterfleye is a powerful indoor Smart Home Indoor Security Camera. The device is small and simplistic and, if needed, can be easily hidden. It is equipped with Face Recognition technology, which can even recognize your pets.

After the camera detects motions, it is going to be triggered to get started recording videos. Speaking of false alarms. Their amount will be greatly reduced thanks to the integration of the Face Recognition technology and sound, motion and temperature sensors.

Ooma Butterfleye cameras are able to work during web and power outages. The smart camera is also equipped with built-in speaker which will allow you to talk and to listen to your visitors. The recorded video has 1080 HD resolution, so that you miss no important details.

If the device senses smoke or another condition, the Ooma will automatically call you and provide you the choice to call emergency services.  These videos will be directly sent to a cloud storage. However, the device itself has a 16GB built-in memory in case you really need a video but you cannot go online.


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