Hexagon Gadget for Bicycle – Best Selling Smart Bike Camera

Hexagon Gadget for Bicycle – Best Selling Smart Bike Camera

Today, a lot of people forget about cars and choose bikes as a healthier way to move around. Cycling allows everyone to maintain active lifestyle, preserve clarity of environment and not to be stuck in traffic jams. People spend much time on their bikes but this isn’t always safe, especially if you ride on the road. Fortunately, the startup Smart Bike came up with one handy solution.

It is called Hexagon and it’s a smart camera. For bikers it serves perfectly as a rearview mirror – it is attached under the bike seat and can transmit the footage image from the back to your smartphone on the handlebars. Live video can even be shown on smartphones of your friends. Apart from that, Hexagon is fitted with LED lights which play the role of indicators – they automatically show which side the cyclist is turning or if he’s breaking and stopping. This is especially important if you like driving on the road at night. All drives or other cyclists will see where you go and it won’t cause accidents.

Not only that, Hegaxon does a good job at tracking. It gets data about different physical activities, like speed, distance, and so on. All information is available in the accompanying app. That way, parents can stay informed about the location of their children. If something bad happens, the camera sends an immediate message to your smartphone.

Besides, Hegaxon is a loyal charging companion for any bikers. It has a 6 000mAh battery that can power even your smartphone. Even when you’re stuck somewhere without electricity, Hexagon can charge up your mobile devices.

In short, Hexagon is one of the most functional devices out there and a perfect biking accessory. This camera can be pre-ordered now in Indiegogo for $99. For those, who look for something cheaper, there is a $75 option.


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