POP-I Unique Backpack with E-Ink Display

POP-I Unique Backpack with E-Ink Display

We are all familiar with desktop templates – you can choose any picture you want and put it as background onto your computer or laptop. The same goes for smartphones and tablets but what if you could select the exterior look for your backpack? That’s right, a new product from POP-I does exactly that.

POP-I has caused a lot of buzz at CES 2017 for a reason. This is a unique accessory – it’s fitted with the E-Ink display on its front. There are two sizes available – 4.7 and 10 inches. Manufacturers understood that backpacks often suffer from clumsy users. That’s why the display is shockproof, water-resistant and flexible, meaning that it won’t get damaged even in extreme conditions.

The E-Ink display serves for one thing – it shows images. But it’s cooler than it sounds – you can put any image on it because it’s connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the accompanying app, it’s easy to pick any photo from a smartphone and transmit it to the display. You can even do it on the go – just take a quick shot of a beautiful building and a couple of seconds later it’s already on your backpack.

Apart from this innovation, POP-I is a regular carrying accessory for your personal items. It comes in two materials: waxed canvas or leather. On the outside and the inside it looks quite protective. The interior provides you with enough room for various things including a padded compartment for a laptop. Along with a couple of additional pockets, POP-I backpack does a good job at organizing your stuff.

So, POP-I backpack gives you a great opportunity to express yourself and show a bit of your personality. It’s like your Instagram account, only it displays one photo and it’s on your back. This backpack would be especially appealing to young people who love posting photos on social media.


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