Wireless Bicycle Computer Smart Bike Odometer

Wireless Bicycle Computer Smart Bike Odometer

Cycling is really a popular activity worldwide. No wonder that if you are fond of cycling you are looking for a bike computer, which will enrich your ride by keeping a record of where you have been, when and how fast. Wireless Bicycle Computer INBIKE IN321 is the best choice as it has smart bike odometer and all the necessary characteristics for comfortable riding. And here is brief review.

This device is really easy to use because it is wireless.  Besides it is easy to install firmly with mounting accessories. You just need to fix the base on the handlebar with a rubber ring, the sensor on the fork with a puncture or the sensor on the front fork. Adjust the position of the head or sensor within 3mm and then fix respectively. The bike computer is jammed on the base and the installation is complete. So your cooperation begins.

12 useful function of  INBIKE IN321 can make the process of riding more exiting. Despite the typical functions as clock, it can show you the average and the riding speed, riding time and total distance. Stop watch, riding distance and max speed are also included. So it can definitely be an ideal assistant for bicycle training.

The great advantage is its big screen which allows you to see the important information. With LCD display the screen is easy to read. Moreover you shouldn’t be afraid to use it in rainy days, it’s possible, but don’t use it underwater.

This bicycle odometer has LCD backlight which gives you freedom to use it even at night. It is a great plus for long trips and journeys.

It is portable, durable and convenient for hiking, climbing, riding and other outdoor activities. The function of auto on and off is included. Anti signal interference is also available.  In addition it is quite compact (60mm * 42mm).

The package has all the necessary things for installing and usage: 1 bike computer, 1 magnet, 1 mounting base, 1 sensor, 7 cable ties, 2 gaskets, 1 rubber band and an informative manual with pictures. With INBIKE IN321 it will be really easy to control the riding together.


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