PHILIPS S530 Powerful Double Heads Electric Shaver

PHILIPS a well-known brand, especially for their high quality and reasonable prices. This brand also has many different electric shavers on the market. Electric shavers have improved and become more popular. In this review we are going to look at the PHILIPS S530 Powerful Ergonomic Double Heads Washable Electric Shaver.

This electric shave is offered in a bright blue color with black accents, making it bold and popping. Attractive appearance of this gadget makes it one that people always put their eye on. Made out of alloy material, this electric shaver is durable and will not be easily damaged. It can be used for quite the time, without the need to often purchase a new one, what tends to happen with other devices.

The head of the electric shaver rotates to provide with a smooth and clean shave. It vibrates low and quietly, so that it can be used at all times of the day without any disturbance to others. The blade itself on this shaver is made out of stainless steel, which is also tough and strong.

PHILIPS 2 Heads Electric Shaver

Another great feature in this PHILIPS S530/12 electric shaver is that it is water resistant. After a shave is finished, one can just rinse off the head under water, and it will still work perfectly. A soft travel bag is included for easy carrying it.

The electric shaver charges to the fullest in about 8 hours, or overnight. After that, one can use it for up to 30 minutes, or in other words, one great shave. It is made to be used with 220V power, for the greatest experience. There is also a charging indicator on the front side of the electric shaver, as well as a small power button for turning it on or off.

PHILIPS S530/12 Electric shaver is a high-quality gadget, ideal for all men who want to take care of their appearance. With this shaver, one can trim their facial hair, and not only, right in their home. This will help save money and time, without needing to take a trip to the salon. It is sure to provide with a great experience.

Powerful Electric Shaver