ZTE Nubia Z17 5.5 Inch Smartphone Specs, Best Deal

ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite 5.5 Inch Smartphone is a great powerful gadget. The smartphone features a 13MP Dual rear camera and a better 16MP front camera which is enough to take good photos. Moreover, it has a 1.65 GHz operating core and 6GB RAM to allow you to be faster with streaming the net, playing apps or even working. Moreover, high storage capacity of 64GB will allow you to save big chunks of data on your device.

The smartphone’s OS is Nubia UI but it is pretty much based on Android 7.1 so it is quite similar and has the same features. The device has 3200 mAh battery which is enough to work through the day. Finally, the corning Gorilla Glass screen is reliable and will probably be difficult to crack.

ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite

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ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite 5.5 Inch Smartphone 6GB 64GB
Metal Body, Dash Charger Included Global Version