Zerotech 13.0MP Camera Quadcopter Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

Drones are admired not only for recording videos from above, they are also popular for taking selfies. Some drones can be large and heavy, not so comfortable to use. In this review, we have observed a mini drone, the Zerotech Dobby 13.0MP Camera Quadcopter Mini Selfie Pocket Drone.

The Zerotech Dobby drone is only 135 X 65 X 34 mm in size when it is folded, and unfolded it comes to be 135 X 145 X 34 mm, with the weight being only 199 grams. With that being said, this drone is compact and easy to place in just about any pocket and hold in just the palm of your hand.

Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

13.0 megapixel camera installed, provides with videos up to 4K with 30fps, and 1080 pixels with 30fps. The maximum quality can be 4208 X 3120 pixel resolution. All images are sure to be sharp and colorful. Especially since the camera has a field of view of 75 degrees, with the ability to capture photographs in beauty mode, time lapse, photo burst of 2 to 15 shots, and with a timer that can be set to either 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 20 seconds. The ISO can also be adjusted anywhere from 100 to 3200 and the EV of  -12, -8, -4, 0, 4, 8, and 12.

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone white

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

With the 6 axis Gyro, the flight is sure to be steady and smooth. For smooth usage, it also has a Quad Core processor with 2.3GHz and a 2 GB RAM. It has many different flight features such as automatically following, regular camera, continuous shooting, face recognition, flying Forward and backward, FPV, gravity sense control, hover, one key taking off, selfie, turning left or right, flying up or down, voice control, and WiFi Connection. Zerotech Dobby drone can fly at a maximum height of 3000 meters with the ascent speed being 3 meters.

970 mAh lipo battery installed, is made to fully charge in just 1.5 hours, for flying time of 7 to 8 minutes. With the WiFi feature, one can connect the drone to the Do.Fun App on their mobile device, in order to fully control the height and receive all of the features. It can be controlled from about 50 to 100 meters.

Zerotech Dobby mini drone is made out of durable plastic material for a long lasting and quality flying experience. It has many specifications that will help provide with the best shots. We can recommend this mini Zerotech Dobby drone, however it is more on the pricy side.