Gadget to Help Golf Player to Improve Swing

To most people Golf looks so easy on TV. It appears to be a walk in a sunlit park without any worries, right? Wrong! Golf takes experience and a lot of skill. It only looks easy from the distance, in fact why do you think top players are paid millions of dollars? Because it is extremely hard to master and not everyone has enough willpower to deal with constant failures during early stages of learning of this amazing sport.

But in our age of innovation there are solutions that can dissolve even the most annoying obstacles. In our case such a solution is called Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer. Designed for golf players looking to improve their swing, this device will work well for players of all skill levels, as it gathers statistics and may significantly improve your game in the long run. This gadget is a worthy successor to previous versions. Featuring improved design, more accurate gyroscope to improve swing data collection, larger display and extremely simple installation procedure.

Smart Gadget to Help Golf Player

The device is securely attached to the player’s glove, which is considered an advantage, in comparison with some variants that are attached to a golf club, and requires adjustments every time the player wants to switch to another golf club.

Wireless connection to a iPhone or any other smartphone or a tablet devices allows you to pair the device with a powerful app that extends user interface providing some additional features and statistics. It is compatible with PC, Mac and Android and features low energy Bluetooth connection that will ensure long lasting experience throughout entire day of playing golf. In other words Zepp Golf 2 simply outshines all its rivals.