Zenfone Smartphone with 12x Zoom Camera Best Discount Deal

Smartphones are a crucial portion of our everyday life. And the next phone ASUS ZenFone 3 ZOOM is not just a mean to connect to people, but it is also a perfect portable library of your memories. The device features an amazing camera that can take beautiful pictures in the darkness. The 2.3 optical zoom will allow you to capture even the slightest emotions on people’s faces. So you can get up to 12x zoom. The ZenFone 3 Zoom simply switches between the 2 cameras as well as performing digital zoom. On top of that, the device has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM built-in memory capacity. The latter being great for multitasking and the former storing all your photos.

ZenFone 3 ZOOM phone specs

It is also suitable for people who like to keep work and private life separated: the dual standby mode is supported, but the second sim can always be replaced by a TF card to get more memory. The device possesses a 5000mAh battery which means that it will keep the charge for 42 days in the standby mode. It comes with the metal body and a good processor, packs a massive battery, and fingerprint scanner on the back panel. I think the price is good enough to select the Zenfone 3 zoom since it is a remarkable smartphone, but now it’s offered at a big discount, so it is even more beneficial.

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