Most Trendy Smartwatch Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch Phone

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Zeblaze THOR S 3G Smart Watch
To add to all that, this smart watch has many other fantastic characteristics, such as the built in camera that is 5.0 megapixels and makes it possible to take fun pictures and video chat. It will also be of great assistance in living a healthier life with the heart rate monitor, proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor and more. The app market allows you to download even more of your favorite apps on the watch, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Uber and so on. For plenty of storage space, this watch has a 16 GB memory capacity. For hands free talking, one can connect the watch to their smartphone via Bluetooth, or to transfer data. Even better, this watch supports individual sim cards, so that one can easily chat with others through their watch. 350 mAh battery, charges quickly and provides with plenty of usage time.
Zeblaze THOR S smart watch is very affordable and convenient with all of its features. We can easily recommend it!
Zeblaze THOR S 3G SmartWatch Phone