ZappyNow Achieved 2021 Global 500 Best Business Model Award

CAMBRIDGE, England–()–ZappyNow (Zappy Tech Group Limited), won the 2021 Global 500 Best Business Model Award. The online marketing platform offers innovative services to millions of users worldwide.

Cambridge, UK-based ZappyNow is an e-commerce and traffic monetization platform. It offers imaginative and diverse services, such as brand image, product marketing, and more than 20 other projects, allowing all types of businesses to choose the services they need.

ZappyNow is a platform that connects merchants, businesses, and users.

Marc Andre Hudon, founder of Zappy, said that ZappyNow’s goals were to help people and give businesses more options for promoting goods and services. In the early stages of development, Zappy only consists the users and merchants. By posting tasks on platform, merchants from different countries could increase traffic and popularity. By completing their tasks, users earn variety of rewards.

Since its launch on July 1, 2019, ZappyNow successfully attracted more than 25 million registered users. In terms of marketing, it has gathered well-known merchants. This represents a breakthrough in the unequal distribution of talents to business owner requirements. It has served over 1 million service providers, and people looking for freelance job by developing an innovative service system.

In India, ZappyNow is used by more than 5.7 million people. India has more users than the US and is now Zappy’s second-largest market worldwide, but the UK still holds the top spot with more than 6 million registered users, as of December 2021.

By the end of 2022, it was predicted that ZappyNow would have more than 30 million registered users worldwide, more than the 15 million anticipated last year.

As of September 2021, ZappyNow has created 9 million of job opportunities globally.

ZappyNow stated that new forms of work would be made possible by its technological advancement. Take Grab, Uber, and other online services as examples. Accessing these services through apps is incredibly convenient today. Given that the emergence of online car-hailing started only ten years ago, where everyone still called to make reservations during those days, drivers and delivery personnel no longer need to worry about having insufficient customers. The Internet era undoubtedly represented the greatest technological advance in human history.



Thomas Lee